Updated: What happened to this dog?

The MAS webcams usually refresh every 15 seconds but not always.  I was watching the webcams last Thursday and captured this series of shots.  The webcam did not refresh between the second and third shots and there is a 30 second gap there.  If anyone got a grab during that 30 second period which would explain what happened to this dog, please let us know.   This dog is in the stray area which is closed to the public but if anyone has any info about him/her, please share.

Added, October 18:

Reader Chris Whitley captured the “missing” grab and sent it to me.  It appears to show a 3rd person behind the two that are visible in the last shot I have above.  I interpret it to be the person holding the dog on the chokepole.  The dog is not visible as far as I can tell.  To clarify, the shot below occurs 15 seconds after the second shot posted above and 15 seconds before the third shot above.

The light colored dog in the end kennel appears to be looking down the hallway, perhaps having just watched the dog on the chokepole being taken that direction.

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  1. Not the way I want to start my Monday, but not the way this poor dog wanted to end his Thursday (very sad face)….I think there should be posters ALL over MAS with the word “COMPASSION!” WITH the definition…..just sickening. For the record, I AM the hater Tracy didn’t want me to be!

  2. Jody, I was thinking the same thing. This isn’t how I wanted to start my Monday morning, but I know the dog suffered a lot more then I ever will. Shirley, I’d be willing to pay the adoption fee if someone volunteers to go get him/her. I can’t take him/her and I’m too far away to go pounding on their doors demanding to get him, but I can help financially. This set of pictures has just made me sick to my stomach. I am so praying that someone steps forward and rescues him/her.

      1. Jody and Tammy: I think those ‘drag marks’ are the pee that this poor dog let loose whilst being DRAGGED BY THE NECK AND CHOKED. I am about to come unglued on MAS now. Please stop reading if you are sensitive: FUCK MAS. I sayL: NOW is the time to #OCCUPY MEMPHIS! And SCREW AC the dog killer.

      1. This is SICK, Why can’t anyone find out what happened to this poor dog who pissed in fear I’M
        sure. I really wish I lived there.I would not only talk, I would do something, everyday I read this bullshit that NEVER stops WHY,WHY!!!!!!!!

  3. You’ve got to be friggin kidding me. Those workers don’t even know how to spell “compassion” much less understand it. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My bad, what was I thinking, Lou Ann! You are right…If someone could find out more about this dog, maybe we can get him out of there….LaSonya Hall called my work about me sending e-mails to MAS, so I cannot….

  4. I’m in Australia – will someone in the US please contact the ASPCA and Humane Society and launch an urgent enquiry into this facility – these workers should be sacked and banned from working with animals. The ASPCA should immediately remove this dog from this shelter and place it in a safe foster home – what have they done to it? Is it unconscious or dead – and why? Sue these bastards

    1. Readers have contacted the ASPCA previously and been told the ASPCA doesn’t see anything wrong with what goes on at MAS. HSUS might get involved if they could wear their logo jackets in front of the cameras and kick down some doors but i would fear the pets they “rescued” would end up in even worse places after the cameras went away.

      1. That is appalling! These organisations were founded, and are funded, to RESCUE, PROTECT AND ADVOCATE FOR ANIMALS – if they are failing to do that properly, there needs to be an urgent enquiry into their activities. Do you know of any reliable rescue organisation that can help this dog? Is their an animal ombudsman or similar in the US?
        GREAT JOB in posting this sad spectacle which the world can now view, so maybe it’s time these organisations got their act together and actually did the job we humans expect them to be doing.

