Kapone – Home for Christmas

As many of you have already shared, Kapone has been found alive in Mississippi.  He has been reunited with his family.  A tip to Crimestoppers led police to the home where Kapone was found.  The people at the home have not been arrested.  I will update this post as details develop (please hit refresh to view updates).

Update #1 from My Fox Memphis (thanks Clarice):

Kapone, a dog that’s been missing for nearly 6 months, has been found in a backyard in Senatobia, Mississippi, where he was likely being used for breeding purposes.


An $8,000 reward was offered for information leading to Kapone’s rescue. The unidentified tipster that alerted authorities to his whereabouts turned down that reward.

Update #2 – The Commercial Appeal story has been updated to include some additional photos (include one of Cindy Sanders with Kapone!).  It says the tip was called in anonymously.  And:

[Owner Darrell] Shoup said he can’t reclaim Kapone until the homeowners on Peachtree Drive, where Kapone was found, come to the station and give a statement.

Update #3WREG has a video clip up. Kapone was the lead story at the 5 o’clock newscast! In the report, it says police received the tip, went to the home, and Kapone answered to his name! Hearing that just made me smile.

Update #4 – WMC-TV also put Kapone at the top of its broadcast.  Video here.  That report indicates there were Pitbull pups in the yard with Kapone at the time police arrived.

Update #5ABC 24 has a video up as well and that clip has footage of Kapone!

Update for December 21, 2011:

Update #6Video of Kapone’s arrival home, being reunited with Brooke.  The article indicates the people at the home where Kapone was found say he was a stray who wandered into their yard.  I hope police will be investigating that claim.

Updates for December 22, 2011:

Update #7 – WMC-TV:

Three months ago, [animal advocate Beverly] King heard vague tips about Kapone’s whereabouts from sources in Mississippi.

“I had heard that he was being passed around to breed,” said King.

Update #8 – The Commercial Appeal says Kapone has been checked out by a vet.  He’s heartworm positive, has some lung congestion and an enlarged heart but otherwise good.

Update #9 – Kapone was an in-studio guest on a MyFoxMemphis newscast and Beverly King said they are negotiating with the tipster about giving him/her at least some of the reward money.

Update #10Police in Senatobia, MS (where Kapone was found) say they are still trying to get the full story from the man who had him.  So far they’ve heard Kapone was a stray and that he was a gift.

54 thoughts on “Kapone – Home for Christmas

  1. AWESOME news!!! So happy for the family. I hope Ms Demented Hogan is squirming now. Can’t wait to hear the details. George the cat missing since Sept from Edmonton airport was also found. Today is a really good day.

  2. what a way to “make my day” and everyone else.. CAPONE ALIVE!!!!!!!!! what a great Christmas present.. if only it could be so for the rest of the poor dogs at MAS

  3. oh…my…god…
    i can’t believe i’m reading this- what an amazing christmas for Kapone and his family.
    My neighbor’s cat (who has been missing for 1.5 weeks) made it home last night as well
    what an amazing week for lost pets. i feel so very happy at this news

  4. Keeping in mind that details reported when a story is breaking sometimes don’t pan out, I hope it’s true the tipster turned down the reward money. It makes me feel like maybe it was just someone who wanted to do the right thing. I know there could be other, less noble explanations too but I’d like to hope.

  5. love the updates.. turned down the money!!!! Let’s hope they give it to some place worthy.. and.. used for “breeding”.. he is 11 for petes sake.. but then you never know..I am sooooooo happy he is home.. a great story but for those of us with bull breeds it is especially sweet..

  6. Some good news for a change. Thank God! I’m so glad he’s okay and back with his family. Thank you for sharing that!

  7. I am so happy to read this, and proud of Kapone’s family and supporters for not giving up hope. Thank you for the updates, Shirley. I appreciate how you try to collect all the information in one place.

  8. Wow. This is seriously amazing. My favorite part . . . the little boy exclaiming, “He peed in the van!” I’m thinking Kapone can do anything he wants!

    1. Where did you see the story where the little boy said that? I have watched the video on New channel 5 & 3 online but didnt see that. thanks so much

  9. awesome awesome christmas presen t- just saying though – i would be concerned about the poor guy being in another animal shelter!

