Mental Health Break: Presidential Pet

Before Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the U.S., he served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  Since today is Veteran’s Day, I thought it would be a good opportunity to thank all those who serve our country.

During FDR’s presidency, he got a Scottie named Fala who was a constant companion, frequently photographed, and the subject of a famous FDR speech.

Fala with FDR, 1944.

Fala attended FDR’s funeral and lived out the remainder of his life with Eleanor Roosevelt. He is buried next to the Roosevelts in the rose garden at their home.

Eleanor Roosevelt with Fala.
The FDR Memorial in Washington, DC

5 thoughts on “Mental Health Break: Presidential Pet

  1. Makes me think about a couple Presidents that had the dreaded “pit bulls” as pets – like President Theodore Roosevelt (was a soldier) & President Woodrow Wilson(while he didn’t serve in the military he was the President at the time of WWI)…every time I hear someone with their horror stories about the big bad “pit bulls” I ALWAYS think of this!

    1. Another PIt Bull Travesty: Please Read, Sign Petition

      Dog Gets Death Sentence for Injuring a Cat

      Excerpts: “C-Jay, a three year old dog in Scotland, escaped from his yard after a visitor accidentally left the gate open and was found with a cat in his mouth. The cat survived….C-Jay’s owner Tracy Jackson was more than willing to pay the veterinary costs….Dundee Judge Robin White ordered that C-Jay be euthanized, even though he had no history of aggression towards people or dogs.

      In other words, the judge thinks that C-Jay should be put down for being a dog. If every dog with prey instinct were euthanized, very few of us would have the loving furry friend companions….”

      posted by Lisa Spector
      Nov 11, 2011 5:03 pm

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