      2. Jewel – An attorney by the name of Frank Losey has been gathering evidence against the HSUS for years. Currently he and a LOT of supporters have been pushing for the IRS to investigate HSUS for excessive lobbying – and while doing research it has been discovered that HSUS has failed to report donations over the past 5 yrs (approximately) to the tune of $500k. While HSUS *use* to be here to protect animals – unfortunately too many times when HSUS gets involved the animals all end up dead – unless they are pure breeds that can bring in some money. Sadly – HSUS is not all that some people think it is cracked up to be. They went from being here to help support the animals…now they are nothing more than a glamorous version of PETA only in polyester suits. Pushing for a vegan agenda that is trying to eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs from everyone’s diet. I fear if HSUS got involved then the animals would all end up in another high kill shelter only to have the same end result – they will all die. It’s a sad, sad world when the groups that USE to be here to protect the animals has gone so far off the charts that they don’t do much to actually HELP the animals. Because of the HSUS track record they are no longer involved in natural disaster rescues after the way they handled Hurricane Katrina and misused the funds which were raised during that hard time…..HSUS is headed by POacelle who has been quoted as saying he has ‘no hands on fondness’ for any animal….only to turn around and write a book called “The Bond” – which is about humans and their bond to animals. The two don’t mesh well at all..so basically it just comes down to money. That’s all HSUS is about anymore – all the money they can get for salaries, attorneys, pension plans, vacation homes, etc. Less than 1% of any money that HSUS raises actually finds its way into actually animal shelters! The HSUS is NOT an umbrella group for local humane societies – which too many people believe to be exactly what they are – it is VERY misleading.

        Plus Mayor Wharton has already said something about having HSUS do an audit on the shelter (average cost of $20k to do this) – and I doubt that HSUS is going to walk in there and clean up shop when their $20K is hanging in the balance. This is one battle we all have to band together and fight at the local and state level.

      3. Erica,

        Trying to glean a little understanding here. You said, “Pushing for a vegan agenda that is trying to eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs from everyone’s diet.” Are you taking issue with the fact they’re “pushing” veganism or veganism itself?

    2. as far as i understand the ASPCA is local ONLY to New York- they do not have any jurisdiction outside of their home state (even though their (inter)national fundraising would have you believe otherwise)

      1. ASPCA will get involved if it’s to push overly restrictive laws for dog owners, breeders and rescues. We fought their brand of “dog care” here in Illinois and won. They are better than HSUS but not in all issues.

        HSUS will step in if they can grab camera time and make it a media circus, the dogs are secondary. The Joplin, MO shelters told HSUS they did not need them as they knew from others’ experience that it would only be a worse disaster if HSUS came in to “help” than what they were dealing with from the tornados.

        The change needs to be demanded by the people of Memphis. I wish I knew how to get them more motivated.

  5. So which defender is going to pop in and claim that this dog wasn’t dragged to its death, like they did with the last dog we saw with the drag marks

    1. You mean they have done this BEFORE?! So it is some kind of sick STANDARD PRACTICE HERE!!! Sack these staff and employ an entire new crew here.

      1. Jewel – you can read through all the blog entries about MAS and all that has been going on there for the past 2 years. There are criminals working there – one of which was indicted on cruelty charges. MAS is corrupt to the very core. They are currently trying to find a new director. It IS a mad house and everything that goes on there is BS. If you do Facebook there is a No Kill Memphis page you can “like’ where you can follow everything about MAS. BUT, Shirley does a damn fine job of keeping us informed as well! It’s very sad and we’ve all been following the story for months – in some cases years. You have just witnessed just one tiny piece of the bigger picture.

  6. I still vote for an all-out assault during daylight hours. Invite the media. Storm the building. Refuse to leave until the current staff is fired. Go to jail, yes, but make a statement. I know this isn’t realistic but I have this image in my head of Shirley leading the charge…..gosh. I hate this place. Hate. Hate. Hate. They’d be better off to just shut it down. This is a betrayal of the public trust and is an example of institutionalized cruelty and neglect.

      1. I’d be right there beside you. and I would remain there until I took my last breath, those babies are worth it.

      2. As little as these people care about what’s going on there, I actually think you could do it, Shirley. Pose as some person making a delivery or there to inspect the kennel fencing and I suspect they really could care less. I don’t see this as a place were people take pride in going to work each day. And how they sleep at night is something I honestly do not want to be able to understand. Orwellian is the best word I can come up with. Black-white. Live-dead. Humane-cruel. This should be illegal and actually probably is already.

