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    1. Imagine if you did it 5 days a week, as a job.

      Imagine if you enabled it by propping up the status quo and attempting to blame the public for the killing.

      Imagine if you were a pet, in need of help, in Memphis.

  1. Why is this agency not calling other agencies that particularly attempt to save breeds like shepherds, rotties, etc. to have them come get them instead of killing them? Have all these animals had an opportunity to be saved? Is the news channels doing anything to do a segment on TV to show these animals to see if someone will come in and adopt them?

    1. Most of the dogs at MAS have no opportunity to be saved because they are kept in an area off limits to adopters. People can not see or touch them. Their photos and info are not even listed online to be shared.

    2. The dogs listed here by breed (other than “pitbull” which isn’t a breed anyway) should have gone to breed rescues. And would have if any effort had been made to contact rescues beyond the few on the MAS lazy list. Many many many of the sweet ones listed as “pitbulls” could have been put up for adoption and would have gone to homes if anyone had bothered to take them to adoption events, help them with socialization and basic training (since many come from chains, backyards and the streets) or even taken a little time to put them on the internet. MAS continues to be run as a slaughterhouse for pets.

    3. Couldn’t agree more. As someone in doberman rescue, we would have stepped in for any dobe in need. Most breed specifics have such a huge network that they can move mountains to get a dog out. And I hate seeing that “medical” bs. With great supporters and the conviction to save a life, almost all medical issues can be fixed. And I would bet that many(not all) of the “medical” conditions to MAS are nothing more than mange, hunger or a bad case of fleas.

  2. It is so tragic the number of animals that MAS kills…and to do it for “space” is even more abhorrent. This place HAS to be changed. So very sad for all those sweet, frightened pets.

  3. My heart is breaking, just reading the list – and knowing that most of them could have been saved – and knowing that tomorrow another list will be created – and knowing that they will do nothing to change it.


    Animal lovers of Memphis – where are you? What are you doing? How can we help you stop the killing?

  4. It is to the shame of the leadership of Memphis that dogs and cats are killed for SPACE! Where is your compassion? Where are the phone calls to rescues? Where are the phone calls to the owners who have had their dog picked up? How can any of you look at the face of a dog seeing the trust in their eyes and haul that dog to be killed? Have you no soul? Do you not know that there is a better way?

    There is no excuse for the way that the shelter is run. Bye the way, I know it’s not a shelter, except for the felons who work there. They have it pretty darn good. The animals on the other hand; it can be assumed that the vast majority of them will die. Not by a kind hand, nor a kind word, but be being dragged at the end of a chokepole. No pat on the head or soft voice, no arms to hold them while they are injected. Just the harsh face of a worker who is devoid of any humanity.

    Where are the staff and volunteers who could certainly advocate for a chance to live for the animals? Can you not for once stand up and say that the treatment of the animals hidden in back rooms is more than wrong….it is CRIMINAL. Shame on all of you. There is no way to explain away the needless killing of all those stray dogs. What goes around comes around and one day you will all answer to the creator. Memphis is a sorry sorry place!

  5. I would love to know what exactly medical means to MAS! I have seen elderly dogs with medical problems rescued from NYCACC.

    Finnish Spitz rescue took in a dog from a rural county shelter in OH several years ago and that dog had to be transported several states away. MAS needs to have a list of breed rescues so someone can contact them but I assume that would be too difficult for MAS to do! Are there volunteers that could do this?

    1. It seems the only people they want volunteering are those willing to tow the company line (with a chokepole). Others who would like to volunteer are turned away. It’s apparently a very elite club and per the mayor’s representative, they don’t want most of you people down there. And of course, the mayor fully supports MAS and everything is all sunshine and (dead) puppies so really no need for more vols.

    1. Yes, people can see the cats, including the empty cages that are always present in the cat area. Empty cages but they kill cats for “space”.

  6. There are two groups in Memphis who are seeking to reform Memphis Animal Services. One is PAWS Memphis http://pawsmemphis.com/ and the other is SOS Memphis http://www.sosmemphis.com/ We cannot go in with guns a’blazing to make sweeping changes. We are both fairly new entities and are working as fast as we can to make much needed changes at this facility. It will take time but we are aligning our troops to take action. We will keep you updated and you are more than welcome to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Wish we could move faster than we are because each day that goes by means more animals are killed at Memphis Animal Services.

