Updated: Smooth Sailing Aboard the MAS Fail Ship

The Commercial Appeal headline reads:

Memphis gets no offers on requests for privatizing city animal shelter

Translation:  No one wants to hold your stinky socks for you while you go dip your toes in the pool, Memphis.

The city’s request for privatization was a sham.  As advocate Beverly King points out, there wasn’t sufficient time for anyone to respond:

[The request for proposals] was posted on Dec. 19 and the mandatory meeting was less than a month later. The proposal was due Feb. 10.


“How can someone put something together in three weeks?” [King said.]

Even if someone could have produced a bid in the limited time available, who would want to after hearing that the group would be required to follow the city’s current flaming-bag-of-poo policies?  The city can’t (or won’t) pull this thing out the ditch under these failed policies, so what good would privatizing the stinkbomb do other than serve as a convenient scapegoat for the city?  Er – maybe that was the whole point, I don’t know.

The fact remains that success is available to Memphis today, just like it was yesterday and last year.  Memphis could put a match to its abominable history of failure and start over with the programs of the No Kill Equation.  TODAY.

At any rate, as was perhaps the plan all along, the city pols can now shrug and say “We tried” whenever someone calls for privatization of MAS.  And they can go back to killing pets, silencing volunteers and making a mockery of the words “animal services”.

Speaking of which, the fact that MAS is only open one weekend day is a travesty, as I’ve said before, as weekends are prime adoption days.  But this weekend, the city kicks it up a notch (TravestyPlus!) by locking its doors all weekend.  It’s for “mandatory employee training”.  Training in what, we don’t know.  I am loathe to guess.

UPDATE:  Sources in Memphis say the training being held on Saturday is for “euthanasia”, with Sunday – all day – being designated as a “practical” day for the training.  In other words, MAS can’t adopt out any pets this weekend, or help reunite lost pets with their owners, because they are dedicating the weekend to KILLING.  Gee, I wonder why nobody applied to take over this pet slaughterhouse?

If anyone would like to speak for the pets who won’t be adopted this weekend but who will be killed in a practical for a killing course, please call Memphis Mayor AC Wharton at (901) 576-6000.


11 thoughts on “Updated: Smooth Sailing Aboard the MAS Fail Ship

  1. My God…….what more can go wrong? What is the next step to clean up such a horror story……never, never ending! What a statement about the city of Memphis…..the best zoo in the country (privatized) and the worst animal “services” imaginable!

  2. And yes, that’s a photo of a Dachshund on a chokepole. Because … you know… Doxies are dangerous and hard for a full grown man to control.

    I should also point out – still no shelter director. Memphis continues to flail in the mud and call it “the best we can do”.

    1. Well see, they had to put the search for a director “on hold” while they waited around to see if any suckers would bite at their privatization bid request. Totes coincidence that it fell on the Xmas/New year’s holiday period. But now that no one wants to be their whipping boy, the search for a director is back on!

      1. I have yet to hear a word….and here I thought it was because I was on this blog verbalizing my contempt – or emailing, calling, etc. to voice concern over ALL the MAS practices! Maybe what I faxed got trashed?!?!?!?

        Besides – I don’t make a good whipping boy. Maybe they “knew” that?

      2. I may just do that mikken….maybe Mayor Wharton will get fed up with everything and be willing to throw caution to the wind. The way I look at it is if they’d at least put someone – ANYONE – in the director position and give them a little rope maybe the “irresponsible” public would stop griping and leave them alone…especially if that someone actually liked animals and, oh I don’t know – tried to find them homes without costing the city a bunch of money in the process.

        I’d move there in a heartbeat and work my butt off to make it happen…maybe not overnight but I’d be more than willing to stop the madness that is MAS!

      1. I think we definitely need to see the shelter stats after this one….and they don’t have a way to explain it away to distemper or some other treatable illness! They just gave themselves a way to do a mass killing with no excuses this time. Maybe MAS feels the need to clean out the shelter a few times a year and start from scratch???? So sad.

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