16 thoughts on “SPCA of Wake Co: Spoovy!

  1. I haven’t cried in years, but this video brought tears to my eyes. This huge, happy group of volunteers and their dedication to the animals contrasts so sharply to the usual MAS shots and videos. It breaks my heart. Any community can have what’s in this video with a little outreach and strong leadership that wants to do the right thing. Thank you for showing this video!

  2. Do we know where these guys are located (besides “Wake County”)?

    Really nice and shows what a shelter environment *should* be when the caretakers CARE.

  3. Oh, that was lovely. It brought tears to my eyes too. Every shelter should be like this. They clearly care a great deal for those animals.

  4. “This is SUPER!!!!! Much better than all of those depressing commercial you see about abandoned and neglected animals. I know they have a purpose, but seeing something that demonstrates the joy a pet can bring is truly a blessing. Thanks keep up the good work. Lyn”

    Top comment from the video.. AWESOME.. what a great way to promote shelter animals.. I LOVED THIS.. and will make sure it gets to my face book.. HSUS and ASPCA take a lesson JOY outdoes sadness and death every time..This should go viral

  5. I cried happy tears too! What a wonderful video and I sure hope that they got some media attention because of its production. GREAT job by people that care and want to show love and joy to move pets into nice homes.

    By the way, are they in the 90% club or headed that way soon?

    1. Hi, all. I’m the SPCA of Wake Co.’s associate executive director … and the skateboarder in the video. Thanks for all the kind words – it means a lot to the staff and volunteers that we’re getting such an overwhelming and positive response to the video.

      As for the 90% club, we are a limited-admission shelter so by definition we’re not eligible for that designation.

      1. Lisa, whose idea? How much time to plan to execution? LOVE it! And would love to be able to replicate the final result.

  6. This was such a nice video to watch, and after watching all the terrible things that go on at MAS, it was amazing to see such caring people. I wonder if they could spread the word and send these people to MAS, because animals at MAS need them and us.

  7. Loved the video. Why can’t people have more compassion for not only people, but animals? This was an excellent video. What a shame Memphis Animal Shelter can’t do something like this and exhibit love and compassion instead of a conveyor line to the death chamber? Just my personal opinion.

  8. This was so great- i was grinning the entire time!
    i sent it on to our marketing department- it’s too cute not to share

  9. Now I HAVE to deep clean my house; my hound sanctuary is here and the lovely facility Wake has plus the smiling, cheering enthusiasm is igniting! WOW.

  10. YEA!!! Oh this was so fun! This is how/why people want to get involved and work hard to help animals! Thanks so much for sharing…I’ve passed it along and hope it does go viral.

  11. Now THAT is what a shelter SHOULD look like…and those are the kinds of volunteers that every shelter deserves! Kuddos to Wake Co SPCA! Not only was it creative, but it really showed us what we should all see when walking into ‘our’ local shelter – regardless if they are city owned or privately! Those smiles were infectious and I really felt a sense of not only welcoming, but that these are people who LOVE what they do at the shelter!!!! What a wonderful change from the mundane normalcy that we see at so many shelters! I am still smiling…thanks for sharing that Shirley! Sometimes wading through the crap it’s nice to see a pot of gold at the end of some rainbows!!!

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