  10. I am sooooooo glad that Kapone has been found & I just talked to my friend that is currently at the Shoup’s house and kapone is on his way home!!!!!!! I know his mommy is so ready for her baby to be home, I wish I was there to welcome him with them…

  11. Happy and surprised that he has been found alive. This is the kind of news I love to hear anytime, and especially during this time of Good Will.

  12. Just opened my emails today and discovered this, what fantastic news! I’m also assuming that theft has a harsher penalty than an animal cruelty misdemeanour charge? Kapone home for Christmas plus a more serious penalty for Hogan would be a great Christmas pressie. Selkie, I agree with you about sticking him in another shelter, hopefully the media attention will be enough to deter any of the sadistic bastards out there in animal welfare from killing him while he’s in their care.

    And Anne, I’m so happy to hear your neighbour’s cat has made it home safe. Way too many don’t. That’s a Christmas miracle worth celebrating :)

  13. Kapone is home with his family, the Shoups. He was released from the Senatobia Shelter (quite a lovely, caring place).
    The tipster did turn down the reward.
    Kapone, is a little thin but in very good spirits.
    I don’t cry easily, but when I saw him bound into the Shoup van and greet the children, I welled up.
    This is a very good outcome for Kapone.

    1. I think this is something that we all needed to see. Kapone coming home tells us that we can’t ever give up. I never thought this would happen but I am so glad that I was wrong. I surely do wish we could find little Yogi, too His family won’t give up either. I know it’s so hard for them. Great work, Cindy and Bev.

  14. Great Christmas for all animal lovers….Thankyou TIPSTER!!!! Thanks to all that have worked so hard and so long to find Kapone….now maybe the WHOLE story can be told! If the whole story is told maybe the unfortunate animals that are still in the care of MAS will stand a chance for life,treated with dignity & compassion. Maybe Kapone’s story will serve as the impetus to have a shelter that Memphis can be proud of!

    1. This is the most wonderful news !! Please continue to pray and cry out for the animals at MAS. The only thing that will bring about change there is to get the people in there OUT! They don’t see anything wrong with killing 3 out of every 4 animals – it’s just another day for them. So very, very sad!

  15. This is his Twitter page that I started when he went missing, thanks to my friend Mrs Shoup I was able to post pics from Kapone’s 1st night at home with his family! Feel free to look at the pics =) You can even see Kapone smiling in a few of them


    1. Thank you so much for sharing the link to the pictures. He is definitely a lot skinnier, but I’m sure that will be cured in no time! I wish them all a very Merry Christmas.

  16. This story brought tears to my eyes. Everyone’s hard work has paid off. I am so happy for Kapone and his family. What a great Christmas present!!!

  17. So wonderful!! Has made my Christmas! Thanks to all the hard work and persistence of devoted animal lovers who never gave up hope!
    Am looking forward to all those involved in this dog’s disappearance being found and prosecuted. MAS is an abomination.

  18. Shirley… as I re-call. When Kapone was picked up by animal control, there was two dogs. I remember they got one dog back,, wonder why there isn’t any photos of the other dog. I have posted an album on FB of the photos posted by the family.

      1. Oh no… I missed that one… so this reunion is even more important. I’m so glad he’s home. Now I’m hoping they find the dog in Sanford, NC that an idiot foster left alone in a back yard. The dog was a surrender with her BBF. The other dog got adopted, Princess was on the “to be murdered List”.. she got pulled was on her way to rescue, but had to be in foster waiting for transport.. the dog has been missing since last Thursday.. Everyone involved is so upset. Yet the flake of a foster has not lifted one finger to help find the dog… Makes me so mad!

  19. After I had given up on Christmas the other day, this just rocks my world. I never doubted that Kapone was still alive, ever. I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out where!

    I am so sorry to hear that Jersey crossed the Bridge. But I am sure that Kapone and the fam are doing XMas big this year!!!

    Now if I could just wish happy xmas to Demented Hogan in my own special way…

  20. Does anyone else know what happen to the other dogs that were in the yard when Kapone was found?? If thats them in the videos, they have no adequate shelter for the winter even.

    1. Hopefully those who entered that yard to seize Kapone have alerted the police and the Senatobia Shelter to this failure to provide appropriate shelter. Those poor dogs looked miserable.

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Can you point me towards where I can look up the names of those people? I would like track whether they are being charged for this.

      1. Mississippi does not offer this service. You will have to see it on the news.
        It is doubtful they would be charged. The laws are different there.

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