One Dog at MAS

September 3: A beautiful blue and white Pitbull is impounded at MAS.
ACO is walking all around the pound, looking for a spot for the dog.
The dog is dragged back through this door and the chokepole is swapped for a leash.
This is the stray area. Adopters are not allowed to see the dogs housed here.
The dog is forced into the cage.
September 9: Never having been offered for adoption, the beautiful dog is taken to the kill room.

There are hundreds of beautiful dogs in the stray area at MAS.  They want to live.  Memphis, please – stop the killing.

12 thoughts on “One Dog at MAS

  1. It tears my heart out to see these innocent lives taken to their deaths… for NO honorable REASON. It is really hard to look at these pictures knowing their lives mean absolutly nothing to these MAS people, and they will be dead.

  2. It is going to take PRIVATIZATION! Start over with new management, new employees (there are plenty of good dedicated people in Memphis that would love a job) new goals and objectives….increase adoptions, save lives, humane treatment of animals, polite and courteous actions to potential adopters, thorough explanation of what could happen to your animal if you relinquish it to a shelter. It’s really that simple…..Oh, encourage volunteers, dog walkers, fosters & rescues, rather than being insulting!

  3. I saw the dog on the table too and would love to know what they were doing with it! The pitbull showed no aggression whatsoever, so what is the excuse for not being placed for adoption? Sickening!!!

    1. Sorry to tell you that the dog on the cart did not receive vet care. That dog was seen being pushed by cart to the kill room.

      1. I have sadly received many shots of dogs coming in on carts. They are always wheeled straight to the kill room. I have never received a shot of a dog on a cart being wheeled to the clinic area or ANY area except the kill room.

  4. It must be hard for the people who work there who actually do love and care for animals.

    I am fortunate to live in a community where the kill rate is very low for dogs (Fargo, N.D.). It makes me want to adopt my next dog from a southern shelter.

  5. I’ve watched this web cam and it makes me sick to my stomach to see the way these employees treat the animals. I don’t think any of them even like animals by watching their interactions with them.
    WHY are the taxpayers allowing this to happen? The authorities who have the power need to get rid of every worker there and start over with people who will actually show some love and compassion for these animals. They need to try to adopt out as many as possible, rather than kill perfectly adoptable dogs before they even have a chance to be seen by the public.

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