Snapshots from MAS

This dog could use some help and comfort from a friendly human.
Sack of pup.

What's going on in the right hand corner of this shot?

Shoved in the kennel via the chokepole.
Puppy to die.
Pancake and buddy to die.
Litter of pups to the kill room.
Another litter to be killed.
First dog resigned to death, second dog's legs buckle.
Incoming dog needs some groceries and TLC.


Same little waif as above shot, getting dragged along.

Don't pull me.

Once again, food put in bowls then cleaning chemicals sprayed around. Shouldn't the dogs be allowed to have clean food and water at MAS?

29 thoughts on “Snapshots from MAS

  1. Dear person who works at MAS,

    All those puppies you killed today? You didn’t need to do that. All those dogs you dragged to the kill room? You didn’t need to do that.

    Someone told you that it was necessary, that there are too many and that there’s no place for them and that death is better for them. That someone lied to you. You believed them because it looked hopeless from your side of things, but you were lied to and it’s not true.

    What you did today, it was wrong. It was a bad thing. It took a piece of your soul and will take another tomorrow. Tell your boss that killing to control population doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked ever. If it did, the pet dog and pet cat would be a rare thing in our country that kills so many and has killed for years and years and years. Tell your boss that you want to try something else, that you want to do your job differently. Tell your boss that if the focus of MAS shifted from killing to marketing animals for rehoming, not only would you get to keep more of your soul, but MAS would make more money and be a better place to work.

    Save yourself. Save yourself while there’s still something human of you left. Change how things are done at MAS and save yourself.

    1. Mikken, someone needs to reprint that and put it on everyone’s car at MAS and in the surrounding area. It needs to be plastered where they cannot help but read it. Put it on a billboard. Do something with it to get their attention. If there is any solace in the killing, it is that these sweet precious souls have been accepted into God’s loving arms. They will have fields to run in and a place at the eternal banquet will they will never be hungry, abused, neglected, alone, or unloved ever again.

      They were taken too soon and deserved so much better than what they had here on earth, even in their dying moment. God help these animals once the new facility opens. The cameras are obviously no deterrent, but when that little bit of accountability is no longer in place, I can only imagine that the animals will suffer worse than they already do…if that’s even possible.

    2. Mikken – GREAT post…I cried my way through it. I agree with Debbie – this DOES need to be posted EVERYWHERE! Starting with FoMAS, Employees at MAS, FoMAS…they ALL need to read it! I pray daily that whomever gets that Director position is going to work towards the No Kill Movement….

      Thank you for writing so clearly what we all fell.

      1. And – for the record – I put FoMAS there on purpose…I think they have lost sight of what their true goals SHOULD be. If I were the Director I’d definitely put boundaries in place and make sure nobody crosses them. So many times I can’t help but think that FoMAS is the group that REALLY runs the shelter!

      2. And – for the record – I put FoMAS there twice on purpose…I think they have lost sight of what their true goals SHOULD be. If I were the Director I’d definitely put boundaries in place and make sure nobody crosses them. So many times I can’t help but think that FoMAS is the group that REALLY runs the shelter!

  2. You forgot the irony of the stupid yellow caution sign in the middle of the walkway there. It wasn’t lost on me. It show read the following to the dogs:

    Caution: Don’t eat or drink, we have just sprayed your food and water with chemicals because we are too lazy and we just don’t care and we can’t be bothered to pick up your bowls. But hey your going to die anyway here. So enjoy your last crappy meal here!

      1. Erica,
        Let me know where to get one painted and done. I’ll pay for it and we’ll gift wrap it and send it to the Mayor with the picture!!! Oh yeah and one more little item, it will be from the Shelter animals at MAS!

        Do you think they’ll “Get it” then?


    Godspeed, all of you precious animals who were killed so needlessly. You never had a chance, and that’s so very wrong. You did not have to die.

  4. I think the main qualification for employment at the MAS is to “hate animals”. I don’t think a person who loves animals could possibly carry, drag, pull these dogs and puppies into the kill room. How do you pick up an innocent puppy and walk it to it’s untimely slaughter? And do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. These people in these photos must really hate these sweet, adoptable animals.

  5. Dear YesBiscuit!
    Your relentless, eloquent advocacy is so crucial in this war. The power of your words, the force of these photos, your tenacity in the face of implacable evil are simply impossible to ignore by any conscious, caring humans. The question remains, however, will those humans respond?

  6. Hasn’t there been a revolution of no kill across the nation because shelters have discovered it works and that most people want to do the right thing. I would think creating that revolution in Memphis would be easier than killing helpless animals. So sad. The poster who said that it will take a piece of their soul is right. It will eventually take it all.

  7. The letter from Mikken to Person who works for MAS is straight from the heart from all of us. All “Persons” at MAS should have it personally hand delivered to them.
    (I was going to say, “nailed to their head” but it wouldn’t be appropriate)

    I have a feeling they don’t do much reading, don’t see these online posts, not aware of how dispicable their actions are & aren’t told by anyone around them. How do we reach them? So far, only the sadist have had any influence on them.

    Where IS Kapone?

