Snapshots from MAS

This is the most strikingly beautiful puppy I can recall seeing in quite awhile. Easy to photograph, easy to adopt.

So many puppies...
Adults not spared either.

Tail wagging away.

Little pancake on a chokepole.

Dragged to the kill room.

Scared pup.

Incoming dog dragged on a chokepole.

The beautiful dog looks so sad as he is taken to the kill room on a chokepole.

35 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. The few who are holding their puppies kindly, who seem to be sad to be taking them to the kill room…do they know that they don’t have to do it? Do they know it doesn’t have to be this way? Do they know that they can choose to advocate, rather than kill?

    Or do they still think that “it has to be like this”? Or “we have no choice, there are too many”? Are they still in the old, narrow mindset of killing to control population. Has anyone told them that it doesn’t work? That it hasn’t worked for decades and still won’t work today?

    Has anyone told them that they can SAVE puppies, rather than kill them?

      1. According to the CA article, they’re going to START accepting applications for shelter director??? What the hell have they been doing all this time? I suppose it’s ok for the shelter to flounder because hey, shiny new building coming, eh?

        And the cameras will tie into the police station. Like the police have time to watch them and the wherewithall to care about what they see there. Pffft.

        If they’re so confident that the new building will make all the difference in animal handling/care, why not make the cameras public and prove it?

        I can only hope that the new director is someone with a firm hand and clear vision with the goal of saving lives. Otherwise, that shiny new building is going to lose its shine mighty fast and the bodies (and cruelties) will keep piling up.

      2. The Memphis police, who do not know that setting a cat on fire is something you should at least file a report about until the media tells them, will be in charge of monitoring the MAS cams. What a relief. I was worried there might be some wrongdoing there that could go unnoticed.

      3. @mikken the police will have time to watch them because they’re going into the Live Crime Report area; all they do is watch web/video cameras. What they’ll do with it, I have no idea. I hope for the best and try not to expect the worst. Somewhere in between I’d guess.

        @yb I believe only two members of the MPD were involved in the failure to write a report and investigate the crime. They were disciplined and the boy who burned the kitten has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

      4. Yeah, all that AFTER the media got hold of the story. Which leads me to the logical assumption that, had the media not exposed this, it would have been A-OK to stand as-is (no action of any kind taken) at the MPD.

      5. @patience, the police will not regularly point out that pets are being needlessly killed by the shelter’s policies. That’s what’s been pointed out by the webcam watchers, and all of that visual information will simply go away.

      6. What does “track record of reducing the population” mean exactly? Pepper had a track record of reducing the shelter population–7 out of 10 pets who came through the door got “reduced.” Should we expect more of the same? Is there ever anything ELSE to expect from Hooks & her cronies?

    1. @karen f

      right now the police do not have access to the security cameras- they are all internal to the shelter
      the webcams go out over the internet – the police have not been asked to watch them

      at the new shelter the output of the security cameras will be directed to Memphis’ Real Time Crime Center where it will become the responsibility of MPD to monitor them. There will be no public access and there is no mention of whether there will be access at the shelter

      1. I’m aware of all that. My point is that the police, who will — as far as we know — be the only ones who can “see” inside the new shelter, will not have any motivation to speak up about the needless killing taking place there, because the needless killing is not legally criminal. Meanwhile, the people who consider it immoral will have no means of making it visible.

  2. Tell me what we at Odies Pug Rescue can do to STOP this and STOP puppy mills and backyard breeders we need to help bring laws in, these animals have feelings too. Remember do unto others as you would have done to you. Maybe people need to feel the fear and then it would be a thought in their little minds as to how these poor wee guys must fee. Remember they smell more than we do and their senses are a million times better than humans.

  3. This is Horrible, but this is true and happens daily. We need to stop this horrible, inhumane treatment to animals. First of all , have your pets spayed or neutered.

  4. it so does not have to be like this, everyone knows it but “they” are programmed to keep at it, while the trusting pets pay the ultimate price. what i’ve always thought: how in the world do those workers live with themselves, sleep at night, go home to their families/pets and talk about “what they did at work today”?? =((

  5. Why is this still happening. Why is no one in jail. Oh that’s right they are only animals. My one hundred plus grandmother could have handled these dogs without a choke pole. Coward murdering bastards. I hope Johnny sees where the puppy Mom & Dad wouldn’t let him keep sees this.

      1. Eucritta: I have a book about the Third Riect/Nazis & death camps. The “Power Without Status” is exactly what the book is about but it wasn’t called that. It states the main reason Castoppo was so mean & evil to others was because they had “power” but came from lowly backgrounds, weren’t known for intelligence & for once they were allowed to use that power so they very much abused it. But as your article said, they had no “status,” just power when assigned that position.

