Catoosa Co Pound Records Reveal Disturbing Information

Jackson, dog #000082 at Catoosa Co Animal Shelter in GA

Last month, reader Jamie contacted me for help regarding a puppy she had been trying to rescue from the Catoosa Co AC shelter in GA.  Jamie wrote:

It was Thursday [January 26, 2012], late afternoon when I was sent a picture of him in the shelter. The shelter staff told my contact that was there that they only euthanized on Wednesday and so it would be another week before any dogs were put down. I sent someone down Friday to get this puppy out and she arrived at 12:30pm. Apparently the shelter had chosen to close at 12pm that day, despite the fact that they are closed all weekend.

When the pound re-opened on Monday, Jamie asked another person to go down and pull the pup.  That person was told the puppy had already been rescued.  The details weren’t adding up so I helped Jamie with FOIA requests for the pound’s kill log and Jackson’ records.  Those documents revealed that Jackson was in fact killed by Catoosa Co AC the same day they had closed 4 hours early – the day Jamie’s agent was there trying to pull him.  [Note:  Astute readers will note that the kill date on Jackson’s records is 1-27 but he is listed on the 1-25 kill log.  Jamie did follow up with the pound on this discrepancy and they verified the puppy had been killed on the 27th.]

As sad as it was to see that the Catoosa Co pound killed Jackson only 2 days after he was eligible for adoption, closing early to do it with a rescuer waiting outside and then lying about it after the fact, something else caught my eye on the kill log.  Specifically, dog #000075 appears to have received three injections of Fatal Plus using three different routes – one intravenous (IV), a second intraperitoneal (IP), and a third intracardiac (IC).  The kill log for the cats for that same day also shows two cats, both listed as feral, receiving more than one injection of Fatal Plus:  cat #000103 and cat #000111 each received an IP injection followed by an IC injection.

I have never seen any kill log entries like this before.  Standard practice dictates that the kill tech use sufficient quantity of Fatal Plus to kill the pet on the first injection.  I know it can happen that an additional injection may be required on occasion however in all three cases on this day, the animals who apparently required additional Fatal Plus had it injected into their hearts.  Georgia law is very specific on this route of administration:  the pet must be unconscious.



O.C.G.A. § 4-11-5.1 (2011)

§ 4-11-5.1. Euthanasia of dogs and cats by animal shelters or facilities operated for collection of stray, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals

(a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this Code section, the use of sodium pentobarbital or a derivative of it shall be the exclusive method for euthanasia of dogs and cats by animal shelters or other facilities which are operated for the collection and care of stray, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals. A lethal solution shall be used in the following order of preference:

(1) Intravenous injection by hypodermic needle;

(2) Intraperitoneal injection by hypodermic needle; or

(3) If the dog or cat is unconscious, intracardial injection by hypodermic needle.

[emphasis mine]

Not wanting to jump to conclusions based upon one day’s worth of kill log entries for the pound, I filed a FOIA request for the kill logs for the month of December 2011.  Those documents show that numerous pets at the Catoosa Co facility were killed via more than one injection of Fatal Plus including the following animals who are noted as receiving IC injections:

Dog #002005 – IP and IC injections

Cat #001975 – IP and IC injections

Cat #001976 – IP and IC injections

Cat #001979 – IP and IC injections

Cat #002017 – IP and IC injections

Cat #002031 – IP and IC injections

Cat #002032 – IP and IC injections

Dog #002027 – IV and IC injections

Dog #002038 – IV and IC injections

Dog #002044 – IP and IC injections

Cat #002104 – IP and IC injections

and these dogs:

Portion of the December 2011 kill log at Catoosa Co Animal Shelter in GA

This is what it says on the package insert that comes with the bottle of Fatal Plus:

As an average guide, the volume of FATAL-PLUS required for euthanasia is 1 ml. of solution per 10 lbs of body weight of the animal. Intravenous injection is preferred. The calculated dosage should be given in a single injection. An uninterrupted injection is the most comfortable for the animal. For intravenous injection a needle of suitable gauge to insure intravenous placement of the entire dose should be used. Intraperitoneal or intracardiac injection may be made when intravenous injection is impractical, as in very small or comatose animals with impaired vascular functions. Good injection skill is necessary for intracardiac injection.

