Is Anyone Laughing?

MAS webcam watchers are bearing witness to the abuse and killing that goes on at the pound.  They are giving faces to pets who would otherwise be known only as a statistic in a year end killing report.  For this, I am grateful.

This beautiful dog looks so happy to finally get out of his cage.
Goodbye beauty.

It takes a toll on those who watch the webcams, just like it does on everyone who looks at the shots posted here. Who among us could watch pet after pet being needlessly taken to the kill room, knowing they were never even offered for adoption, without suffering for it?

This dog comes out of his cage, probably hoping he's found a friend.
He seems to know immediately something is wrong. He tries to hug the wall.
He tries hugging the opposite wall.
It's no use. I'm sorry.

Without webcam watchers, there would be no photographic evidence of what goes on behind closed doors at MAS. As awful as it is to see, I won’t look away.  And I am thankful there are others who won’t either.

All the pets in this post appear to have been killed by MAS on Friday, August 26, 2011. There were others as well. While webcam watchers were documenting the horrors of needless killing at MAS on Friday, someone there thought it would be funny to send a message of sorts.

Congratulations morons. You guys are just hilarious. I’m sorry I can’t laugh at the moment because I’m throwing up after looking at pictures of all the pets you just killed. It’s good to know Memphis has professional, caring people like you to look after the community’s pets.  Well done Mayor Wharton.

12 thoughts on “Is Anyone Laughing?

  1. How the hell can anyone work there? We all know that there are people out there that could blow the lid off MAS….why doesn’t someone talk? When an $8000.00 reward does not make someone “loose lipped” there has to be some kind of money involved or someone scaring the hell out of everyone out there. There is so much more going on out there than meets the eye! Second chance felons having a job surely cannot be so important to Wharton it’s worth the chance of losing the election..However the number of felons in Memphis added to the second chancers maybe could carry the election for him…I don’t know! I just know MAS is a horrible “blight” in this city. I feel sure there are some good people at MAS….why don’t they tell the truth about what is going on so that this cruelty, neglect, abuse will stop…..It is beyond by understanding!

  2. Shirley… I also watched all those dogs you posted. I sent you another photo.. there’s a dog tied up at the end of an isle.. been there all night.

  3. ALL of those dogs look happy, healthy, and FULLY ADOPTABLE! That place is nothing but a killing house of horrors for the animals.

    By the way, wanted to make sure you saw this post from facebook. Nathan Winograd had picked up the story on MAS and will be doing a segment on his radio show today at noon pacific time. The link is at the bottom of his facebook post (below):

    Today on Nathan Winograd UNLEASHED: At Memphis Animal Services, tens of thousands of animals have been either neglected, abused, killed, have died, and/or come up “missing.” The Mayor, the City Attorney, the City Council, and agency staff seem unable and unwilling to reform MAS. The City has attempted to cover up agency malfeasance by violating the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. And its current plan to remove webcams will further conceal ongoing neglect and abuse.

    It is time for the TN Attorney General to step in and remove the agency from City control by seeking a court order to place it in the hands of a receiver. If the Attorney General’s office fails to act, animals will continue to suffer, the taxpayers will continue to have their money squandered, and further criminal behavior will likely continue, while the City condones, rather than corrects widespread problems.

    Tune in at noon PT today on the Animal Wise Radio network:

  4. if NOTHING ELSE, aren’t they embarassed by how dusty the top of their cages are? i mean, we routinely dust ours and no one can even see up there

  5. Why would they destroy all those beautiful dogs and pups on Friday when they could have put them on display on Saturday for adoption. They all looked healthy and were well behaved.

    What the heck is happening at this place. There has to be something else going on there, people just can’t be this stupid and be paid for it.

    I’m suspicious to say the very least.

  6. I know this is nothing in comparison with the horror we see here, but I try to see SOMETHING good in everything, and at the very least, it’s nice to see a leash used in place of a chokepole for once :( I just wish they were using it to take pictures or go for a nice walk outside…

  7. Am I the only one to see the comparisons at MAS to Treblinka, Daccow (mispelled) or the other Nazi death camps of WW-II :

    First they round up as many as possible & only the ones who comes up with the correct funds are ever released.

    Because of who they are, they are imprisoned, abused, fed poorly & treated like criminals by captors with no heart or soul.

    They know their friends & family are killed, the smell of death lingers in the air. All they can expect & get for their life of service to others is being sent to the death chamber by their unkind captors. It continues with death after death, day in, day out, month after month, year after year with little or no hope to ever be united with their families.

    Day after day, death after death. The world knows but is refusing to see, refuseing to act. The men in uniform are the last to see their eyes go blank as their innocent lives are taken.

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