Incoming dogs at MAS.

Remember when concerned citizens asked about the staggering number of pets listed as “missing” at MAS and were told they were largely attributable to simple data entry errors? Well if you liked that answer, have I got a treat for you!

In July and August this year, MAS killed 592 dogs without listing any reason (e.g. space) for their killings.  When Action News 5 asked about it, the city explained it was a “data entry issue”.

The station also reports that MAS, chronically behind in its service calls, is currently 1300 calls behind for things such as bites and cruelty reports.  The city has an explanation for that too:  data entry issues.

About this time last year, the media reported that ACO logs showed they were taking just a few calls per day with several unproductive hours every day.  It would seem little has changed:

“Officer Activity Reports” appear to show some officers not getting in the field until an hour after their start time and coming back to the shelter two hours before they are off.

“I’m not sure what they were doing in this time period,” said Little.  “Just looking at the log, without having some key to those codes.”

Action News 5 calculated nearly 20 hours unaccounted for in the logs at the start and end of an animal officer’s shift in just a 12-day period.

The city says the hours the ACOs are not out on calls each day are spent working at the pound.  For now, taxpayers can view the ACOs “working”, as in the above cap, via the webcams.  Soon though, the “working” (or “getting worked over”, if you look at it from the pet’s point of view) will not be visible to the public since the city is killing the webcams at the new building.

Data entry issues, the killing of 592 dogs without providing any reasons, 1300 service calls behind, no transparency to the public via the webcams – and it’s all paid for courtesy of Memphis taxpayers.

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  1. That’s not a reason, that’s an excuse.

    Memphis City Hall intelligence – oxymoron.

    URL 404.

  2. So, Action News 5 has done a story on it, yet Memphis City Officials STILL make excuses? They’re idiots. Total, complete idiots. The killing continues and it will only get worse when the cameras are no longer in place. If they do this now, knowing they are being watched, God only knows what they’ll do when there’s no accountability. Oh, that’s right, the police will be watching. My bad. Surely they’re not in cahoots with everybody else down there…I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Well, at least they didn’t use the excuse of all the staff turnover in the last months Matt Pepper was here. Hired a few good ones, fired a few bad ones. And I’ve heard we’ve lost a very good one. Memphis’ and the animals’ loss.

      1. yeah it’s a shame how they fired that officer and the other officer only got a slap on the wrist. It’s not the 1st and won’t be the last time Memphis and the Animals lost…

  3. Yes, this is disgusting. Then Ms. Janet Hooks says she will keep the current staff because she wants people “experienced with animals”, which I perceive to say, “we want to keep the status quo, and the beatings and the cruelty marches on” without the public witnessing it. It’s a shame that they will not accept any accountability and there are no checks and balances. Those bullies in City Hall don’t give a darn about the MAS, just the power struggle and keeping their cushy jobs. I’m sure all those animals were killed because it would have been a major undertaking to transfer them all to the new shelter. Duh, anyone can figure that one out. course, they’ll lie about it, it’s what they do. I forward these to the Mayor, but never get a response, but I will continue to do so. I also copy the city council and will continue to do so. I am doing all I can, and hopefully, just one person can make a difference.

    1. Janet Hooks should have never been promoted to Director. How did she survive the Herenton administration and be in the Whaton administration. She is pitiful. Ken Moody was the best Director MAS has ever had. He was young, smart and a team player. I understand why he retired, Who really wants to work for AC? George Little looked and sounded real dumb on TV lastnight. The Blind is leading the Blind and that’s just dumbbbbb!

  4. Yes, it is dumb, because they know they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. But Memphians keep voting in the same crooked politicos and council members. Janet Hooks was once over the rape crisis center too, but that was a joke as well. She isn’t qualified for anything, it is only her name that gets her these jobs. Humph.

    1. Precisely, cause Ms. Hooks is gonna take care of her kind. The ones that want the cushy paychecks but don’t care about the animals. It’s sadly the norm here in Memphis with just about anything. She rarely even goes to MAS, she just gets the paycheck. Just another long list of why we should get all new people at MAS, but it isn’t going to happen. Sigh.

      1. Ah yes but we live in the greatest country in the world, where dogs are dragged to their deaths and pregnant cats poked and prodded. a take over is needed We the people by the people something like that. i feel so bad for the people working everyday to change it and getting nowhere. i encourage everyone to support No Kill memphis.

      2. I am with you there, but nothing has become better, even when Pepper took over, and now, he is gone. There is no one at MAS to really care for the animals, and the powers that be are too busy trying to keep their cushy jobs and paychecks. Sad, yes, but true. I live here so I know.

  5. Sigh….I havent been around for about a month and I come back and the news is even worse. Like 10x worse. Cant we….I dont know, follow the lead of the people over on Wall Street and protest outside MAS or something? It seems like public outcry is the only way to get there attention or something so.

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