I am merely a layman and am not qualified to say if the practices at Catoosa Co as evident in the linked kill logs indicate a violation of GA law.  But it certainly doesn’t seem right to me.  If a GA shelter wants to kill pets via IC injection, the kill techs need to render the animals unconscious via an injection of a sedative (such as xylazine) first.  Is the kill tech at Catoosa attempting to sedate pets using Fatal Plus?  If so, that makes no sense.  If you have the skill to do an IV or IP injection, why not simply inject the pet with sufficient amount of Fatal Plus to kill him with one shot?  If the initial injection is not an attempt to sedate the pet using Fatal Plus, do all these records indicate botched killings?

I don’t have the answers but I hope readers will contact the Georgia Attorney General and the Georgia Department of Agriculture and ask them to investigate.  If pets are being made to suffer while being needlessly killed at the Catoosa Co pound, that needs to be stopped immediately.

65 thoughts on “Catoosa Co Pound Records Reveal Disturbing Information

  1. It may be the case that there is one extremely sick individual working there who is getting his/her kicks torturing these animals.

    1. Im wondering the same thing. This whole story has made me sick. That poor, beautiful boy…and all the other animals who have suffered the same cruel fate at this hellhole.

  2. They could also be stealing Fatal Plus for whatever reason by logging this way. Definitely needs to be looked into.

  3. This is absolutely MORTIFYING and I hope KARMA finds the individuals responsible for this. How are you able to sleep at night? And those of you that are allowing this to happen, how do YOU sleep at night?? I am deeply saddened to know that I am from a state that allows these horrible things to happen to such innocent, precious animals. For those of you that live close enough to take action and do something about this, please do. GOD has a reward waiting for you in Heaven. As for those who continue to do these unspeakable acts, well, may GOD have mercy on you.

  4. You need to send a complaint to the Georgia Dept of Agricultere, Animal Protection Division and have them investigate your findings.. I would also suggest that you email the manager of that division and directly ask him your questions of concerns.

    Plus I would write and contact your local county commissioners and let them know how these issues were handled.

    The citizens of your county have the right to know.

  5. I am not a GA resident but this is WRONG. Someone needs to look more closely and find out what is going on immediately!

    1. You don’t have to be a resident of GA to speak for the animals. When out of state people speak up then they realize that the world is watching . Speak up you are a American!

  6. Can someone explain what the columns mean in the chart posted?

    First column is animal id number, second is reason for being there (lots of owner surrenders), third is weight?, fourth is method used, fifth I have no idea – I would think that is amount used but it doesn’t seem to correlate to weight the way you think it should, and sixth is the person doing the euthanising?

    1. The titles of the columns are visible if you click the links to look at the complete docs but you’ve got it right Daniela. The last two columns are “amount used” and “witness’.

      1. Then something is definitely off – a 30 pound dog got 9, a 45 pound dog got 15 and then 2, and 40 pound dog got 4 and then 1, a 36 pound dog got 12. And they are all by the same person.It’s also consistent that each amount is either at the recommended dosage or over so if the directions are correct there shouldn’t need to be any second dose needed. Something funky is going on there. Are they heart sticking dead animals?

      2. I wondered the same thing Daniela. Perhaps someone with veterinary experience can comment. In searching online, I couldn’t come up with anything definitive but one certified vet tech I talked to said triple the amount for IP shots.

      3. If they don’t hit the vein, or shoot half the dose onto the fur or into the air, well, then they need to reload. If it doesn’t go into the vein correctly, it takes a LOT longer to kill…so the second dose is maybe a quick security?
        In any case, these people need some TRAINING as they are cruel and inefficient at their deadly (and needless) job.

