What happened to this dog?

A worker uses a chokepole to remove a dog from a wet kennel at MAS.
The dog appears to be scared.
Marks on the floor appear to indicate the scared, wet dog may have been dragged by the chokepole down the length of the hall, to the kill room.

Will the city take the internal security camera footage to the media to show definitively what happened to this dog? Or will this dog’s life, like too many others at MAS, simply be ignored, left in a dumpster, until the truck comes to haul it away to the landfill?

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  1. Come on, Shirley, it’s the public’s fault (sarcasm) – another dog never given the chance to be seen by the public, except THIS- to be seen dragged all over the “forbidden area” – how can THEY defend these actions?! I will get this posted on my FB page……

    1. If the security camera footage isn’t on the 6 o’clock news tonight, I hope a TN resident will file an Open Records request for it. I’d really like to know for certain what happened to this poor pet.

  2. That dog must have a very interesting looking underside to leave marks like that. And to pull it out of the room and drag it down the hall in less than a minute -I’m afraid that seems a bit farfetched. I’d like to see the security film myself. However, I hope this time they ignore you.

    1. Goodbye “patience”. I’ve been more than fair with you, giving you numerous opportunities to shed your trollskin but you can’t or won’t control yourself. I’m tired of groaning every time I see you’ve posted a comment. I want to be happy on my own blog.

      1. AMEN! I’ve been wondering who the heck she is that she’s an authority on every single subject that comes up. Won’t be missing her at all.

      2. Obviously “paitence” doesn’t know what marks a wet dog that has been drug across a floor actually leaves. And for the record…yes it could be drug that distance in less than a minute. I watch those web cams too and when the ACO’s are dragging dogs around on choke poles they don’t bother to take the time to make sure they don’t stress – let alone HURT- a dog. Looks like some doggie legs were drug on the floor…and from the “wet” marks it just goes to show US that they are still not being careful while cleaning to not soak the dogs….still. *sigh* Good bye “patience”…wish I could say I’ll miss you but I don’t have the patience to deal with you.

  3. That dog is being removed from the rabies observation area and is more than likely a bit case dog. These dogs by ordinance can only be released to the owner. If the owner declines to claim the dog/cat they must be euth. That is directed by city ordinance.

    1. I just saw three young dogs moved to rabies observation area from canine two and one from canine three. They apparently weren’t any bite case dogs or they wouldn’t have been where they started out.

    2. Does that make it “okay” then to drag the dog on a chokepole- does that make it “okay” to hose the cages with the dogs in them, spraying them with the urine and feces in their cages (hence the wet body)? …..

  4. Another dog (this makes 5) just got moved from stray area into second kennel on the left. Something strange is going on today. Why are so many dogs being moved to this area?

    1. Maybe they are trying to find ways to make ‘excuses’ for why they HAD to kill the poor doggies. But I am with you – something is up..and it’s not just the sun. Why oh why do people who obviously don’t like animals have to be associated with a shelter?

  5. I’m sure this dog is among the “missing” (uh huh) listed at MAS but explained as poor data keeping. Uh huh. We’ll never know what happened to this poor dog. Killed for sure, it’s obvious. And still no word on Kapone, the missing pit bull. Again explained as messy data keeping. Uh huh. So disgusting.

  6. Sorry.. I had the photo of this dog being dragged down that last isle to the kill room.. somehow I lost it trying to click to get ALL the pictures of this puppy. I’ll try again to locate it.

  7. So glad ”Patience” is gone! I have been biting the skin off my tongue reading her ridiculous posts defending this hell hole. Patience, go back into your mole hole. Shirley, keep up the great work!

  8. This dog and several others were spay/neutered today so they will be ready for adoption tomorrow during the shelter’s special adoption event. They have been having such great success with the weekly event that they wanted to pre-op them so they would be ready to go to their new homes if adopted tomorrow.

    1. Really? So this dog will be ready for adoption tomorrow? Will potential adopters be given a chokepole to use on the dog or did the dog’s personality shift radically in one day and he is now safe to be handled on a leash?

      1. OHHH… my question.. do they now do spay/neuter in the KILL ROOM? I saw where this dog went… it didn’t go threw the blue door at the end of this hall.. it took a right before the blue door. That’s the kill room. Very good point.. a dog that needs to be on a choke pole leaving the rabies room is ready for adoption.. who are you kidding?

      2. You would have to show me that dog! The dog being dragged down the aisle went to the kill room. End of story! Had that dog been neutered she would have remained where they moved all the other dogs that will have pre-op done. You must take us for fools if you expect us to believe that trucker jjs..

  9. Out of all the screengrabs posted over the months, the drag marks impacted me the most. Breaks my heart

  10. Many dogs are being moved around for Yappy Hour. They will have the adoption area AND the healthy hold area open for adoptions on Thursday. They are also spaying and neutering many of the dogs so that they will be able to go to their new homes on Thursday and not have to wait the normal 2-3 days. I’m not sure what areas you are seeing from the cameras, but, I’d bet much of the odd activity you are seeing is because of this.

    1. you still don’t get it… a dog considered adoptable would not have been dragged out of the rabies hold area on a chokepole. to the kill room.

  11. Be careful now – if the adoption events are so successful, why are they not doing more of them? Darn, then you couldn’t blame the “irresponsible public” for all your problems ’cause they don’t want the animals.
    I don’t watch the webcams because it makes me physically sick, but I have no doubt that this pup was dragged to his death. Dogs being readied to meet potential adopters should be handled and socialized not dragged around by the neck.
    Sorry – not drinking the MAS-flavored kool-aid!
    I do hope that all of the lucky pets who make it up for adoption find wonderful homes, though. Are the cats fortunate enough to be included?

  12. Do more of them? They are doing Yappy Hour EVERY Thursday for $10 adoptions and For the rest of October ALL adoptions are $20. And yes, cats are included. They do have specials lined up for 31+ days, how many more should there they line up this month? I know.. until they survive. I agree. No killing at all is best. But, you can’t have 10 events a day…. can you?

  13. I don’t know – how about specials at the facility as well as off-site adoption events? If the people are showing up and adopting animals, why not take full advantage of the opportunities?
    Glad that the cats are also included, too. Thanks for telling us.

  14. Am I a little blind or does it seem that same worker is a major player on the “Mishandling Dogs and killing the terrified” show on the MAS Nightmare TV show??
    P.S Thanks for the lovely and overdue sendoff to Patience. I always wondered what the Patience moniker was alluding to…and wondering how patient they expected to be. I think Complacence would have been a better name.

  15. Wasn’t the adoption event held on a Thursday? I saw there was a lot of people there. Why wasn’t the event held on Saturday? More people would have shown up. Has the shelter posted how many animals got adopted?

    The lobby camera wasn’t refreshing most of the day.. I could only see the cat room.

    Does anyone know what happened to the three little adult dog the were in the cat area behind the orange curtain?

  16. The $10 and $20 adoption fees are not safeguarding the animals’ lives. I don’t think it is a good idea. It’s just too tempting for bunchers to pick up a couple that will end up in labs.

  17. No pets are being S/N for yappy hour. I am a volunteer & I specifically asked if this could be done. I have personally participated in 4 or more each Yappy hour and NONE have been able to go home unless they were owner surrender & already S/N. Just want to rule that out as an option for excuses.The only ones getting to go to new homes immediately are the owner surrenders. They are actually behind on the ones from yappy hour LAST week I have been told. Prayers for all who care for the creatures ~

    1. This dog was killed, just as it seemed from the photos and from the report of the reader who saw the dog being dragged to the kill room. He was not neutered for “Yappy Hour” nor was he ever offered for adoption. Just killed.

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