Henry Update

Henry is one of the dogs saved from the stray area at MAS because we were able to see him on the webcams.  He is wrapping up his heartworm treatment with his foster family.  Thank you to everyone who helped get Henry out of MAS alive and who donated to the fund used to pay for his veterinary care.  Here are a couple of photos of Henry from this week.  The first is with his girl Rachel and the second was snapped by Ona from Meows and BowWows who happened to run into handsome Henry at the vet’s office.

11 thoughts on “Henry Update

  1. It’s nice to have a happy beginning – glad that Henry is doing so well and being such a good boy! He looks like a big, happy goof!
    Thanks to all who made this happen.

    MAS – I hope you read what can be if you just stop the killing!

  2. Henry and Sweet Jane went through heartworm treatment at the same time. Henry gained over 30 lbs. and Sweet Jane gained 8 lbs. Between the two of them, it was like we added another dog and we had to buy extra immiticide to get through the heartworm treatment.

  3. What a beautiful boy he is! Just looking at Henry shows everyone looking at him all that could have been and should have been for dozens of other animals from MAS. I know he will have a long and happy life where he is. He deserves that. So many others deserve that as well.

  4. What a handsome fellow…..thousands and thousands that could be just as handsome and loved are killed every year at out local, disgraceful horrendous “SHELTER”….what a pitiful shame, what a statement it makes about those of us that either live in Memphis or make our living in Memphis. Please Mr. Mayor, step up to the plate and help the unfortunate animals that come there. I won’t call MAS and report a dog…I either get them or, if they are uncatchable….I just feed them everyday and try to medicate when I can. Their HARD lives with a belly full of good food is better than being dead!

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