9 thoughts on “Weego

  1. The rescue is Tony La Russa’s ARF – already well funded but Tony was with St. Louis where Anheiser-Busch is based.
    Awesome commercial – and rescue comes at the beginning when Weego’s owner is asked “you got a dog?” “yes, a rescue dog” WOOHOO.

  2. Im not a Bud Light person, actually Im not much of a beer person at all, but I think it was great what they are doing. I went to their website, under their ‘contact us’ and wrote an email telling them so, since I dont know how much monitoring they do on their FB page.

  3. I wonder what command you give to have him bring you a better beer? ;-) I love that they are highlighting the rescue aspect, and also that he is a mutt!

    1. You want a different beer? Get a different dog!
      Hmmm. Maybe we need a new color coding for shelter pets?
      My hubby’s basset specializes in showing off dirty underwear, or socks or hats and gloves. (Because we finally got smart and moved the bucket of potatoes up out of reach.) Roscoe doesn’t actually BRING the stuff to me though, he more just runs into the room with it in his mouth, tail a waggin’, and then invites a glorious game of keep-away, unless I barter to trade for a biscuit, at which point he drops whatever he has.
      Our motto is: If you leave it, he will come.
      Especially true for edible stuff.

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