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Submitted by reader Joel who writes:

Cece was at the Berkeley Animal Care Services for about six months. This long stay actually did her quite a bit of good. When she arrived at the shelter she had clearly been bred, and she was untrained and unsocialized. Her time at the shelter gave her a chance to learn basic commands, attend training classes, and improve her behavior around other dogs.

Cece has a misaligned kneecap which will require surgery to fix, and she did not do well on the concrete floors at the shelter. She is now with a rescue organization, and volunteers have raised the money for the surgery. However, she needs a foster or adopter before the surgery can take place, because her current situation is not ideal for her recuperation. She will be on pain medication as she recovers, will be restricted to short walks at first, and needs a home that can make sure to give her the attention she needs as she recovers.

Cece is about five years old. She would prefer to be the only dog in a house, but she would be OK with a well-matched mate (though she doesn’t do well with smaller dogs). Her energy level is average at best – she does not require a great deal of exercise. She currently lives in Vallejo, CA about a half hour north of San Francisco.  Facebook page here.

If you can give Cece the care she needs to get her knee surgery, please contact Joel:

5 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. I tweeted and Facebooked (do the same please): Shelter Dog of the Day in Vallejo, CA – Please SHARE her & help her find a home! Adopt/Foster

    By the way, consider posting her on Pet Pardons App on Facebook so she will be seen by many more people.

    1. Here is a link that will take you directly to the submit a pet form on the Pet Pardons app:

      You will have to allow the app to access some personal information, just like all the apps on facebook. But in the case of Pet Pardons it uses your location to showcase the pets listed on the app that are closest to you. I’ve been using it to list dogs for local shelters with tremendous success. Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill are the co-founders of Pet Pardons and I can attest they are the real deal. I find the app easy to use as well as it organizes the information in a format that is better to read and understand than the crazy animal rescue postings that circulate facebook. If you have any questions or need help feel free to ask me.

      In fact, let me know when you have Cece listed on the Pet Pardons app and I will message one of the admins to ask them to feature Cece on the Pet Pardons community fan page which has a following of over 398,000 people.

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