  8. Again, I am feeling so helpless because I live so far from Memphis–all I can do is watch this holocaust and write letters and send emails and wrack my brain for ideas to try to help.

    Has anyone considered beginning a Silent Vigil outside of MAS, or perhaps City Hall? It would have to be well-coordinated, because once begun, it cannot end until a change is made. But we who are old enough to remember The War (Vietnam) participated in many such vigils, some of us for years, and eventually we won over the hearts and minds of the country. It’s happening now with the Occupy WallStreet movement!

    How about it, Memphis? Are there enough concerned humans that one or two (or however many) could commit to a few hrs a day with a big sign outside of MAS and/or City Hall? People could take shifts, just so long as the citizens of Memphis had this in their faces every single day, until they can’t stand it or ignore it anymore….

  9. The picture with the chemicals on the floor and the bowls left in place needs to be put on a billboard in Memphis to show the taxpaying public how MAS takes care of their dogs.

  10. There have been vigils, there have been billboards, there have been letters, phone calls, emails, there have been meetings with the powers that be….there was an $8,000.000 reward for the return of Kapone….no one person peeped one word about what happened to Kapone..NOT ONE! There have been audits, assessments…..not one lasting change has been made…I came in contact with MAS in the early 80’s….It was a dungeon then, it is a dungeon today. Memphis simply does not care. The only hope for the animals that a new director that gives a damn will be hired!

    1. That’s it. The mayor doesn’t care, the general population doesn’t care & the employees do not care and the “Friends of Memphis Animal Services/Shelter” doesn’t care enough. Past directors haven’t cared & not likely the mayor will hire anyone who doesn’t think like himself. Mayor Wharton isn’t likely to put anyone into that position who will rock the boat & make it LOOK like funds are spent on animals instead of those hungry kids.

      This “shelter” is seen across the country as an example of what Memphis really cares about. If Memphis can’t even care for the dogs & cats in their custody, how can you expect them to care about their hungry kids?

      Killing healthy adoptable puppies & kittens(or any healthy dog/cats) is unacceptable, heartless & shamefull. Is this what Memphis & their employees wants to be known for; puppy/kitten killers? Until the killing stops, morale will not improve.

      Where IS Kapone?

  11. Is there any group working to get the animals out of the shelter? How do they get any out? Looks like someone would at least try something to get them out. Out of a whole city it is incredible that the animals have no exposure. Why doesn’t someone at least try to get their faces out there? Surely there is someone who can do that. No exposure is hard to believe for the animals there.

  12. This is an outrage! All of those health puppies and dogs being senselessly murdered. I don’t understand how these people could be so heartless. Something really needs to be done, I grew up in Memphis but now i live so far away, I wish there was some thing that I could do to help these poor defenseless animals.

    Cheryl Mooneyham

  13. THIS MUST BE MODELED ON THE NAZI DEATH CAMPS DURING THE WAR—INNOCENTS TORTURED & SLAUGHTERED!! HOW CAN THE PEOPLE THAT work there ever sleep at night—Are they really human—Those poor poor animals!!

  14. How come I never see a dog on a leash? Every dog is on a catchpole, which scares them. Is every single dog there vicious and therefore needs to be on a catchpole? Aren’t some of them owner surrenders who surely know how to walk on a leash? Why then, are the dogs always on catchpoles?

  15. Sadly it’s not just MAS, it’s every where. All the powers that be are more concered about their big pay and getting re-elected. Most of the Animal control people have no soul.. anyone that could do this job in such a cruel and heartless way proves it! The management of these facilities show us they don’t care… they might have to get their pretty little hands dirty…Just the fact that they KILL these animals, is such an injustice.. but to do it in the mean heartless way they do makes me scared of these people. Anyone that can look at these sweet and loving babies treat them like they do, just drag them and kill them without even a small amount of compassion should scare us all…

  16. God will get them for this!! Scumbags! We need to end this! We need to get the news involved. Call Jane Velez-Mitchell on CNN…she will tell everyone and maybe we can stop this!!!!

  17. This place needs to be shut down, charges needs to be pressed against all the workers there. They act like they enjoyed doing this, what is wrong with these people, how would they like to be the one at the end of that rope?

  18. They all are little Natzis running their death camp with the least amount of work possible.

    The food & water bowls come right out the front of each cage, little or no effort, but THAT would be too much work for the pin-heads. …”That’s too hard! Waaa”

    If this is how they behave when there IS camera’s watching, can you imagine how they act without being watched? A new director will only be hired if she/he is mayor Wharton approved. That means more of the same. He has had plenty of opportunity to make the “shelter” right but has failed miserably over & over again when confronted with the truth in his face with photos, letters & requests.

    The new “shelter” with the same criminals operating the place will not be ANY better for the cats & dogs. It’s going to take more of us pushing until CAPA or other laws are in place to protect the animals from those responsible for the past torture & excess killing.

    Where IS Kapone?

  19. I have seen a photo with a doggie’s head sticking out where the water/food bowl was supposed to be. Where WAS his bowl? He could of pushed it out himself because they come out so easily. Employee’s could remove those bowls before or as hoseing down the cages. But they don’t; it’s too much work for the lazy……

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