  7. I bet you that this dog is dead. Poor creature – what an awful, awful way to be treated.

    @Jewel Rainbow (love your screen name) – this is standard operating procedure for this place. And most of the big “animal welfare” groups are not in business to help animals, but to raise the big bucks. Check some of them out at Charity Navigator. You will be amazed (and not in a good way) about how much salary the CEOs take, how much is actually spent on the animals and how much goes to . . . fund raising. It’s absolutely appalling!

    @Shirley – if they got you to the stray area, they’d probably just use a choke pole to haul you to the kill room!

    Hoping against hope that this poor dog is alive and waiting for help. Anyone local?

  8. All y’all are giving them ideas! Maybe they’d like to chop off my head and put it in front of the webcam in the cat room. They are SO hilarious like that.

  9. Thank God for other people like us who care and try to stop what these sadists do to animals. Sometimes I get depressed thinking about it, and how evil some humans are, but knowing there are great people like those of us on this page and the new friends I’ve met through Lennox gives me the strength and encouragement to keep fighting for a cruelty-free world – and waiting for people like these to be wiped from the face of it, hopefully (ok, i shouldn’t have said that, but it’s late here and I’ve been up after midnight for almost a week trying to save Lennox), like his many other wonderful friends worldwide. God(dess) bless you all, and goodnight :D

  10. One more word before I go to sleep… I have just posted on my Facebook page the Native American 10 Commandments, which repeatedly state we must RESPECT all creatures on this planet. This shocking video footage, and Lennox’s plight, proves we need strict standards for people employed to work with animals, a Code of Ethics for how they may be treated, and national No-Kill policies that cut funding to and shut down so-called shelters that abuse animals in their care or kill them as standard practice – these guys were probably Nazis in their past lives.

  11. I sent an e-mail to Tracy Dunlap asking for more information on this dog and telling him that I will adopt him if he is still alive. I’ll move Heaven and Earth to get this dog a permenent home. These pictures have haunted me all day. I will keep you posted if I receive a response.

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that he is still with us – but I don’t hold out much hope for that. Bless your heart for offering. Perhaps there’s another you might consider in his memory if he’s gone . . .

      1. Tammy, Please send your request to Glenn Andrews (although it looks like him with the choke pole), too – maybe even Chelton Beamon, too….please keep us posted – here in Memphis, we willl try to help any way possible! What is so friggin difficult about showing some compassion? And I would love to know how they kill for space and still sleep at night?! Oh wait- one must have a conscience….. .

  12. I am so sick about this.. sorry to say, but I’m glad I didn’t see it first hand. I sent this to the Examiner.com.. hope Penny reads all the comments and can help gets this some extra exposure

  13. when your watching the web cams.. there’s a link to send your comments and/or questions to the people in charge… Well, I sent the pictures to the link and asked them to explain! Please.. everyone here flood their mail box with the photos. Make them be accountable.

    1. You know I have used that link a zillion times and still have yet to receive one response to anything I have sent them. If they are going to bother putting a link up to be used the least they can do it check it out periodically! I seriously think they just hit the delete button! Has ANYONE EVER gotten a response from using that link? I’m curious to see how many people have…because I NEVER do.

  14. FWIW, I’m thinking this dog is alive. These shots could show him being impounded on Thursday, in which case (assuming he was picked up as a stray) they’d have to keep him alive at least through Tuesday. Maybe they put him in that cage the workers are standing in front of in the last shot.

    1. In that case, is there someone local who could actually go there and get him out? I’m guessing that IF he is still with us, time is of the essence! Is there money left in the chip-in?

      1. Yes there is money left in the ChipIn and this would be a most appropriate use for it! Unfortunately MAS is closed today so no one could call or inquire in person about this dog.

      2. IDK anything for sure. As with all these webcam shots, I’m just making my best guess. Of course one of our city of Memphis hall monitor lurkers could chime in and tell us for sure what happened to the dog and whether he is still alive but they are too cowardly to show their faces on the blog so I guess we’ll just have to wait.

