Shelter Pet of the Day

Dana is dog #A0920053 at the Manhattan shelter in NYC.

Dana was submitted by reader Jeanne.  According to the FB posting for Dana, she was brought into NYCACC as an injured stray.  She’s had surgery on her jaw and is now ready for a loving home.  She has several mammary lumps which will need veterinary diagnosis.  Dana is described as an active, friendly dog who is in great shape.  Her ID number is A0920053.

AC&C — Manhattan Animal Care Center
326 East 110th Street
New York, NY 10029


The most recent stats online for NYCACC are for November 2011.  That month the kill rate was 30% for dogs and cats, in addition to an unknown number of owner requested euthanasias (which NYCACC does not report).

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