Memphis Mayor to Announce New Pound Director Within 30 Days

Mayor Wharton made a speech yesterday and mentioned the city pound, which has been without leadership for months:

Wharton said people shouldn’t be surprised that it’s been so hard to find a director, “particularly in light of the bad name Memphis has gotten and relentless attacks folks that come in will have to expect.”

First of all:  The bad name Memphis has earned.

As far as “relentless attacks” – well sure, that’s possible, although I certainly hope not.  I hope the mayor will put someone in charge who is committed to saving pets’ lives using every available means.  If he does, that person can expect relentless support from relentless networkers and relentless donors.  Yeah, we’re annoying like that.  Just give us a chance to show it!

However, if the mayor already has his mind made up about putting someone in place who’ll do the same things MAS has always done, it’s logical for him to expect the same results he’s always gotten.

A proven model of success continues to be available, Memphis – a n y t i m e…

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19 thoughts on “Memphis Mayor to Announce New Pound Director Within 30 Days

  1. Obviously, we don’t know who Mayor Wharton may have in mind, but based on our conversations this week and the other feedback in the Letters, I’d like to nominate Glenn Andrews, as he seems to be the only person with the appropriate attitude I’ve heard of in the past year, at least! Again, if he meant what he said, and if the new Director is ALLOWED to make sweeping changes, he would definitely be a “Butterfly” amidst the “caterpillars”, indeed!

    1. The choice of Glenn Andrews would concern me because while his heart may be in the right place, his animal handling skills are lacking and in desperate need of retraining. Glenn could make a strong second-in-command with the right grooming and training and motivation, but everyone working at MAS right now has allowed (and continues to allow) the horrorshow to go on day after day after day. Therefore, none of them are qualified to be shelter director.

      I really hope that they don’t get another Matt Pepper. But I fear for Memphis, I really do.

      1. I am not saying that Glenn is a bad person, because he is not and I am certain he would like to see improvement at MAS. However, I have also spoken with him for over an hour and I left the conversation feeling very motivated and impressed by him. I thought “finally someone who cares!” Then I realized, this is the man that was going to allow me to adopt a feral dog without informing me before hand. I have several e-mails back and forth with Glenn and at no time in the e-mails or our hour long conversation did he tell me that the dog I was working hard on to help rescue was from a pack of feral dogs. The knowledge that the dog was potentially dangerous was his alone to share and he continued to lead me to believe that it was all fine and dandy to drive down from KY and rescue this dog. So, while he may be impressive on the telephone and probably in person, I caution you that he is not all that he seems.

        Furthermore, he has been a part of MAS for quite a while now and he has had the ability to make changes there however small they may be. I, too, spoke with him about chameleon software, Friends of MAS and transparency. I spoke to him about how to document the wrongdoings of the union workers and potentially terminate them for failure to perform their jobs. I spoke with him about allowing in rescue groups and keeping the shelter open during hours that can accomodate the public. His hands may be tied in many instances, but he is on the front line and I haven’t seen him reaching out to those of us that would help him. His actions and lack thereof lead me to believe that he is a very smooth character and I don’t trust him at all.

  2. Wharton has ALLOWED this to happen, after numerous messaging and emails that man has allowed the vile acts to carry on in MAS!! He should take some of the blame surely. Makes my blood boil and tears fall all those animals that have never had a chance of a new home!! I would take that job in an instance and boy would things change in there.

    1. Heck, I’m not qualified as far as having shelter experience but if I was given free reign to institute reform, I’d sure try. Could any of us possibly do any worse? I think not.

  3. Actually, I’m sending it to him now, with this comment:

    As you consider your choice for director of Memphis Animal Services, I would like to share with you (below) a blog posted today from Shirley Thistlethwaite of YesBiscuit!. I’m sure you are familiar with her writings.

    However, I want to ask you not to miss the point of today’s article. People WILL support MAS if they do the right thing. It isn’t a given that the animal world will criticize and fight against the facility, the workers, or the new director IF the right person is put in place, IF that person wants to change things, IF that person really does what is best for the animals. BUT, if things continue on status quo, then yes, we will continue to fight. But the fight is for the animals…they are what matter in all of this.

    Before you select your director, I implore you to please read the “proven model of success” link. Animals deserve better than what is being provided at MAS. It’s an embarrassment to our state (and I’m life-long Tennessean) and it’s a abomination.

  4. This may not be the best forum to do this, but I am running out of time. I am trying desperately to find a home for a sweet MAS 6 mth old puppy I met last week when I visited the facility for the first time. I called today to see if she was still there & I was told that she could be euthanized any day now. I took video of her & posted it here:

    She stole my heart as she begged for affection when my fingers reached through the bars of her cage. She just leaned into my petting like it was something she craved. After spending time petting her, she cried loudly as I walked away from her cage, which broke my heart. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, so I returned the next day to get the above-posted video.

    I am a professional dog trainer who runs Knick Knack Patty Whack Pet Services. I will give three FREE in-home training lessons to anyone local who adopts this sweet baby. This offer extends to any rescue willing to pull her & to anyone willing to foster her for the rescue. AND I will pay her fee!

    Her ID # is A236520 & as of last Friday, she was in Kennel #ACO-IN12.

    1. If you can find a rescue to pull her I would be willing to foster. However, it would have to be short-term and I live in KY. I am willing to meet transport half-way.

  5. Tammy, I’m looking for a rescue to work with now.
    Karen, thank you very much.

    I posted this same thing on the Friends of Memphis Animal Shelter facebook page. Friends commented by saying that their phones have been ringing off the hook about this dog & the dog is NOT scheduled to be euthanized. They further said they didn’t know where that information came from. I explained that I called MAS this morning & that is what I was told. So, hopefully the lady I spoke with was wrong & the Friends person is right – that dog is not set to be killed. But I’m not relaxing my efforts just in case.

    1. Remember, the person on the phone doesn’t always know what is going on in the back room. (Although I’m pretty sure FOMAS would be *in the know*…) Snark…

    2. They’re very unorganized at MAS and the left hand definitely does not know what the right hand is doing. Please keep up your efforts. I have passed the information along to a few rescue groups!

      1. why does a rescue have to pull her? Why can’t anyone get her out of the he## hole?

  6. I think Dr. Coleman would make a wonderful director. She’s been there forever and is loved by many….

  7. Honestly a monkey could do a better job than how its going over there so the whole ‘doesnt have to have experience’ is a big ‘duh’ to me. Hopefully they will find someone good and soon.

  8. Help Wanted: Director of Memphis Animal Services. Male or female – must have balls enough to fire deadbeat employees and stand up to City administration. Organization, leadership and love of animals REQUIRED! If you are not skilled in these areas, DO NOT APPLY. Must be able to smell bullshit a mile away. Must provide transparency at MAS. Must commit to working towards the 11 steps of No Kill! Must be able to administer agresssive adoption programs and promote an excellent working relationship with local and national rescue groups. Must use every resource available to stop the killing of adoptable animals. In addition to compensation and benefits, you will receive the love, adoration and support of animal advocates worldwide.

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