No Kill Day – Follow Up

Did anyone contact their legislators and/or local shelters about taking the pledge to stop killing pets for at least one day on June 11?  If you did, please share what responses you received, if any.  (Instructions and sample letters are here.)  You can check to see which groups have taken the pledge on the Just One Day website.

I contacted my state and federal reps as well as my local shelter.  I was disappointed to receive only 2 real responses (plus a couple of auto responses).  But on the bright side, hey – I received 2 real responses!

One was an e-mail from someone at my state senator’s office stating they would make sure he saw the note I sent.  The other was a call from someone at my Congressman’s office in DC and he asked for more info. I explained that I am hoping my Representative will issue a press release or take some other action in support of no kill day in an effort to bring awareness and inspire shelters here in SC (and especially my Rep’s hometown!) to take the pledge for no kill day. He said my Rep has dogs and “all kinds of animals in the house”, that both my Rep and his spouse are animal lovers. He said he would raise the issue with him and specifically contact the communications department and get back to me if the Rep decides to take any action on this.

No word from my local shelter but I am not giving up.  I will be sending a snail mail letter next.

Anyone else?


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  1. Here’s the repronse from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control: (My resonse back was “What new command? No answer)

    Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 15:14:01 -0500
    Subject: RE: Just One Day – June 11th

    Hello April,

    I have shared with the new command at ACC for consideration.


    From: April Amos []
    Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 8:39 AM
    To: Balestra, Mark
    Subject: Just One Day – June 11th


    Do you think it’s possible to stop killing for Just One Day?

    Please check out this website. Vow to not kill any companion animals on June 11th

  2. I have contacted the management of the Devore shelter in San Bernardino County. I emailed Doug Smith (shelter director), Brian Cronin (head of AC) and Janice Rutherford (/county Supervisor). three times. I haven’t received a response from any of them!

  3. Local humane society (Lansing Michigan) is aware and possibly going to schedule a special adoption event, too.

  4. I had a meeting with the manager of our local Animal Control. She thought maybe they could sign the pledge as there are days when they don’t kill any animals, but she didn’t want to refuse to euthanize an animal in need that was brought in (which is okay, because that is what euthanasia is for, right?!)

    However, she can’t give me a firm answer for two weeks (other *important* stuff happening…) I’m going to contact local vets, pet retailers and rescues and try to get everybody to join in.

    I’d like to get vets to offer (for JUST ONE DAY) a deeply discounted spay or neuter appointment. I’d like them to offer the price to those who call-in to make appointments on JUNE 11th, 2012 ONLY. They won’t get their animal DONE that day, but they can buy into the promotion only that day. Appointments can be made for whenever the clinic wants. I’m hoping to promote and get the phones ringing off the hook with individuals looking for a cost effective spay or neuter. (There are MANY in our community that are willing, but simply can’t afford the $200 – $400 per animal that it now can cost to alter a pet in our community.) Several pet and feed stores have already offered to host adoption events on site, but I’m hoping I can get local rescues to staff those as we’d like to have an open house at Animal Control and they don’t have the staff to be everywhere.

    I know a lot of other people in our community who won’t set foot inside the Animal Control facility because they hate the idea of animals being killed in the back room while they are *shopping*… so an open house that day would be a chance, for *Just One Day* to connect in a living way throughout our caring community.

    Euthanasia rates aren’t too bad at local animal control, 15 -25% (75 – 85% get out alive!) But the Manager isn’t interested in building the foster program…she says it’s too much trouble and it requires a staff member to be in charge and she doesn’t have the budget for that. She says their job is animal control, and part of that is population control…so they kill entire litters of puppies and pregnant animals as well. (I’m hoping to work on this, but may just create a 501 (c) 3 to just volunteer to take all the healthy/treatable animals and work up our own community foster network and rehoming system.)

  5. I’m not the best person to ask our local shelter (Spartanburg Humane ) to do this. I have contacted my State, county, and federal reps. Got a reply from Rep Mike Forrester. He forwarded to the county council member in my district. :) Councilman Nutt , CC’d me on his reply . “I’m very aware of Ms Desmond and applaud her efforts”. They may not like me, but they know my name!!!

  6. Just got one response:

    3:26 PM (1 hour ago)

    February 2, 2012

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns about Tennessee’s law regarding suspected cases of animal abuse, cruelty and neglect. Your interest in the welfare of animals is commendable.

    As you may know, Title 39, Chapter 14 of the Tennessee Code Annotated provides authority to local humane organizations to investigate cases of animal cruelty. Local humane organizations also have the authority to investigate suspected cases of livestock cruelty with the assistance of a recognized animal husbandry expert such as a county agricultural extension agent or a veterinarian. Under the law, local humane organizations have broad authority including: courts and local law enforcement to prevent further cruelty or otherwise make arrests, taking possession of animals, destroying injured or diseased animals that are beyond recovery, and to placing a lien on animals to help pay for care.

    Local humane organizations provide an important service to communities and we support their efforts. Although authority regarding these matters primarily rests with local organizations and law enforcement, I believe that any type of abuse or neglect of small or large animals is unacceptable and should be dealt with properly.

    Again, thank you for contacting my office. I look forward to hearing from you again on matters of importance to you and your community.

    Warmest regards,

    Bill Haslam

    1. Looks like an auto response. I got one from Senator Jim DeMint today that said he’d keep my thoughts in mind if the issue came before the Senate for a vote. Uh, NOT what my letter said…

      1. Yeah. Got the same from DeMint and Graham. No matter what issue, I’ve only gotten auto responses from those two. I have much better luck with the “local” officials. That whole “think global, act local” seems to work.

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