Investigation Update: McCracken Co Humane Society

You may recall the euthanasia technician who was charged in connection with violating KY law with regard to sedation before heartsticking at the McCracken Co HS.  Now a second employee at the pound has been charged.

Dalena Hall was served by sheriff’s deputies with a criminal summons last night charging her with “ten counts of violating a Kentucky state law requiring those who perform euthanasia to be certified by the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners as a Certified Animal Euthanasia Specialist”.  She was also charged with falsifying the kill records at the pound.  No additional details are provided but I will be interested to learn how she was falsifying the records.

I hope the ongoing investigation roots out every last person who was involved in this evil pet killing scheme at McCracken Co and throws the book at the lot of them.  It’s worth remembering that these charges were made possible because one person stepped up and did the right thing.

10 thoughts on “Investigation Update: McCracken Co Humane Society

  1. Does anyone know what happened to the drugs or funds allocated to sedate these poor helpless animals before this barbaric and painful method of euthanization was used….this was one last opportunity to show them a bit of kindness in an unkind world…

  2. The following statement was posted on the Occupy McCracken County “Humane” Society’s FB page:

    “At the Fiscal Court meeting on Monday, it was disclosed that the line item on their taxes showed that they spent $150 on meds the entire year of 2010. That doesn’t sound like 8000 worth.”

  3. Someone needs to investigate the finances. I hope there is an audit done! That is a lot of money missing that was suppose to be spent on meds.

  4. These animals (Apparently 8000 of them) were killed with only the heart stick—no anesthesia. They never had any vet care at this shelter nor any medications. How much would the medication for the heartstick cost? This shelter turned volunteers away. It had no connection with the Humane Society of the United States. This was a privately run and privately operated shelter. Private citizens have been fighting this situation for a long time. These animals were not photographed nor put on pet finder or any other web site to promote adoption. I am ashamed to live in this county but at long last it seems that this house of horrors will go away and we can have a HUMANE animal shelter. Pray for us and the innocent animals!

  5. Just goes to show you what kind of an impact ONE BRAVE person can have in saving innocent lives. Thank You for taking the steps to bring this place and these people to justice and for caring enough for the animals to make a difference!!!

  6. I am as outraged as the next person about the inhumane euthansia; however, I want the law enforcement to go after the right people!! I’m sick of the witch hunt against Delana! I’ve known her for many years and she has always been totally professional and very forthcoming about any animal I was considering adopting.

    When my elderly dog needed to be put to sleep (I had adopted him from MHS years before) Delana explained the entire procedure to me and cried along with me because my dog “See-More” had always been special to the shelter staff.

    I cannot see Delana doing anything illegal or in humane to these animals. I have seen her taking care of animals there and concentrating on trying to make a sick dog well. I’ve seen her personally deny a person an adoption who she felt would not be good with the dog that person wanted to take home. (so the accusations of Delana arbitrarily giving animals away to anyone who walks in the door is absolutly false! I see this on another comment page.)

    So, please! Charge the right people!! But leave Delana alone….STOP THE WITCH HUNT!!!

    1. Victoria, If the allegations that she was killing pets without being state certified to do so and falsifying kill records are true, she violated the law. She is being held accountable for her actions. Whether she was liked by you or anyone else is not the issue. Like the rest us, she is obligated to follow the law.

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