      4. There is one entry noted on the logs something like “meds lost, needle broke”. I dread to think. If you review the logs, there are many more pets receiving more than one injection. I only highlighted the ones who received a heartstick.

      5. It does look like all the IPs are 3 times the amount of the IVs so that explains that. Is IP what you use for giving Sub cut fluids? I had to look it up since I am not familiar with the term so I saw “body cavity” and wasn’t sure if that means just somewhere in the body or under the skin.

      6. No, it’s not the same thing as giving an injection under the skin. In the time I worked in veterinary medicine many years ago, I only ever saw an IP injection of euthanasia solution done once on a cat. It was horrible. The cat did not die instantly – not by a long shot. There was moaning. I shudder to think of it now. It was a vet just out of school who got frustrated when she couldn’t hit a vein and just stuck the cat in the belly. I remember she had to inject him repeatedly but I can’t recall for certain how many times.

  7. these people need 2 b out of a job!!! what else r they lying about…R.I.P. jackson.ur beter off away from these kind of people<3<3<3

  8. The only way this will ever stop is if people contact their city council members and the dept of agriculture and demand that the laws are followed and animals are given a chance and better treatment. All these officials were voted into office, make it known what matters to you and that those things will be considered before you vote. These poor babies have to rely on people taking a few minutes and fighting for their lives. It only takes a moment, but if enough people speak out, it will finally change things!

  9. This is totally uncalled for. This beautiful baby could have been saved. Absolutely no one should be working at these places who is kill happy!! Obviously the people working here are just that and either don’t know what they are doing or are just using enough of a dosage to make the animals suffer before giving them more injections. I know there are many, many animals out there because people are not responsible pet owners and don’t have them spayed or neutered, but at least give these beautiful animals a chance. This is just sick they are living creatures just like we are!!

  10. And now, I am physically ill. I will NEVER understand how people can do this to another living being for NO justifiable reason.

  11. Is there any way possible to have an off site vet review these documents?? Would be nice to see a “qualified” vet view there ludicrous logs!! Also, in Canada we have a veterinary board…do you have one? Can you take this to their level as a complant?

  12. Catoosa County Animal Control:
    Darla Proctor, Department Head
    101 Allmond Trail
    Ringgold, GA 30736
    Phone (706) 935-2454
    Fax (706) 935-3870
    Link to Pets for Adoption

    Hours of operation:
    Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4:15 PM (Closed for lunch 12(noon) to 12:30 PM)
    Closed Saturday and Sunday

    Catoosa County Manager
    Mike Helton
    800 Lafayette Street
    Ringgold, Georgia 30736
    Office phone:706-965-2500

    Catoosa County Commissioners:

    1. Lets straighten this reference out first. Darla Proctor is no longer Department Head, I’ve been gone 6 months. The other issue is euthanasia. The shelter does not keep any type of tranquilizer at the shelter, thus IP is used to sedate the animal. So in the logs, IP was used to sedate, then IV was used, and then if the heart wasn’t stopped, an IC is used, (known as the heart shot). If you pull euthanasia records from other shelters, they do not follow up with an IC, they just let the animal linger until the heart stops on it’s own, sometimes 15 to 20 minutes. The IC is to ensure instant heart stoppage. If Catoosa is guilty of any wrong doing, it’s using “too” much medicine per animal to ensure no suffering.

      1. There is no such consistency in the kill logs. Some pets only received one injection, others received more than one. “Sedating” with Fatal Plus is not the standard of care to my knowledge. Oh and it’s not “medicine”. Medicine implies you are helping a pet to heal, be more comfortable or something of that nature.

