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With the removal of the webcams at the pound, the city of Memphis can now control the images coming from its pet killing facility.  It would only be logical to assume they are going to limit those images to what they want the public to see – since showing everything live as it happened didn’t work out too well for them in the past.  Here are a couple of the images, sent out by MAS in e-mail adoption pleas, that the city wants the public to see.  (Note:  The captions are the information MAS provided about the dogs.)

235803 – Stray, F, 7 months, tricolor, Rottweiler mix, in 12/21/11 out 12/28/11, rescue adoption fee, currently in Intake 15
235037 – Owner Surrender, “Snoop”, M, 3yrs., black/brown, Doberman pinscher, in on 11/29/11, recently released court dog, currently in HHold 17

In the first photo, the dog (which does not look like a Rottie to me but whatever) looks frightened and appears to be sitting on urine soaked papers and to have feces smeared on the cage wall.  This is the image the city wants you to see.

The second shot appears to show a dog who has walked through feces and tracked it all over the kennel.  There appears to be feces on the kennel deck which, after the feces has been removed, will require someone to get down on his hands and knees with disinfectant and a pile of cotton swabs in order to properly sanitize all the holes in that thing.  Has anyone observed the kennel decks being sanitized in this way?  Because anything less is just going to spread disease.

If these are the filtered images the city wants the public to see of how pets are being cared for at MAS, what’s going on behind closed doors where photography is not allowed?  What images would the webcams show us if they were turned back on today?  Obviously the city is not prepared to face the prospect of transparency and these photos may offer some insight as to the reason for that.

5 thoughts on “MAS Approved Images

  1. That allegeld “kennel” is waaaay too small for a full size Dobie, and for full-size Dobie shiite. MAS fails as always. AC Wharton fails, as always. Hooks fails, as always. And the poor animals lose. What’s next? Wait, do I REALLY want to know?????

  2. I am amazed at how far the Hooks and Wharton’s heads are up their asses. This place has been such a problem for so damn long and they don’t even try to fix it. Of course, their few brain cells are deprived of oxygen, …..

  3. Clearly they don’t see what normal people see. It comes from working in an environment where this is acceptable treatment of animals. It comes from ignorance and cruelty and apathy.

    These people all should get different jobs just to help them regain their souls.

  4. Joy of joys! Just what I wanted for Christmas! A terrified dog covered in fecal matter!

    But the real question is: Do they have any photos of dogs covered in vomit? That’s my dream come true right there. I would drive the more than four hours to Memphis just to get a dog like that. Who wouldn’t?

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