8 thoughts on “How Patient Are You?

  1. I am NOT that patient…I wonder how many candy sprinkles it took?
    My bassets would have eaten the sprinkles before I even got started.

    1. At a work Xmas party one year, I received a homemade Xmas tree decorated with bowtie pasta and other crafty bits. We set it up in the living room. Sophie (an elderly rescue Flatcoat we adopted, now gone) walked right up and began eating the uncooked, spray-painted bowtie pasta off the tree.

  2. I love the Beagle’s one open eye saying “ok, I’m being patient already – get er done.” Can’t imagine doing the sprinkles project but what a great photo to candify.

  3. How creative! Lots of patience and dedication. Fingers must have good grip too. No way could I ever have done this, but I certainly enjoy seeing talent at work.

  4. Hi,

    I was searching the internet to see where i can volunteer while I have a month break from college. I came upon the Germantown Tn animal shelter website and it stated in bold words that this is quote “KILL SHELTER but try to keep the animals until they are picked up by their owner or adopted unless we get full or the animal is seriously injured, very sick, or aggressive.” WOW this is the first I’ve seen. This scares me to even volunteer here because I am afraid that I might have to put down an animal or see someone do it. This is crazy that they will kill animal if the place gets full.

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