5 thoughts on “Bringing Up from the Comments

  1. Good girl, Mari! You get to be free again.

    And I must say she looks remarkably relaxed. I’m betting she knows she is in good hands now.

  2. Wow–she sure does, and I’ll bet you’re right about why. We all know that animals know when they’ve been rescued….

    CONGRATULATIONS and BLESSINGS to all who made this happen!!

  3. I am so happy that a feral, Mario, has been saved…there are so many ferals that should be saved but have not stood a chance at MAS until this happened. As a rule, the ACO’s cannot catch a feral, thank goodness, because each one they do get is doomed. I feed ferals in south Memphis…as many as I can…I do not call MAS for help because I was told by Matt Pepper, unless they pass the personality test they cannot be adopted…well, first of all, they are scared beyond belief, secondly they have no reason to trust any human. All they have known is neglect and abuse and have had to live off the garbage of humans….It’s long over due that we start saving ferals as many can be homed and become pets…they may never play fetch but they can be loyal, trusting friends…I know because I have an x-feral grown dog and 4 x-feral puppies…and they are treasures! I am delighted that Mario has a great place to go and MAS missed killing one more dog and I am delighted about the attention that this will bring to the plight of the ferals! THANK YOU…ALL OF YOU THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN!

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