Snapshots from MAS

Goodbye kitties.
Chokepole used to pin this dog down in a puddle during cleaning.
Can anyone offer this person assistance with this puppy?
Canine body language.
Dogs in the stray area are not offered for adoption. The public is not allowed to see or touch them. After their mandatory hold expires, they go to the kill room.

Owner surrendered dog appears to have something tied around his mouth. Taken directly to the kill room.

On Wednesday afternoon, a visitor to the MAS adoption area heard this puppy crying incessantly for 45 minutes. He had feces on his belly, no water in his bowl and his cage was filthy. Despite several staff members and volunteers visible in the adoption area, no one paid attention to the puppy's cries.

Is there anyone in Memphis willing to wage a political campaign for reform?

12 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. I am not in Memphis but I am more than willing to assist in your endeavor to either close this place down or to restructure managment!

  2. And this is what they do (or don’t do) with cameras. God help those animals if they don’t have cameras in the new building.
    That poor puppy and those precious cats just break my heart. It does not have to be that way!

  3. When will ya’ll be ready for ACTION???? If nobody steps up for some real non-violent rabble-rousing, then you might as well just hold prayer meetings for all the dead.

  4. Is there a local Memphis taxpayer willing to step forward and sign on as a plaintiff in a lawsuit?

    Is there a local attorney willing to initiate a lawsuit for animal cruelty, misuse of taxpayer money, complaint could include refusal to use NKE when it’s obvious they know about them? I’m sure the list of complaints could go on and on…complaints can always be filed. One caution is counterclaim of frivolous lawsuit…corrupt judge could side on that.

    When lawsuits are filed…the powers that be are forced to answer.

    Could funds be collected for a lawsuit…I’d donate.

  5. This is so horrible and I don’t understand why this has been allowed to continue. What’s even more horrifying is that the past administrator of this “hell hole” has found his way to my state.

  6. Matt Pepper, while I don’t believe he was a very capable, did not stand as chance in Memphis. Our politicians and second chance felons and the belief that second chance felons should be allowed to work, (protected by the union), with the most vulnerable among us! Morgana, there are many of us that would like to have real change at fact it is a must…If you have a suggestion as to how to start a movement, how to keep it going, a lot of us would love to hear it!

      1. I have alot of suggestions, but it mean putting yourselves on the line. Time to rock the boat to the extreme. I don’t mean crazy chit to allow them to call everyone nutters, but civil disobedience is the best way to get it going. People have to not be afraid to do this. I posted on another post I can offer training in non-violent civil disobedience etc. I think this “change” has been talked to death, and the deal is, well, the Mayor and his minions can all read this blog, so if anyone wants more info, please email me privately. Shirley has permission from here on to give out my email to selected persons on this list. Suffice to say that I have skills ya’ll can use, and am glad to share. ACTION!

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