Beagle Run: On the Road

Surrey in transport yesterday, after having a sip of the driver's fancy coffee drink.

Thank yous all around to former foster owner Lori in TN for delivering Surrey to reader Leslie who drove her to an anonymous reader in MS. Surrey will have a layover of several days before she gets back on the road for her trip to SC. Watch this space.

10 thoughts on “Beagle Run: On the Road

  1. Surrey is a perfect name! She is absolutely lovely. Thank you everyone who is helping with transport. She’s one blessed little beagle.

    1. No she came from the Tipton Co shelter where volunteers networked her and arranged foster care after I offered to adopt. Villy from Meows and BowWows helped out A LOT.

  2. She’s a beauty – congratulations to her new family and THANK YOU for adopting her from Tennessee!

  3. What a gorgeous Beagle-she looks to be on the smaller side and Hounds have a thing for coffee! I had to move my cup higher just this morning as one of my Basenjis wanted a drink.

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