Update on Donated Funds

Ona from Meows and BowWows went back to July 17, 2011 – the last update on the blog – to account for the expenses and donations we’ve had via the ChipIn.  She writes:

We had $1386.00 Chip In, $100.00 check received in mail, $150.00 direct to M & B Paypal.
Our only expense at the time: $67.00 for Jane
Balance: $1569.00

Since then we added $941.00 Chip in. Total received by Chip In: $2327.00

175.00 Henry, includes some boarding when we first pulled him
401.06 Two boxes of immiticide for Henry and Jane
126.85 Jane spay, tooth extraction
90.00 Henry & Jane injection of immiticide
100.00 Extra immiticide because Henry and Jane gained so much weight
100.00 Donation to Olympic Animal Sanctuary  [for assistance with Mario]
170.00 Donation to ARNO  [for assistance with Mario]
246.00 Went toward helping a Memphis resident get 2 of her pets spayed at Mid South Spay Neuter services.  Since we had some left over (the lady decided not to get her 3rd pet altered at this time), we donated the remainder toward Ranger’s neuter surgery.
Total expenses: 1408.91

That leaves a balance of 1101.09

– 40.99 Paypal fee on  1386.00
– 3.60   Paypal fee on 150.00
– 28.10 Paypal fee on 941.00
New Balance:  1028.40
Thank you Ona for keeping us updated with the accounting details (and I notice Ona hasn’t been reimbursing herself for expenses she’s incurred while helping the above dogs so thank you Ona for your financial contributions as well!).  Thanks to everyone who has donated.  It’s been great to have the money there when we’ve had the opportunity to save a pet from the stray area at MAS.  As Forrest Gump says, “One less thing.”
Sweet Jane has been treated for heartworms and is now ready to work on someone else's heart. She is available for foster/adoption through Meows and BowWows in Memphis.

15 thoughts on “Update on Donated Funds

  1. Was it Ona who donated the trap used for Mario? If so can we vote to give her funds to replace it? Note: I’ve donated a total of $5 (all I can afford to spare right now) so I don’t have a large enough stake to have a say really, but I thought I’d mention it.

    1. Yes it was Ona’s trap. I told her to buy herself a new one out of the fund and to reimburse herself for all the other expenses she’s had (e.g. I know Jane ate like 3 remotes at Ona’s house) but she hasn’t done it so all I can do is thank her for all her financial contributions.

  2. I made a donation to Meows and Bows and asked that it be used toward buying a new trap, did that money end up being placed in the ARNO fund? Just curious because I also donated directly to ARNO

    1. Lisa – I think if you made a donation to Meows & BowWows directly then it got used for their rescue pets. They have many in boarding and in foster besides the ones they’ve pulled for us. The ones they’ve pulled for us get paid for out of the YesBiscuit ChipIn.

      I hope that makes sense.

    2. Lisa, your donation was not a part of this accounting. Your donation was for a new trap and it will be used for that purpose. Your donation went directly to Meows & BowWows paypal account and it is still there. I ordered a new trap last week. Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful. The other trap was hardly used and wouldn’t you know it, I have another dog that may need trapped.

  3. Jane looks great!

    A huge thanks to Ona and all the folks at Meows and BowWows who continue to help save animals from MAS.

  4. While I did not make a contribution to this particular cause, I would like to say, that as a donor, I appreciate this kind of transparency. A reassurance that donated funds were used for their intended purposes sits well with donors and potential donors. By providing expenses and revenue, it shows that the organization is being financially responsible.

    The reluctance to provide such reassurance is one of the reasons I pulled my monetary support for the local No-Kill organization in my area. While such transparency may not be required by law, I say it goes a long way with donors to provide this information.

  5. I so agree with what some others have posted above about appreciating the fact that you all are showing exactly where the money is going. Transparency is wonderful and so needed with so many scams going on — people are scared their money will not go to actually help the pets that they are trying to help. So nice when things go the way they should!!! Wish it worked like this more often!

  6. it’s terribly satisfying to see this breakdown – how each line item relates to a specific animal being helped. i’m surprised at how the expenses break down – medication is certainly a big ticket item, while surgeries are so obviously heavily discounted ($120 for a spay AND tooth extraction? does that even cover the basic supplies!?)…not to mention all the work people like ona are doing w/o compensation, or the supplies like gasoline/transportation that are donated outright. thank you.

    but seriously, some of the fund should replace remotes gone to heaven…perhaps with a single, universal remote and a velcro mount super high up on the wall?

  7. Remotes also have that “CRUNCH” when bitten into, just like a bone.

    Certain damages & the cage should be refunded, with all the help that came along with the accounting AND the kids (dogs/cats). Good trusty accounting practices will go a long way with donations from past and future contributors.

    A big THANK YOU for EVERYTHING done that has saved so many lives, and God bless the lives that couldn’t be saved.

  8. Just to join the chorus – good job with the transparency, Shirley. It sets a fine example for others to follow. It also raises the bar so our expectations go up a bit more, too. ♥

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