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  1. Enquiring minds want to know…who on earth takes nekkid pics of themselves with a cellphone and then transmits them? I’ve had a rule in place long before tech – no nekkid pics! They are bound to come back and haunt you.

    Considering that employers routinely check prospective employees on the ‘net before making an offer, you don’t want one getting an up close and personal peek at your bits.

    Then again, considering how Scarjo and Mila Kunis look now, very hot, if I were them I might want the pics for posterity *grin*.

  2. I wonder…in Memphis would another billboard help? Something like “Demand change – tell Mayor Wharton to stop killing puppies!”

    Feeling a bit inflammatory today…

  3. I am sadly unaware of this phone hacking thingie. Or maybe not so sadly?? Anway no comments since no knowie nothing.

    A big shout out to to YB and another anon. contributor who helped us with Ranger’s neuter. THANK YOU!!! BTW, he IS getting a bit calmer, and is being as good as he can be for his age. Still, if anyone knows anyone who has a high-off-the-ground day bed, our couch is in tatters. I could use the day bed as both a couch and a bed, as I am currently sleeping on the hardwood floor with the furbabes! (Sheepish grin).

    On the nekkid thing, not me, not ever. Unless I needed to scare away an intruder (it IS scary, let me tell you!)

    1. Just to clarify for everyone, when readers generously pitched in donations for the spay-neuter of the lady’s pets (the one who was given wrong information by the “Friends” and missed out on getting a voucher), there was a surplus. Since the funds had been donated specifically for spay-neuter and since Ranger was an MAS survivor whose new owner (Morgana) also had asked for help getting him neutered, I thought it would be appropriate to ask Meows and BowWows to donate the extra to Morgana to put toward Ranger’s neuter.

      Sorry about the couch!

      1. Nah, couches are things that can be replaced…woggies, once gone, are gone forever. On the lighter side, Ranger is doing very well in all regards! He is becoming one of those kind of dogs that you would want by your side when a train is about to hit you head on…reliable, trustworthy (unless the train is made of fabric and stuffing :-)). He’s turning into a great dog…still a bit nuts, but to live here, I guess you kinda have to be! TY everyone for you support for him. Imagine he would have been decomposing in the landfill for no goddammed good reason, like so many of his unfortunate friends. It defies imagination and tries my heart.

  4. I read somewhere about 2 months ago that ‘Memphis Spay & Neuter’ had just received a $5000 grant from some company for the elderly to get free spays & neuters there. I called about my only kid here that’s not sterlized. They told me 6 weeks ago to go to MAS because they no longer had funds.

    Well, my little girl still isn’t fixed and I’m not looking forward to her next session with her & my boys. Does anyone know if MAS gives discounts on spays? Or what’s the deal with the procedure there?

    I’m not too worried about pregnancy because my boys would keep any other intruding males from scoring, but if you’ve ever seen the behavior between a hot little girl & 3 still willing boys… it keeps me busy preventing arguments.

    Ladies… When you reach 80 or 90, you’ll wish you had those photos of your younger days, because you’re other old friends will never believe you were ever hot without proof. At least photo-shop-chop your head on another body.

  5. Spay in the City has very inexpensive spay and neuter, once a month. They have a websight. They are doing wonderful things and spaying and neutering a lot of dogs and cats…..they are getting some support but could always use more.

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