The Spirit of the Season

In addition to Kapone’s return to his family, a couple of other stolen dogs have been returned to their homes this week.

A seizure alert dog named Bella was returned to the epileptic infant she helps in San Diego.  Police are investigating the possibility that an ex-girlfriend of the baby’s father stole Bella out of spite.  The tipster who called in Bella’s whereabouts refused the reward.

A Pitbull was stolen from a MA dog pound nearly two months ago.  His owners live in CT.  This week, he was returned to an ACO at the pound by two women requesting anonymity who said they wanted the dog to be home with his family for Christmas.  They refused the reward.  Look at the Lexus sized bow the pound put on this dog for the reunion!

(Thank you Arlene for sending me these stories.)

Have you seen any other stories about people doing the right thing for pets this week?

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Season

  1. Thank you for sharing these happy endings. It’s so nice to hear these dogs will be home with their families for the holidays and forever.

  2. Well, I had just about had it with all the Xmas’y stuff, but these stories have revived me. THanks all! So, A Merry Christmas and God bless us every one! (Especially the furred feathered and scaled!!)

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