      2. I don’t think the euthanasia practice in Catoosa County can be called common practice. I have never seen a animal that has received 3 injections of Fatal Plus. Sedation is only needed in some cases (extremely aggressive dogs, as example) and then of course it is not done with Fatal Plus. If you use the correct amount of Fatal Plus with an IV, most dogs will be gone in under 5 seconds.

      3. Is euthanasia in shelters different from euthanasia in vet offices? When my cats were dying and I had the vet let them go he would inject them with something in the vein and then a second injection in the vein to actually kill them. I think the first was supposed to sedate them? It’s been a few years (thank god) so i don’t remember exactly. But from the posts here it seems like shelter animals get one shot only.

      4. The clarity of the word medicine is really just apples and oranges, both are still fruit. I only posted to explain the logs. The real problem lies in irresponsible pet owners. Trust me, “county” animal shelters workers would like nothing more than to be able to close down and lock their doors forever. Unfortunately that will never happen. County animal shelters are the black sheep of government. They are operated on shoe string budgets and usually built around the landfill. You don’t see Willie Nelson or Sarah Mclachlan singing for you to donate to the underfunded facilities, no, send your money to the multi-million dollar organizations, and if you think that donation you send in goes to help all, think again. County governed facilities are not eligible for grants from the big boys, because they have budgeted “money” they receive yearly, but these people are the grunts, their the ones that have to dig puppies/kittens out of drainage ditches, pick the broken bodies up off the road, chase down the aggressive dogs that just riped the face off a child, for what, so they can be called “killers, devils, uncaring murders?” Trust me, these same people would like nothing more than to be able to just open their doors and let everything out, but then you run into the little things called “policies, procedures and Law.” They don’t write those, they just have to enforce them. You have two sets, county and state, and neither is funding these (we’ll say “rules”) It’s easy for the outside world to ridicule these people because most have no clue to what is involved in the operations of county budgeted animal shelters, I do, I tried to make a difference for 13 years and didn’t put a dent in it so I quit, throwed in the towel, it wasn’t worth the stress of trying to place 2800 animals a year. Now if your readers can find homes for that number a year, have them get their paperwork ready, (state required paperwork) and go get them. I’m sure they’ll let them “all” go. It really serves no purpose to bash them, the only thing that does is ensure less find homes, so it defeats the purpose. Administration and Commissioners could give a sh_t less, their not going to close the doors and their not going to help to enforce the laws pertaining to animals at large, or the requirements of “responsible pet ownership”, and the tax payer isn’t going to pay one cent more to help in the proper funding of these facilities. If you’ve got a plan that stays withing the law and policies set forth by government than I’m sure the’re “all” open for suggestions. Okay, I can’t see what I’m typing at this point so I’ll leave it where it is and hope for the best, but there is always more than one side of a story, I find it beneficial to try to understand all sides. Now I don’t know the whole story that got all this started, I’ve actually heard 3, and none have come from the shelter , I know that the Administration will not allow the employees to post their side or give any statement on the issue, it’s the policy. Their just trying to bring about some kind of change with both hands tied behind their backs. Good Luck is all I can say, been there, done that.

      5. I am so glad that you (Darla Proctor) quit. Your attitude is beyond shitty and your blaming of everyone else is sad I understand that working for morons will suck the life right out of you. That is no excuse to have done the asinine kind of euthanasia that shows up in the logs. You say Shirley shouldn’t look at those instances where it was done stupidly, but that she should have looked where there was only one shot given. The point was that giving three injections was completely wrong, by the manufacturer’s instructions, and from common veterinary practice. If you, or whoever was/is doing such a crappy job at euthanizing (and it’s not really that, it’s just plain killing, since these are owner surrenders that no one says have any terminal/life-threatening health issues) has the gall and stupidity to claim that “it has to be done this way” no one with a half-ounce of sense is going to listen to you.

