MAS Webcams Were a Serious Problem

One of the things that struck me most from the Rotary Club’s report on MAS was the universal call for the killing of the webcams by management.  The club members went to interview city leaders individually and ask them about serious ethical and legal violations such as MAS staff’s involvement in dogfighting and the selling of dogs and supplies out the back door of the pound.  No one seemed overly concerned about those things but offered that the public’s access to the webcams was the worst thing happening at MAS.  Surreal much?

We know the reason why the city was so desperate to get rid of the webcams.  But just in case anyone needed more proof…

You may think you’ve seen it all at MAS but, like some kind of bottomless cesspool, there is always more.  And so, from the pound that gave us puppies in a trash can and kittens in a litter box, Memphis presents:  Unattended puppies in the sink!

ACO brings in 2 pups to MAS and leaves them in the sink.
The puppies are left all alone.
Where is the ACO?
The ACO returns. I hope the puppies didn't have any accidents in the sink. I hope they weren't sick either.

8 thoughts on “MAS Webcams Were a Serious Problem

  1. Stop your hating! The criticism of the webcam shots decrease employee morale! Just let them get on with their incompetence and cruelty in peace and they’ll be happy, ok? Geez, don’t you have any compassion?

    Besides, I’m sure you’re not seeing what you think you’re seeing. Maybe those puppies jumped into the sink on their own and he’s rescuing them. Maybe they fell from the sky and landed in the sink. Maybe they crawled up the drain and he’s saving them before they go back down again.

    1. I know. I’m a hater. But I just can’t help thinking how many times we’ve heard from MAS that they “have to” kill all pets who have a cold or may have been exposed to a cold because they don’t have a separate ventilation system for the isolation ward. And then they take puppies off the street and plop them down in the sink so they can cough on the “clean” dishes. It boggles my hating mind.

    2. Decrease employee morale? How do you decrease something that isn’t there in the first place? If the employees would have morale they would speak up against the daily abuse and neglect.

  2. Did anyone else read the Animal Ark Books? They always had names like Fox in the cupboard, Bunnies in the bathroom, ect. Maybe MAS is just trying to give the author ideas for more books.

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