    1. Hopefully you have joined forces to present a more united front. Good question, Morgana – how can we support you if we’re not on facebook or twitter?

    1. For the crime of being too young to survive MAS’ one and only level of “care”, pets are sentenced to death.

      For the crime of MAS’ failure to offer all their pets for adoption, pets are sentenced to death.

      Does it really matter what MAS considers a “medical” reason to kill a pet? They don’t need any REAL reason – it’s just kill, kill, kill.

      1. Arg!

        The whole list is horrid, but to have young pups and kittens, who are probly the most adoptable of all, be euthanized instead of offered out. (and no, “space” is not a valid reason to kill an animal……)

  7. I sent a copy of this death list to the mayor and his mouthpiece, asking how they could explain that killing list – since it wasn’t quite like the misunderstood webshot (ya know, the ones that don’t show what they show). Doubt I’ll hear back – they seem to not be my BFF anymore . . .

    (sarcasm done)

      1. Those are still very dead cats, dogs, kittens and puppies – sorry, no parade yet for me!

  8. Here I go again….if you ever have the misfortune of going to MAS you will see the slowest moving, the most sour, bothered, bored people. The only “kind” thing I have ever seen there is a volunteer rocking a puppy that had just been adopted…not one that was going to be in a cage! No one welcomes you…no one gets enthusiastic about the possiblility of “adoption” (why else would you go there?) They just kinda look around and wait for you to say something! The Mayor controls MAS or maybe it’s Janet Hooks…They took a dog out of my arms with me pleading to adopt her (Rebecca Coleman made that decision) and killed her in, quote “less than 5 minutes.” MAS is untouchable and truly has the “gestapo” attitude…what the say GOES! Why wouldn’t the public be welcomed at the advisory board meetings…Why doesn’t the mayor truly want to go from the “worst to the first?” Why wouldn’t Memphis want a shelter that is a shining example of what a shelter should be….I hope someone can answer that question!

  9. Enter…(trumpets blaring) – ACTION!!!! ANd I am sorry, SOS and PAWS, but things cannot wait for you…why can’t there be action before you’re “up and running”??? Seems there is ALWAYS a reason NOT to do something. Perhaps that is the crux of the matter – everyone’s got a reason to NOT get going with ACTION.
    Remember: First they laugh at you.
    Then they ignore you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win. – Mahatma Gandhi

  10. Looks like a shopping list for Pitt Bulls…in the front door…out the back door…into a truck…supposidly dead…

  11. I went to petHarbor.com just to check out the animals on list (sometimes they keep them posted for several days and or years), I scrolled through several days of intake and did ID checks on these animals and it appears they weren’t ever listed on petharbor. If they were ACTUALLY listed, then they were immediately deleted. So were the ones killed for “space” ever given a chance online? Just curious.

    1. I am not familiar with PAWS but I do attend the SOS meetings. I know that SOS has been very active and quick with response either via email or facebook. There was a vigil last week, the protest, the next meeting is this weekend. Not everyone that belongs to the groups read yesbiscuit, just like there are people that do not use Facebook.So it may seem they aren’t taking “Action”, but I see them doing a lot. I imagine the busy people in charge of PAWS and SOS would appreciate your input. If you have any suggestions or request I recommend just asking, they really would like it.
      I’m not making excuses for anyone, but I do know several members work full time, belong to rescue groups (or run a rescue group), volunteer at the shelter and/ or have just a lot pets they need to care for.
      Hope that helps.

  12. Do you know who else kept great records of all those in their “care”? The Nazi death camps; Austwitz, Daccow & Treblinca, and Pol Pot’s regime in Vietnam’s killing fields & “Correction Prison” where they even photographed every victim tortured & killed.

    At least Pol Pot had the courtesy of photographing everyone. I guess MAS doesn’t care as much.

    1. @ezb: Not to be picky, but since I lost family there, I would just like to correct your spelling in a friendly way: Auschwitz, Dachau, Treblinka. Thanks for understanding.

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