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    1. Put me down in the YES column. Africa, Brazil and Thailand will apparently be the first to succumb when the zombie ant revolution begins. From there, I guess they’ll take over the world.

    2. That is totally freaky!!! Sounds like something many of the governments across the world would love to figure out for controlling humans.

    1. Joni, I agree! I think programs like this are super-important, and so are the ones where the local shelter allows pets still in their homes to be featured along with the shelter’s own pets. Since most pet-owners are time-challenged and inexperienced, it could be even better if there were a template instantly visible for pet-owners to use in writing the bios, with good/bad examples of bios and photos visible right in front of them, rather than available through a link.

    1. This is the first press recognition of the No Kill movement at the national level that I’m aware of. Pretty amazing.

  1. This is regarding the dog that was dragged to the kill room. I sent an email that said:

    Under the Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting records on the dog below and attached to this email, as well as the MAS security camera footage showing “Main Area Canine 2” for October 13 for one-minute period from 1445 to 1446.

    Repeated requests information on this dog and offers to adopt have gone completely unanswered. Under the FOIA, I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

    I received the following response today:

    This video has been isolated. The cost of a copy of the video is $10 payable by check or money order to the City of Memphis.

    Jill M. Madajczyk
    Senior Asst. City Attorney
    (901) 576-6540 (direct dial)
    (901) 576-6524 (facsimile)

      1. It means the city of memphis has “isolated” the requested minutes (1445-1446) from the rest of the video of that day per the requestor’s wishes.

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