        Since reading the book I’ve observed many people with the same symptoms of “Power Without Status.” I didn’t see it as no status but no intelligence. Several ACOs I’ve had contact with had a bad case of the symptoms. I’m guessing The Friends of MAS has a case of it too. I don’t care for those type of people making decisions for me or over the lives of animals. I’m sure it does affect shelter reform, I’m sorry to say.

      2. Nathan Winograd’s blog today is also about much the same thing, from the other end:

        … the avoidance behaviors he describes – as rescuers and volunteers refuse to confront abuses lest they lose all power to effect change, or run the risk of triggering even worse abuses – strike me as essentially similar to those of victims of domestic abuse … and as with domestic abuse cases, power over animals is being used as a method of control: do as we say, within our capricious and malicious limits, or these animals die.

  6. Poor babies. So many die just because no one is there to take them home. Heartbreaking and will NEVER end until people become more responsible, basically two (2) main problems, as we know too well are SIMPLE, but for some reason humans just can’t seem to do it … 1. SPAYING & NEUTERING their pets – pets that you are supposed to 2. KEEP THEIR PETS FOR LIFE.

  7. I know times are tough and people still need to work but for the life of me I can’t understand how these people at the shelters can just go along with the program. It would devastate me to walk a dog on a choke pull let alone walk it into a kill room. . But Then Again people will get a cute dog for their kids and when the puppy isn’t so cute anymore and the kids don’t take care of the animal, it goes to the baCkyard Where tHe dog is forgotten, the collar never gets adjusted,food is rarely given and water only comes when it rAins. Then one day that dear parent tries to justify themselves and take the poor baby to the pound and say ” he/she was untrainable. Then the shelter state tHe animal will be HUMANELY EUTHANIZED if not adoptable in 72 hours….How socialized is that poor poor dog???? What are the chances for adoption???. Yet somehow All of the reAlity of their actions escApes them because it will be a humane death….MAkES ME SIck

    This type of treatment to animals MUST stop….What can wE do?????

    1. Melinda: You said it & it breaks my heart because I have seen that exact behavior over & over. I have even had a “friend” who I learned treats their poor dog (and past dogs) like lawn furniture then excuses himself because “he doesn’t want to come inside” or “he doesn’t want to go for a walk” and a host of lame sorry excuses for his lack of proper care & treatment of his OWN dog. We are no longer friends because of my constant riding him about better care for his dog. I introduced him to guilt, which was lacking before then.

      I know it is partly the public’s lack of common sense & compassion for pet overpopulation & full shelters, yet shelter’s casual attitude of killing puppies & continually killing healthy beautiful dogs & cats is beyond my understanding. It’s death row there and they are all completely innocent of everything except knowing the wrong people who are responsible for them being there.

      There are some sorry comments on Commercial Appeal’s article. Too many uncareing folks.


  8. Just saw a few days ago that Toronto, Canada passed a law that mandates that Pet Stores only sell animals that come from a Shelter or Rescue. I think the rest of the country and the United States should follow their lead.

    1. I saw that too! Kudos, I salute, tip my hat, boww, give them a metal & even kurtsy to them. That is great & EVERY pet store should be forced to follow. That would put a stop to many puppy mills AND save many potential death row candidates.

  9. My heart just breaks everytime -dragged to the kill room. This is unspeakable evil. There needs to be an end. A total take -over but people who actually like living breathing creatures. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  10. Shelters with high kill rate and no public access should be prohibited. Further killing due to being agrresive and sickness should have to be examined by an outstanding
    group of vets and animal trainers before taking action. Reported cruelty and abuse / the director has to be fired as he does not make a job as he should and has no control on the workers, he must be hold responsible for. Outstanding people have to inspect shelters without notifzing them before. Reports have to be up to date daily. People who want to dump there animals of must have to pay a charge e.g. spay/neuter. Steady workers in shelters have to go through tests before employing. Each shelter should get percentual kick back of numbers that are adopted. Shelter should offer education for owners and dogs and support as many actions to support the adoption matter as they can. Just ideas to make a change

  11. Is there a petition for this?!? Actually ..F A PETITION! Thus cannot go on! I’m sick to my stomach! So many adoptable dogs, and they never get seen. All THEY SEE is the brick floor that they are walking on ..on their way to their untimely death!!!! This isn’t JUST LEGAL ANIMAL ABUSE!! THIS IS LEGAL MURDER AS WELL!!! LETS FIGHT FOR THESE ANIMALS, IF WE DON’T ….then no one will….

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