Beagle Tragedy in NC

A person passing by a home in Pitt County, NC spotted a dozen dead Beagles and alerted authorities.  The owner, Joseph Nicholson, reportedly had 12 Beagles in a metal dog box without water in the back of his truck.  He took them out hunting and when he returned, all 12 were dead.  He has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

There is a video at the link which shows the box Mr. Nicholson says he has used to carry the dogs for many years without incident.  The video also shows images of some of his other Beagles, who look to me to be the big kind of Beagles.  For the life of me, I can not figure out how he managed to stuff 12 big Beagles into this box which appears to me to offer adequate space for 2 dogs.

The box does have ventilation but if that box had 12 big Beagles in it, the vents would be akin to holes poked in the top of a sardine can.  If you view the video and see something I’m missing, please share.  I truly can not get my mind around how 12 big Beagles could have been put into that box even once, never mind a routine practice that had been going on for years.

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  1. Totally off-subject, but looking for some help. We found a beautiful white husky this weekend that was wearing a collar (with what was left of his leash/cable attached). Going door-to-door, having him scanned for a chip and posting him all over craigslist and Facebook hasn’t turned up his owner yet. I have been posting him on every lost/found website I can find. Are there any other suggestions? Also, if we don’t find his actual owner soon (end of the week?), we will be looking for a good home for him. So, if there are any husky rescues..etc. that anyone knows of, that would be great too! He sits for a treat and gets along with kids and dogs (chases my cats though!).

    1. Hi,

      One good thing to do is join Sibernet and post the description of the dog there. This link has instructions for joining the listserv (it’s easy)–

      There are members in TN and lots of people who will help get the word out. There are also some husky rescues on the list. It’s the best place to start for lost/found huskies in the U.S.

    1. Thanks! I put a “foun” ad in the paper which won’t run until Wednesday, so I will give it a few more days before I start looking for a new home for him.

  2. The box had ventilation but they were also in back of truck where they could have been taking in fumes from the exhaust system. Just like being in a garage with a running car.

  3. I have heard about show dogs being dead when they got back form the show. It was a faulty exhaust system that did them in. Maybe that needs to be checked out too but most likely it was too warm of a day and too many dogs in the box.

  4. DUH! Mr. Nicholson is a HUNTER. Doesn’t THAT explain anything? First, he has no soul for all the killing that he has done, the serial killer. Second, do you think he actually gives a damn for the life of his dogs, stuffing too many in a METAL crate, warm weather, inadequate ventalation, truck exaust back-flow into crate.

    What kind of care do you think SO many dogs receive living with him. He could of used the “hunting trip” as a cover-up excuse for thinning his herd. I can’t doubt he killed them on purpose. What else COULD he say after someone finds his dead dogs? If they did die by accident in the box, he is still responsible. Normal people would know better.

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