13 thoughts on “Brave Boxer

  1. I loved this video when I first saw it and I think the black cow on the right was ready to play! The cows sure were interested in him.

    1. The black one wasn’t being playful. The side-on posture to the photographer, rapid head movements, hard stare & loud snuffs are all signs of wariness and discomfort – mostly with the photographer, not the dog, but the dog behaved very sensibly in dropping down.

      The cows who were playful in the video were the others, especially the grey – she was licking the boxer right on his face, it looked like. Which is what a friendly cow does, they’re very mouthy when they like you.

      1. Cow slobber is in a class all by itself, too. Think like bloodhounds in multiple, only with plant bits in.

  2. What a wonderful, smart dog! And the cows were showing some interesting behavior and personalities that most people wouldn’t think cows could. That was cool. Oh, and what a brilliant owner to not freak out, but just let the dog and cows meet each other!

  3. I still wish I had a video camera when my golden retriever and I came across a herd of young cows in a pasture where we were walking. The interaction between the cows and my dog were priceless. They ended up playing a game of “chase me” for quite a while. The cows were all so curious of this little animal and my dog was quite enamoured with the cows. We went back about once a week to let them play. One time the owner of the cows came out and saw them interacting and he told me that cows are pretty smart creatures and can be taught a variety of “tricks”. Pretty amazing!!

    1. Is there a danger, like with horses, of getting kicked by a cow? I guess that would be my main concern for letting a dog “play” with a herd of cows (outside of getting laid on or heaven forbid: STAMPEDE!).

  4. Yes, cow kicks are pretty impressive but usually they are higher than this dog was. What a smart dog with a smart owner who stayed calm and let him interact with the cows – loved it when the grey cow smelled him up and he did nothing!
    Blackout tomorrow!

  5. I wasn’t that afraid of what the cows might do to our golden – they were pretty young and the dog was not being aggressive in any sense of the word – that being said – I can imagine a kick to the head would be pretty bad. Maybe this group of cows was more docile than most!

  6. I like the confidence of the dog, and it’s a good thing he laid down. I was watching that black one and waiting for everything to go horribly wrong. If the dog had sent out different signals it could have been flattened.

    Cows are funny. Some of ’em are docile as you please, and some are just bullies. A lot of them don’t like dogs, so please be careful, everyone reading this.

    Apparently the thing to do is keep the dog on-leash, and if the cows attack, drop it. The dog will run, they’ll usually chase him and leave you alone, and the dog stands a better chance than you of getting away. Of course a lot of dogs will run straight back to you…


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