  15. Oops – didn’t see my last one (thought I forgot to click the send button). You can delete the second post . . .

    1. I have one day left of vacation, but I’m in! Tell me when and where and I’ll get down there. i don’t know what good it will do, but I can at least provide moral support. Jody, I e-mail Glen and Chelton. I hope I get a reply tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

    2. I agree totally that it’s time to Occupy MAS–seriously, if someone in Memphis (?Shirley?) would organize it, and if it could be on a Saturday, perhaps (so more people could attend), I’d definitely drive down from Clarksville to join, and might be able to bring a couple friends.

      We all just need to get a little “head’s-up” in advance to be able to travel to get there. I’d be willing to sit-in and get arrested, if necessary, to get some media attention. But there has to be more
      than just one or two of us willing and able to do this, or no one will pay any attention. PLEASE, folks–now’s a good time–when will this ever stop?

      1. Just to clarify Lorraine, I am not in Memphis. I’m in SC. If I could finance a trip to Memphis, I’d be up for a protest/arrest and there’s a little Beagle in the area I’d love to pick up on the way home. But that trip is not in my budget so I’m hoping some people in Memphis will be interested in taking some action.

  16. The dog went crazy on the control pole doing the alligator spin and it had a heat stroke. The dog was dragged to the kill room and put to sleep. This dog has an owner. I’m not sure if the owner was contacted.

    1. Are you just speculating or do you actually know something? If this dog is dead (not put to sleep) then it was because of mishandling by those in charge and cruelty charges need to be filed against MAS. If someone knows and the owner has NOT been notified, then that HAS TO HAPPEN.

      Enough of these people and their cruel ways!!! (And I’m tired of the MAS “friends” and apologists making excuses for this kind of thing. There is no reason to handle a dog or cat in a manner than results in his/her death because of the handling.)

      I hope that this pup is still with us and that someone can get him out of that hell hole!

  17. No, no, see, ya’ll are misinterpreting the webcam images again, just like all the other times.

    That’s not a dog. It is a whimsical, hilarious, ironic dog-shaped mop. Those aren’t skid marks formed when the dog choked and vomited from the wire noose around his neck and was then dragged through his own excretions. Them’s MAS mop-marks. That employee is just making everything clean and tidy while whistling a merry tune.

  18. I posted this link on the Friends of MAS fb page, and asked if they could tell me what happened to this dog, and of course, NO ANSWER, and it was deleted.

    1. If it was deleted, I interpret that to mean it does not meet their strict criteria for ONLY HAPPY FACE NEWS AND INFORMATION set by our dear leader. Which does not bode well for the dog.

      1. I have not had a response to my e-mails regarding adopting the dog. I sent one to Tracy Dunlap, Chelton Beamon and Glen Andrews. I know without an id# it will be hard for the lovely workers at MAS to assist me, but I will give it a shot later this morning. IF I have any news I will post it.

  19. The reality here is that we may never know – and I agree that that’s the worst case for this pup. The powers that be have hardly been forthright and open!

    1. On a side note – checked petfinder for MAS – ONLY 24 pets listed……just TWENTY FOUR…….and this how they are aggressively marketing their dogs and cats?! I am absolutely disgusted!

  20. I saw this as it happened too – the three photos – and posted them on my FB wall. I said I thought the poor dog had peed himself too – so freaking scared – drag him to the kill room!

    I too can only find 24 pets listed. This is disgraceful. They are also keeping small ones shut away behind thast ridiculours flower screen in Feline Area 2 – which usually houses small dogs as well. There is a notice on the screen but I have no idea what it say – no-one is allowed to go in there to look at the dogs and cats and they are killed daily!

    1. Chris – Since you also saw this live, can you please let me know if you saw any refresh on the webcam in that 30 second period I mentioned in the post? It seems like that grab (if one exists) might give us a clue what happened to the dog.

  21. Regarding the timing of the three shots – the times on my photos are:

    1st photo – 45 mins 29 secs
    2nd photo – 45 mins – 42 secs
    3rd photo – 45 mins – 58 secs

    There was not 30 second gap – whatever they do with the dog they dragged him along very quickly!

