Treats on the Internets

Animal Ark looks at an ordinance in Minneapolis which allows the city to kill “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous” dogs

If YOU don’t adopt this pet, he will DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and other tales of woe by Christie Keith

Toronto pet stores can now only sell shelter/rescue pets  (Thank you Beverly for the link.)

Never mind macho men and their little dogs, here are some rappers with cats

An update on the li’l buttons at the Henry Co shelter:  The last 3 were placed with a rescue group last week!

If you like pop art, you may be interested in these pieces on etsy  (Note:  I don’t know the artist or stand to benefit if any of these paintings are sold.  I just surfed into the shop and thought some might enjoy looking.)

Not pet-related but interesting nonetheless:  Slideshow of map monsters

13 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Thanks for these links! The column by Christie Keith makes an important point and I hope those who write shelter bios pay attention. And the pop art is amazing! I’m an artist myself and I collect animal art by other artists; I may have to buy one of the pit bull paintings (I only do cat art but I’m trying to expand my collection so when I adopt a dog upon retirement, s/he won’t feel slighted by seeing only cat art around the place).

  2. The wonderful pop art – pet art is by Dean Russo and I do believe that he helps animals with some of his profits. He is on Facebook too. He has created a lot of great looking pit bull dog artwork.

    405 Pop Rocks is the works of Brooklyn, NY artist Dean Russo. Working as a pop portrait artist for over 15 years. Mixing mediums has always played a key part in the unique style he brings to his works. To see these works in person you tend to find something new hidden within each work.

    Dean Russo Art | Facebook

  3. Unfortunately this is not really a treat. It is an evolving situation full of good people and bad situations. The news I looked for today was not the news I found,

    But it is something all No Kill advocates and opponents need to read as much about as possible. It needs to be thought about and discussed in order to avoid the same mistakes.

    I only leave you a starting place; the rest is up to you.

    Please google:

    laura hinze baton rouge

    good hunting

  4. Heh, funny that the other woman’s surname is “Slaughter”. How ironically appropriate. We must hold the line, Patience, the center cannot hold. (Ref: poem by Keats)(I think).

    The pop art is great – where did you all find the other listings, FixCharlotte?

    1. It is Yeats’ The Second Coming. I only know it because it shows up so often in science fiction. One of the scariest poems I’ve ever read. This is the line you quote:

      ‘Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;’

      Speaking of things falling apart, have you found yourself a daybed yet?

  5. patience, I see from the virtual tour you posted that MAS still has more plans for how to kill animals than how to save them. And the stray dogs will still be killed without every being seen by the public unless pulled by a rescue. I wish I felt even a little bit encouraged by the new shelter but I’m afraid it will be the same old thing in a new building. Thanks for posting the link, though.

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