Score Another One for Team Complainers

Many of us were upset when we heard about a kill tech at a Los Angeles shelter who was fired for abusing pets but would not face criminal charges.  Due to public outcry over the situation, that may change:

[Shelter director] Brenda Barnette told The Times earlier this week that she had not considered a criminal referral for Manuel Boado, 64.


After angry responses from the public over the case, Barnette said in an email that she would forward information on the case to the L.A. County district attorney’s office.

Good.  I hope the D.A. takes the matter seriously, conducts a thorough investigation and pursues charges if warranted.  Seeing as Mr. Boado is not denying the allegations of cruelty which got him fired, I would think the case shouldn’t be too burdensome in the evidence department.

(Thank you to reader Robin for alerting me to this case update.)


3 thoughts on “Score Another One for Team Complainers

  1. in order to end animal abuse and cruelty to animals, these pound staff have to learn a lesson. Regardless he should not of been allowed to euthanise animals because he had no training. So that is the fault of the pound manager. But he still did it. And he should be punished. The whole system where these poor sad animals end up in these places has to alter dramatically. They do not deserve further unkindness at the end of their days. If the justice system cannot do the right thing and prosecute these offenders then what message does it send out to others.

  2. Shouldn’t everyone at the shelter that knew about what this man was doing and did not take action to stop him also be facing charges and lose their job?

  3. There is a petition asking the District Attorney to prosecute this – if you want to sign it, go to:
    Yes, everyone who was aware of this should also be prosecuted, and we want the GM of Animal Control in LA to speak up about what is being done to ensure that other cruelty is not being committed in city Animal Control facilities on tax dollars. We doubt this is an isolated case!

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