Emaciated Dog at Lancaster, CA Pound

A video posted on YouTube appears to show an emaciated dog at the Lancaster, CA pound with a cage card featuring an intake photo of the dog looking very thin, but not emaciated.  From the language on the cage card – “My friends here haven’t had a chance to get to know me yet” – it sounds as if the dog has been locked away from the public.  The card indicates the dog was picked up as a stray on 12/23/11 and will be available on 12/30/11.  I’m concerned that by 12/30/11, there might not be much of a dog left for an owner to reclaim or an adopter to take home.  Does anyone know any of this dog’s “friends” at the Lancaster pound?  Are they doing everything they can for this poor dog?  Is the place even open?

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    1. I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the breed ID on his listing on-line changed from pit mix (as I saw it this morning) to great dane (just now). Then again … perhaps it’s someone caring for him at the shelter?

  1. This dog has gone rapidly downhill in a very short time – what is the shelter’s explanation of his condition?

  2. This is absolutely disgusting! That a thin dog should end up looking like no one has fed him since he was taken into custody. There is no excuse good enough to explain this dog’s condition!

    It reminds me of a picture of a little dog at MAS that was the beginning of an investigation resulting in the animal cruelty charges of three employees there. Fix this immediately!

  3. This is terrible, do they only hire morons to work at these places. This dog should receive vet care immediately.

  4. I emailed the shelter and received this reply in less than an hour. I’ve updated the YouTube page and the Facebook page for Friends of Lancaster Animal Shelter to reflect this information.

    “Thank you for contacting us about this dog. I would like to start by saying that from the first day the dog got into our care, he was under proper medical care and especial feeding was ordered by our medical staff to ensure the dog would gain weight. This morning, our vet. Recommended the dog to be taken to a private veterinarian for further analysis since he lost his appetite and he wasn’t eating like when he came in.

    One of our rescue partners came through for the dog and the dog was placed under foster care with them. The dog was taken immediately to a private veterinarian and we are hoping he will be improving soon enough.

    I do appreciate that you took the time to inquire with us and didn’t believe everything it’s posted on facebook. Any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or by calling 661-974-8358.

    Best regards,

    Raul Rodriguez
    County of Los Angeles
    Department of Animal Care and Control
    Lancaster Shelter”

  5. I fear there may be a serious medical issue (like ingested foreign body), but at least it sounds like they are on top of it and getting him help. Kudos to the shelter for mobilizing on his behalf.

  6. My knee jerk reaction to this was that the dog did have an owner, and was simply pining in a strange and stressful environment. Some dogs do, which seems to be simply discounted these days if it is suggested at all.

    Perhaps he will do better in a foster situation, but I hope they are still looking for his owner.

  7. Wow, I dont know how they dont think that is emaciation. Glad to hear that the dog is getting help though…hopefully he will recover quickly.

  8. I live near that shelter, and will call Raul in the morning to see if I can see or adopt the dog. Let us all keep a good thought and say a little prayer for his recovery…

  9. I live 1/2 hour from that shelter, and was very interested in this dog. I called them, and they were closed the Monday after New Years…(see my comments on Facebook). On Tuesday when my daughter and I called, she got to speak to Mr. Raul Rodriguez himself (the letter writer). He confirmed that the dog had died in its sleep over the holiday. He said it developed diabetes, and its liver damage was so severe that it was basically beyond help. So, that is the end of the story on that poor dog. Thank you for calling this to my attention, I will be on the lookout for instances of abuse at that particular shelter.

    1. Julia,

      Are you still located near the shelter?

      Are any of you?

      My team is currently working very aggressively trying to save a dog whose time is up, and are looking for a puller.

      Can you help?

      Warm Regards

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