Treats on the Internets

If you are organized enough to have provided explicit legal instructions for the care of your pets after your death, you are way ahead of me.  In the case of one MN pet owner, it still wasn’t enough to save her cat’s life.

Forbes published 15 Key Insights from 2011 and #8 calls Nathan Winograd an “important intellectual” (ooh – uppity!) and talks about the real work of the ASPCA and PETA.

Humane Watch has published an analysis of HSUS TV ads which mislead the public.

Pets Alive tackles two issues:  rescues who get in over their heads and who fail to use their heads when screening applicants

Feeling handy?  A DIY kitteh bed using garage junk.

You know how sometimes other animals use your cat door?  Sometimes they like the place so much, they fall asleep on your couch.

Last call for alcohol – If you have already submitted a photo for the Xmas post, it will be included (contact me if you don’t see yours because that would mean it got et by the aether).  If you still plan to send in a shot, please do so by December 20th.

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I notice that HSUS continues to attack the Humane Watch people instead of addressing the issues that HW brings up, I hope the public notices what they are doing and dries up the $$$ sent to them.

  2. I posted on ASPCA’s facebook group regarding the Forbes article. Will be interesting to see if they delete it or actually respond…

  3. “Do-it-yourself Cat Four-Poster Bed” – so cute and if you make an extra one you could donate it to your local animal shelter to raffle off for fundraising.

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