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The Great Meddlers of 2011 – The No Kill Advocacy Center honors 5 inspirational pet advocates for their work in helping us become a no kill nation.

The Memphis Flyer picks up the story on the miserable excuse for dog “beds” at MAS.

Dozens of people have applied for the position of director at MAS since the post was vacated in late summer but the city intends to leave the pound to flounder without leadership for at least another couple of months.

In the UK, the RSPCA is launching a campaign called “Bred For Looks, Born To Suffer” in an effort to educate consumers that purebred dogs are not necessarily healthy and sound, simply because they are purebred.

Wayne Pacelle brags to the AP that he is “happy to say that our budget has grown substantially” during the time HSUS has been targeted by Humane Watch for giving such a tiny portion of their millions to animal shelters.

A shelter in Henderson Co, KY has issued a plea to the public for help after they received a dozen Pitbulls from a cruelty case.  They need financial donations, volunteers to walk and socialize dogs, people to help organize adoption events, and supplies.  According to the shelter’s website, as of December 1, the group has killed 41% of the pets in its care for 2011.

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  1. I liked your link to the “Bred for Looks, Born to Suffer.” Have you seen the Pedigree Dogs Exposed Documentary? Very eye opening!

  2. Once again, YesBiscuit! has provided us with excellent sources of information of the things those of us here are most interested in. Good stuff. Too much to comment on, but ALL very good stuff.

    Thanks, Shirley!

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