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  1. Sloth bear.

    A very weird animal. They eat almost nothing but termites, and they carry their young on their backs.

    The evolved from the brown bear lineage. Brown bears are generalist omnivores, but two offshoots of the family are specialized, polar bears and sloth bears.

    Both polar and sloth bears relatively young species.

  2. I also thought sun bear as soon as I saw it, but retrieverman sounds like he knows more than I do (me sad at that) :)


    This is a sloth bear, aka a honey bear. The sloth bear is found in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. Like so many animals, their biggest threat is from humans:

    In India, bears are poached for their gall bladders and other parts which are prized in traditional Chinese medicine; it is estimated that parts from up to 1,500 bears a year were sold in Japan in the late 1970s. Sloth bears were the original ‘dancing bears’ and are were also used in bear baiting; the capture of live bears continues to this day.

    Some of you guessed sun bear (which, rather confusingly is aka as a honey bear). Here’s the Wiki on the sun bear.

  4. Ah, yes, shorter fur, I’ll remember the next time! Thanks for this feature, Shirley. It’s nice to have something fun to read (although I depend on you for all the ‘outing’ of shelter failures and appreciate the work that you do.)

  5. Hey! I knew one…sloth bear, my first guess. (The first real payoff for playing My Zoo on Facebook…they are endangered, and I’ve virtually bred several of these, and myriad other strange creatures!)
    Minus 40 here. Feeding twice a day, and Fleckerl is wearing a coat 24/7. A couple of the older more fragile dogs are living in the house or garage. BRRRRR. (And the fact that I’m reading and posting here instead of outside doing chores makes me a SLOTH BRRRRRRRR!)

  6. just FYI – international animal rescue has done leaps and bounds almost eradicating the practice of dancing bears :)

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