  13. I sent out an email to Commissioner Gary W. Black, and received a reply…

    From: Murrah, Mark
    Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 1:14 PM
    Subject: RE: Commissioner Gary W. Black, Please investigate the Catoosa Co Pound…
    To: “Black, Gary W.”
    Cc: “”

    Commissioner Black,

    An inspector and a supervisor will go by and do an inspection on this facility immediately. We will review the euthanasia records with their supervising veterinarian and make sure that all personnel are properly trained.


    Please keep emailing and calling. Let them know that the shelter animals matter to you! Thanks.

    1. Thank you Joni. Yes, everyone please make sure they know this is not just a concern of a few individuals but that MANY people are troubled by the practices of this pound.

    2. i’d like to say something,i’m black and i have been posting in support of catoosa all along i and i get blocked deleted or covered up and hidden,andi know of several people who have posted comments in support of catoosa also and the same thing has happened to them i consulted my law associates for 3 days andd came back stated my race and mt cause and following advise from council that as long as i stayed inside lines of legal law and have,i was also advised to let them know of my race(black and age 70) and if i was deleted ,hidden or covered up it could be considered a purposeful act of discrimination ,guess what i was blocked from commenting and all my comments deleted,my legal council is in process of serving,tndeathrowdogs with legal papers and possible shut down this page and tndeathrow dogs for a violation of not only mine the the civil rights of all the people who’s comments were either blocked or deleted for being in support of catoosa,tndrd,only wants the people to know there side and there side only,p.s we have contacted both tn state rep ford’s office and the office of the US ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE ,so go wanna delete me to,go ahead we will add yesbiscuit to the list without thinking twice

      1. AHAHAHAHA! You made me snort milk out my nose.
        I don’t consider race or age when banning people mostly because I’m not a bigot but partly because, as you clearly illustrate, internet trolls come in a rainbow of fruit flavors. Yes, please add me to your list at the US Attorney General’s Office – I mean the US ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE. I will be waiting by the phone for Eric Holder to call and advise that I am being taken to Gitmo. At least I won’t have to worry about what to wear every day. Orange jumpsuits rule.

    3. Mark,
      I emailed Keith Greene, Chairman of Board of Commissioners, and got NO response. Not from the county clerk either. Can you post some other emails? I haven’t seen Black’s on the county website. Heck I live in the Boynton area of Ringgold, I need to just call too. Thanks! E. Jones

  14. Thank you everyone who took the time to write to someone from Catoosa County and/or the Department of Agriculture. I told my story of trying to save Jackson to them today in an email, along with the lies I was told. I hated myself for not being able to save Jackson even though I knew it wasn’t my fault. His face haunts me but keeps me fighting on. The first time we asked about him, they didn’t know who Jackson was, claiming all the names are generated by Petfinder. They know his name and his face very well now and I hope they never forget it. I know I won’t. RIP Jackson, I’m sorry I couldn’t get you out of there but your death won’t be for nothing.

  15. oh yes i have been pulling dogs for over 25 years if you are going to publish records that you requested to the public with out consent of the catoosa county government show the the whole sheet not just a portion,i have requested records from catoosa before and they released them to me,for me to publish those county records without there knowledge is a violation of the freedom of information act

    1. Georgia has an Open Records law. That law means that records of government agencies, which include animal shelters, are open to the public. It is right and proper to publish these records. The public has a right to know. This is still the United States of America, BTW.

  16. Please note the shelter hours as well: they close every day at 4;15, NOT open on weekends, are NOT rescue friendly, do two outreaches a year at the local Fort Oglethorpe, GA Walmart, do not do petfinder or work in any way to get pictures out there. If any are taken or put in the paper, it is not done by any efforts of shelter employees. People cannot speak out down here because of retaliation. Thank you for writing and please keep it up, it’s a very corrupt “good ol’ boy” system down here. Thank you all.

  17. J.J. Benson, or should I say David (Catoosa shelter employee). I banned you from our page as yourself, your first fake name and now this second fake name. All of these times I did so not because I didn’t want people to know what you were saying, but because I have a stupidity limit on my page. You have far exceeded that limit and also, you sure as hell aren’t 70 or black. I don’t know exactly who you think you’re fooling, but you sure as hell aren’t fooling me.

