Treats on the Internets

The Animal Welfare League of Arlingtonis the latest open admission shelter in VA to sustain a live release rate of 90+%.


Humane Watch breaks down HSUS’ shelter spending by state for 2010.  SC shelters received .0004% of HSUS’ millions – which is better than some states fared.


A man in Putnam Co FL lost his job and was evicted from his home.  He was unable to take his 6 Chihuahuas with him so he left them in cages inside the home and called AC to pick them up.  Despite repeated calls from the owner, the AC officer never went into the home and all 6 dogs died in their cages.  The AC officer who failed to respond to the multiple calls was asked to resign, which she did.


No 10 Downing Street wants to keep Larry, the kitteh brought in for mouse patrol duty, even though the place still appears to have mice:

Asked whether Larry should resign, the PM’s spokesman said: “Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.”

Note the story on Larry is filed in “politics” by the BBC.


As domesticated dogs evolved, their genetic code differentiated from wild canids.  Researchers believe the genetic differences are linked to spontaneously occurring cancers in dogs.


Beer for dogs:  non-alcoholic malt barley (no hops) and chicken or beef broth


In order to get 19 black rhinos away from poachers in South Africa, rescuers tied them to helicopter ropes by their ankles and flew them to safety.


Looking at baby animal pictures makes me happy.  Here is a tapir recently born in a UK animal park.

7 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Not a word was mentioned about the idiot who left HIS own dogs in the cages without food or water, unchecked. For a MONTH? HE AND the ACO should be charged with 7 counts of cruelty. Especially the idiot who abandoned them.

    The thought of each little kid in their cages, wondering WHY they were abandoned, the unquenched thirst, never ending hunger, as they watched, and waited as each sibiling died around them, with NO relief until the end.

    When we have “pets” we agree to CARE for them throughout their lives, no matter what, for the entire length of their lives. With or without a job, with or without funds for food or whatever, the obligation is STILL there to provide for them. He could of just as easily taken them to wherever food & shelter was available, not put it off on someone else to do so. Obviously no effort was made to offer these poor souls to the many people who would of cherished them, and surely saved their lives.

  2. He may think he satisified his “legal” obligations to his dogs, but he certainly did NOT satisfy any moral or ethical obligations to them.

  3. I agree with ezbuddy. Yes, the ACO was criminally negligent. However, the owner was responsible for the dogs until they were retrieved by animal control. He should have been going over there every day to give them food and water and to walk them, and he should have been following up with animal control every day until they actually picked the dogs up.

    1. I understand the concerns here but we don’t know the full story, The owner did not leave his dogs and throw away the key. On the contrary, he called upon his community’s AC to help them and KEPT CALLING BACK to remind them about the dogs. Maybe the guy had no other place to go but to a relative or friend’s house out of state. I agree it’s certainly not the ideal circumstances under which to surrender your pets to AC but on the other hand, sometimes life gives you lemony circumstances.


    Have you seen the Commercial Appeal article about dog fighting ties to MAS? Also, there is a link to the Rotary Club’s 22 page review of MAS. I believe the Rotary Club did a great job for the most part – though parts of it made me want to puke. I wonder if Mayor Wharton will stand up and take notice now that his buddies in the Rotary Club confirmed everything “animal Rights activists” have been saying. This too will probably be swept under the rug.

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