In Which I Answer Some Questions

I love reading the search terms that bring people to the blog.  Some are in the form of questions.  Since I don’t know if the searchers found any suitable answers, please allow me:

What to do if you see a loose Pitbull? Invite him over for dinner, see if he’s got any tags on his collar.  If so, call the owners and invite them over too.

Should I yell at my Beagle? Oh but what, pray tell, could a Beagle possibly ever do to deserve this?  The answer here is NO of course.  On the off chance the Beagle was being a Very Bad Beagle, he really won’t care whether you yell or not anyway.  He’s just going to do his Beagley stuff, regardless of the volume of your voice.

Is baloney good for treats for dogs? About as good as it is for humans I suppose.

Why doesn’t my neighborhood get mail? Perhaps you live in my old neighborhood?  When I lived in Boston, I had a mailman who – swear to science – only delivered the mail on fair-weather days.  Whenever I hear that old saying about mailmen that goes “Neither rain, nor sleet nor dead of night…”, I still feel compelled to yell out “Nuh-uh!”.

Of course some search terms are not questions but interesting nonetheless:

throwing up after laughing  This sometimes happen if you watch too much C-SPAN.  Remember to change the channel for regular breaks.

naked drunks  Endeavor to avoid.

pot belly beagle  I beg your pardon?!  My Beagle is just big-boned!

weeble  173 hits in the past year according to WordPress which is pretty good for a dog blog, I think.

As you might guess, the most popular search terms that lead people to the blog are variations on “YesBiscuit!”.  Here is a sample:

yes bisquit

yes buiscuit

yes buscuit

biscuit yes  (Oh! So Euro!)


yes!biscuit  (O!K)


yes biscouit

yes biscui  (A French reader, perchance?)

yes buiscet

yes busiuit

yes bisucit

There’s more.  Lots more, I’m sorry to say, but you get the idea.




7 thoughts on “In Which I Answer Some Questions

  1. LMAO – I actually penned a draft just like this last night, after getting THREE separate searches for “preaching permit.”

    Sometimes the funniest part of the week is checking the search terms. This week’s funny/frequent prize goes to those who end up on my blog by searching “bitch fight” or “train my bitch.” I’m sure they’re no more disappointed than the wannabe preachers…

    The worst part of the week can also be reading some of these search terms. I got this gem this morning:

    “my dog can not open his mouth”


      1. I see your doggie picture & others’ dogs. I just wanted MY doggie in the same place yours & others’ are.

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