    1. It’s the 45 mins 58 secs one that did not show up on my screen. Mine stayed frozen at the 45 mins – 42 secs shot for 30 seconds before refreshing. Can you send me the 45 mins 58 secs shot you got?

  22. I hope someone in TN will file an Open Records request for the MAS security camera footage showing “Main Area Canine 2” for October 13 for the one minute period from 1445 to 1446. That should provide a definitive answer as to what happened here.

  23. I posted the first photo of the dog being dragged “Main Area Canine 2″ for October 13 ” on their wall and asked if this dog would be offered for adoption. It took a little while, the photo was deleted and I was blocked. No surprise.

      1. I think we would have guessed anyway! Good to know the “Friends” are so interested in getting dogs adopted out of MAS, as usual.

  24. How you people call your selves lover animals and you are treating them like garage! it look like to pull the dog all the way to the place to be killed or whatever! don’t worry God see all that! When your time come, you will have judgement with the lord.. because he don’t like ugly! We don’t see what behind the bar but God see all your active! It have to be stop hurting animals! these people have full of blood of their hands for hurting and killing animal.. The these animals have a home ….spread the news for adopting.. I’m sure other people who are animals lover willing to help out!

    1. If you are an animals lover’s .they should not treat animals like garage! It is too painful for the animals! That make a lot people upset who are a animals lover’s….It see you people pull the dog all the way to the evil killed and don’t care how they feel! Stop hurting innocent animals! Please spread the news to help each dogs or cats have adopting… If you was animals don’t like to be treat the same way…..Human and animals have feeling….

  25. Look at his mouth in the 1st picture. He’s either choking (which I would be if someone had that pole around MY neck!), he’s panting, or he yelping (which wouldn’t surprise me, either!). And why are these people always smiling or smirking? They sure aren’t passing any of that joy and happiness on to the animals! Do they find some sort of sick pleasure in what they do?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God help these poor animals when the cameras are no longer in place!

  26. I just watched a dog being surrendered. There were people in the area where the sinks are, the worker pretended he was getting food and water and when all the people were gone.. he took the dog straight to the kill room. It was beautiful little white dog, I got all the shots.

    1. So did I Dot. He was just putting on a show for the people coming through. Makes me sick. That little dog had no chance at all. Of course, considering that the killing will start big time with the disease going on right now, the stray area is likely to be completely cleaned out from one end to the other. Those dogs have no chance at all.

  27. I also posted twice. Once asking if the dog was going to be offered for adoption, when that was deleted.then. I posted the comment that H.Houlahan wrote about the dog being a mop. Of course. that was deleted.MAS stating they never got any request for information about this dog except from one comment removed BUT SAVED! Well.. I got a notice from FB. stating the comment was removed. LOL… under their list of reasons for removing it.. I could only match it up with “Bullying”. Now isn’t that ironic…. “BULLYING” after what they do to the dogs. SHAME on their FAKE compassion for the animals they post on their FB wall.
    if any of you are on FB.. please note my profile photo… wonder is they are going to try to take that away from me also..? Any thoughts on that?

  28. here’s what was in my message box this morning.. did I hurt someones feelings? Was I annoying or insulting? I don’t think I was either. You decide
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    Date: 11/20/2011

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    If you still want to use your account, please confirm your facebook account below:

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    1. Dot Kirby
      if you look at what was posted.. I didn’t insult anyone. I just posted the truth with a photo of their own shelter that is live stream on the internet.. you ought to check it outhttp://www.cityofmemphis.org/AnimalShelter/default.aspx.
      Animal Shelter – Web Camera
      Animal Shelter – Web Camerahere’s what I responded with..

  29. This dog looks like it could be a Carolina Dog. I run the Carolina Dog Rescue and Conservation Project (www.CDRCP.org) and had we been contacted, we may have been able to save this dog. They report she was from a wild pack and she certainly has the look. There ARE CDs in TN. Many shelters deem them “feral/wild” and unadoptable, but these dogs can be rehabilitated and placed in homes. They just need the right folks to help them. Is she definitively deceased?

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