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SC’s Pawmetto Lifeline says that an 82% kill rate in Columbia area shelters is not the fault of those doing the killing – it’s the damn irresponsible public that’s to blame.  The group also wants to encourage the uncaring, unwashed masses to step up and foster.

A 73 year old CT woman told authorities she was taking a litter of kittens to a shelter – by which she meant, slowing at intersections and throwing them out the car into the street.  She has been charged with animal cruelty.

A PA woman tied her dog outside in full sun this past summer without access to water or shade.  A neighbor heard the dog suffering and called police.  When officers arrived, they found the dog dead.  The owner said the dog had only been outside for a few minutes, had been perfectly healthy and she suggested foul play.  A judge found the owner guilty of animal cruelty last week and she was fined $300.

An 18 year old who grew up in foster care in NC runs her own dog rescue.  (Thanks Lisa for the links.)

Urgent Death Row Dogs tries to save dogs from being killed by the Mayor’s Alliance in NYC.  Which is why this photo is the funny.  (Thank you Karen for the links.)

Petition asking OH governor to ban the sale and ownership of wild animals in the state

Barbara J. King, a biological anthropologist at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, believes that non-human animals grieve.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

This orangutan and coonhound have apparently been featured on many daytime talk shows and have their own book and website.  New to me.

Trenchcoat Cat comes with backstory.

Orcas reportedly use tonic immobility against sharks they plan to kill.

Three orcas – a juvenile, a pregnant female and another adult female – who swam far up a river in Alaska have died.

A very brief science lesson on turtle anatomy.

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  1. the first Orca article about killing sharks reminds me that Orcas are badass- and scary smart. The 2nd one about the three dying in an Alaskan river makes me sad. i’m suprised authorities didn’t try to help them find their way back to the ocean.

    Did you hear the Javan Rhino is now extinct in Veitnam?
    sad boosh :-(

    1. I once saw footage of orcas chasing a grey whale mother and calf. They chased and chased them until the calf was exhausted and couldn’t swim anymore. Then they attacked and killed the calf – not because they were hungry, they only ate his tongue – but for some reason known only to them. It astounds me that people put these animals in swimming pools, force them to do tricks and then ride them for shows. The amount of money it would take to get me into a swimming pool with an orca – well, there is no such amount.

      1. They used to be called “whale killers” by sailors because of their whale hunting abilities. Orcas are 5 ton wolves…not something that I’d want in my swimming pool…

      2. 5 ton wolves, heh – but not the kind that will take in a lost human child and raise him with the pack. More like the kind that dresses up like grandma and lays in wait for a kid in a red cape.

      3. i’ve seen that video too- it’s uncomfortable to watch.

        i am against cetaceans in captivity (except for reasons of conservation and/or rehabilitation (or in cases where they’re not able to be returned to the wild)). Certainly not for entertainment.

        I’ve seen The Cove. no thanks

  2. Am I the only one that finds it odd that Ohio has state laws banning Pitbulls but has NO PROBLEM if you want to own a Grizzly Bear, Lion, Tiger, etc???

  3. The woman throwing kittens from a car is very, very lucky that I do not get to say who lives and who dies. I can only hope it’s some kind of dementia and not some kind of evil…

  4. Ooow! It hurts learning about sad animal stories. Somehow, people’s demise doesn’t bother me quite the same. It could be that people are responsible for themselves and other people. Animals being hurt are usually because of people & their lack of responsibility.

    It’s harder to have sympathy for those that have no sympathy for animals, the least of us who deserve it the most.

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