Updated: More Photos from Marlboro Co Pound

Trish from the Scotland Co HS in NC sent me a number of photos she took at the Marlboro Co facility in SC this weekend.  I am hoping to receive a response from the pound and will update this post when I do.

Trish says the cats are kept in 3 enclosures (two appear to be wood and wire, one appears to be stainless steel) in complete darkness.

Inside the cat room at the Marlboro Co pound.
Cats at Marlboro Co pound.
Cats at Marlboro Co pound.
Cats at Marlboro Co pound.

This is a shot of the water the dogs have to drink.

Adoption friendly hours?

Sign at the Marlboro Co pound.

I’m working to get additional details. Watch this space.

Update, 9-20-11:  I finally reached Cecil Kimrey, the Marlboro Co administrator and asked him about the conditions at the pound.  He declined to comment but then added, “The Humane Society [of Marlboro Co] visits regularly.”  I asked if he could refer me to anyone in the county who could comment on the pound but he said no.  I also left a third message at the pound.  I called between 2 and 3pm since that’s when they are open for adoptions but still got the machine.  Hopefully they were busy adopting out pets.

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  1. Is the shelter in an alley? They could at least hang a sheet against the wall so the animals have a better backdrop. Sometimes shelters really can’t help the space they’re given, but they can TRY to make it welcoming.

    1. It’s an old prison, I believe. And the people in this county are POOR. Shirley can tell you from her long experience writing about this sort of thing: this is what happens in the rural South. From what I’ve read on the Humane Society’s Facebook page, there is no way to make this more welcoming. It just needs to be emptied out ASAP.

  2. This is an interior room of the jail. I’ve since been told there is a “hard to find” light switch in the catroom. My question is why would it be turned off at 2:00pm? There was actually one more wooden crate filled with cats I didn’t include in the email I sent you. There were well over 50 cats living in a space I feel maybe only a dozen or so should be? The room had a “special” odor, since many of the cats were putting their tails up and spraying/urinating outside of the pen, which was in evidence with a flashlight on the floor.

  3. A note on the bucket of water. It was the ONLY pen I saw that had water, out of the maybe 20 or so, and it was Seuss green.

  4. For those who don’t ‘Facebook’
    this is the comment on the picture of the cats in the steel cage

    I call this crew the UNLUCKY 13. They are all adult cats, CRAMMED in this pen, no water, no food, a puddle of urine directly on the floor at my feet. 3 of the cats were huddled IN the litter box, so I couldn’t see IF there was litter sand in it. When Jennifer and I fed them, it was a frenzy. This is one of those moments that kept me chugging Mylanta yesterday.

  5. Well, there you go, green water. And does this place screen adopters so that their beloved charges will not be subjected to a lack of love and proper care? Or do they just kill them with kindness because nobody wants them?

  6. I gotta give credit to all those folks who got started right away once they saw how horrific the conditions were . . . way to step up and work for the animals!

    Seems to me that even building a large pole barn with decent ventilation and lighting would be a huge improvement over this place. YIKES!

  7. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail inquiry to the HS of Marlboro Co since none of the phone numbers I found led anywhere. Today, I logged a second phone message with the Marlboro Co shelter since no one responded to my first message from last night. I also left a phone message and sent an e-mail inquiry to the county administrator. No responses to any of these as yet.

  8. Please go to the facebook page – they are in desperate need of fosters. There are rescues available, but they need fosters (and money for vetting and treatment). If you are local, please consider helping somehow. If not, please help in any way you can – a lot of little donations can make a big difference.
    I’m hearing a lot about the dogs, but the cats are desperate for help, too.
    Please, do what you can.

  9. Is this a third world country where that “shelter is? How many square feet is the entire building? If there IS any “shelter” in as bad or worse condition, I want to see it.

    Could someone contact the prison from where the one prisoner who comes to work, and ask for more workers to get more cleaning done?

    All the nationally known “humane societies” and this is the first anyone has heard of such conditions there? What are the multi-million dollar organizations doing to help this place or other places like this? (besides loading their needles)

  10. how could they do that to good animals that has been capsized that had a family and that worry sick about saying to there selves are they coming or are they gone for ever and u wish ever birthday that they will come but then they never did and u n fill like a person that has nothing left because their gone for ever and all u want is them and then they never come back and u say wht happen to the ive lost my i ran a way and this is why im say this.

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