13 thoughts on “Name That Animal

    1. Ducks is close enough to win some peanut butter treats for the shelter dogs in KC. You should be receiving your prize in the mail tomorrow. Please keep your prize refrigerated.

  1. i believe it’s an asian duck- i swear i JUST saw them on an episode on planet earth- they do nest in trees.
    *scrounging brain for name*

  2. Quack me up…I think Harlequins may be right. But what do I know? I’m an ape with limited visual capacities that can only groom the other mammals in my pack.


    This is a male and female pair of Harlequin ducks. From the Wiki page (I just love the scientific name!):

    The Harlequin Duck (Histrionicus histrionicus) is a small sea duck. It takes its name from Arlecchino, Harlequin in French, a colourfully dressed character in Commedia dell’arte. The species name comes from the Latin word “histrio”, “actor”. In North America it is also known as Lords and ladies. Other names include painted duck, totem pole duck, rock duck, glacier duck, mountain duck, white-eyed diver, squeaker and blue streak.

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