  18. Oh Jamie, I know you are shaking in your shoes!!! You know the strange thing, this article was sent to Catoosa County manager last night and here pops up good ol’ JJ, Gene Catfish. He is all over the place isn’t he? Congratulations, I think you have a stalker, Jamie!!! But guess what? Apparently there’s an email warning about him and he’s going to find himself banned from any rescue page it gets to. Anyone who supports inhumane heartstick and claims to be a rescue person is probably the person who does that very job, and quite incompetently, by those records. I’m so sorry that innocent animals not only suffer due to irresponsible people not spaying and neutering but also at the hands secret service wannabes who ended up as ACO officers. AWWW

  19. Fatal Plus should be controlled by the DEA and I would imagine they are the department who should be contacted about some of the discrepancies on the ACO logs. Unfortunately, the state I live in, passed a law a few years ago, giving almost anyone who applied the ability to become an euthanasian tech…..another law successfully passed by the HSUS.

  20. Daniela Says:

    February 14, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    I’m replying down here Daniela since the thread is already lengthy. IMO there should be one standard of vet care for all pets being euthanized. That is every pet, regardless of ownership status, is entitled to have his suffering end if he is medically hopeless. And it should be performed in the most gentle way that modern vet medicine allows. Currently, the standard of care AFAIK (and I am not a vet) is sedative followed by IV injection.

    1. I cannot find any place that states that Fatal Plus is an acceptable pre-euthanasia sedative. I would think that anyone using it in this way is in violation of correct veterinary procedures.

      1. Pentobarbital Sodium (Fatal Plus)
        Pentobarbital sodium is indicated for use as a general anesthetic in dogs and cats. Although it may be used as a general surgical anesthetic for horses, it is usually given at a lower dose to cause sedation and hypnosis and may be supplemented with a local anesthetic. It may also be used in dogs for the symptomatic treatment of strychnine poisoning. The drug is administered intravenously “to effect.” It is one of the most potent anticonvulsants available and has the widest spectrum of activity [3].

        The main action of pentobarbital sodium is to depress the central nervous system, and effects upon other systems of the body, only become important as the toxic limitations of the drug are approached. It depreses the cerebral cortex, and probably the hypothlamus. Because it also depresses motor centers of the brain it is used to control convulsive seizures. It has only a weak analgesic action and relatively large doses must be administered to cross the blood-brain barrier.

        Primary Uses: Ip injection of pentobarbital has been widely /used/ in small animals but now is limited primarily to those difficult to restrain for iv injections. … Depression appears in about 15 min and persists in some measure /for/ 4-8 hr. IV injection of pentobarbital is the most satisfactory method of admin for /the/ production of anesthesia. An iv injection of a small dose of pentobarbital is used to produce hypnosis or sedation to avoid the fright, excitement, & resistance to restraint that are so dangerous and objectionable in handling. Pentobarbital is an important drug for relieving convulsive seizures, esp when caused by strychnine or other convulsants, for use as preoperative medication to help reduce anxiety and facilitate induction of anesthesia.[4]

        Pentobarbital Sodium is an active ingredient in the following proprietary animal drugs: Somnopentyl Injection, Combuthal Powder, Sodium Pentobarbital Injection, Beuthanasia-D Special, Euthasol, Euthanasia-III Solution.

    2. I agree with you! If they have to die they should die peacefully and without pain. I just wasn’t sure if vets use something different then Fatal Plus so they have a different protocol. To be honest I though Fatal Plus was just slang given to the drugs until I saw a picture of the actual bottle and say that was really the drug’s name. I wonder why that name was chosen – usually when people talk about euthanization they try to soften it so it doesn’t seem so bad but Fatal Plus is right in your face with “this is an execution”.

