Mental Health Break: Video

Here is a link to a couple of coelacanth videos.  I find them mesmerizing to watch – excellent for de-stressing:

ARKive video - Coelacanth in deep submarine canyon

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  1. mikken

     /  November 29, 2011

    Life with coelacanths seems very…slow and uncomplicated. Good for them. Someone should live a slow and uncomplicated life.

  2. Anne

     /  November 29, 2011

    they’re just so extremely fascinating (and a little creepy). I think reading about them for the first time waaaaaay back when i was in elementary or jr high was what really sparked my interest in all things cryptid

    • aw, thanks for posting. It’s like when a dog sees snow for the first time – only magnified. I love the one who puts one foot out tentatively and then, despite being obviously scared, just goes for it!



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