The Terrorists Win

Remember when ASPCA published documents calling no kill advocates “extremists” and specifically named the group in Austin as one of the threats to the status quo of the catch and kill shelter model, even going so far as to reportedly refer to them as “a terrorist organization” at the SAWA conference?  Good times.  But that was then.  Well ok, it was just a few weeks ago.  But this is now!

Facebook posting from the ASPCA on November 30, 2011.

The ASPCA has officially supplied money – $100k – to a terrorist organization.

If you see something, say something.

14 thoughts on “The Terrorists Win

  1. but i don’t think it was because they WANTED to, it was because they were required to since APA won the shelter challenge. At least they got the money they deserve!

  2. Way to go APA! Maybe this was a good learning experience for ASPCA. They got to see how much the community supported APA, and all the good that APA was doing, so that’s possible. I would like to think that another positive could come out of.

  3. As i heard once in a James Bond movie (how embarrassing……) “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” It all depends upon which side of the chain-link fence you are on. As a volunteer at Austin Pets Alive!, i think we need more ‘terrorist’ groups that spend their time saving lives.

  4. Yeah Austin Pets Alive!

    Recently I read an interview with Jane Goodall (shares her Words of Wisdom).

    Interviewer: Now that you’re over 50, what’s the one rule you feel you can break with impunity?

    Jane Goodall: If you passionately believe in something and you understand it, then those silly “shoulds” or “should-nots” must be ignored. I’ve always been told that rules are there to break. The important thing is respect — you have to respect other people, and if you’re going to break a rule then do it in a respectable way.

    In my mind, she is a master and great teacher – and I’m still working on this approach……

  5. Hahaha solid post!!!! Stay strong APA, there is much more money to be made from your fellow “terrorists,” and even moreso, your “terrorists-to-be”

  6. I have to get in touch with someone about a terrible shelter . How do I get ahold of you, and show you what info i have? this is unbelievable. Please someone help me. This is urgent.

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