      1. Fatal Plus’s information recommends using a sedative before IP or IC injection…which indicates that it is NOT sedating on its own. Clearly a thorough review of policies and procedures is needed immediately.

  21. What can Catoosa do to “be able to close their doors” and not be needed? Well, they could TRY to adopt out animals, for one thing. Most people do not get off of work before 5 or 6 at night. They close at 4:15. They are not open even ONE weekend a month. They never hold adoption “specials” or events, people NOT affiliated with the shelter are the only ones who post them on petfinder and probably in the paper too- none of this is done by the shelter employees. Pictures of animals there are far and few between, and as we’ve seen with Jackson, by the time they are posted, the dogs are dead. There is almost no attempt whatsoever there to adopt out cats. There is a neighboring shelter, Walker County, that I bet has no more employees than Catoosa and they network constantly to get dogs transported to the north, have a foster dog program, network with rescues, etc. Oh, and although they do euthanize, I would consider their director extremely rescue friendly. I would not consider anyone I’ve met at Catoosa shelter as being rescue friendly, in fact, they often make it difficult for rescues to get animals (and not just by “following the rules” as they say, it’s on purpose). Improving the shelter and saving more lives is NOT priority for the people who are over the shelter employees. There is a LOT that Catoosa COULD do but they WON’T do. Same as for euthanizing animals humanely and on a limited basis. ~ Ringgold, Georgia

  22. Please investigate if there are ANY attempts made to save cats at this sheler. Their euth rates that were published last summer were over half for dogs and 85% for cats. I think that it is far worse. Thank you. I’m so sad for the babies down here. I am glad Jackson’s face will never be forgotten, but there are so many who we never even knew were there. So many we could have possibly gotten out. That’s how many shelters SUCESSFULLY run. It can be done but it is also hard work. I know there is an animal organization in this county but I bet the shelter doesn’t work great with them either. I would be surprised if anyone could.

  23. I can’t say what’s going on at this shelter, but I can say from experience that there are some animals for whom the recommended dose of Fatal Plus is not enough. It renders them unconscious but then they linger. My own dog that I had to have euthanized required a second dose. Thankfully my vet had not removed the IV catheter they had placed for the initial dose. A cat who is already stressed can also over-ride the initial dose enough to not stop the heart. Typically if the first dose didn’t kill the cat/dog/ferret/rat/any other mammal the it does render them unconscious.

    I also remember during my internship days an elderly dog that was euthanized at home. The dogs blood pressure was so low and had such advanced cystitis that IV and IP were not viable options. The dog was euthanized via IC after a dose if Telazol was administered IM.

  24. Shelters close early and euthanize when they usually don’t when they have a disease outbreak. I bet that they had either a parvo or distemper outbreak.

  25. Don’t they have to shut down the shelter when there is an outbreak of parvo? I don’t think that’s done down here whether it’s supposed to be or not. I guess if you kill all the puppies, then it won’t be known there is a parvo outbreak? Someone needs to look into their past records, as well as complaints to the Dept. of Agriculture or any possible lawsuits against them. Bet they’re hiding more than the fact that they kill a lot more animals than they claim and they euthanize inhumanely.

  26. What in the hell is wrong with these people. These misfortunate, voiceless, defenseless Beings are at the mercy of so-called humans who have no regard to the significance of their lives. These animals were on the earth before humans. Their lives are what makes the world whole and beautiful. When will Specific Laws Governing and Protecting all Living Animals be written and enforced??? When will we have Laws that we can convict and sentence abusers and their cruelty??? How advanced can a society be when as valuable as animals are to our way of life be treated with no regard for their rights, safety, and life???

    Accountability, prosecution, and justice!!!!

  27. Justice, Prosecution, Crimminal Impositions, and clean out that house of idiots!

  28. I volunteer at the shelter multiple times a week for at least the last 6 months. I have never laid eyes on this dog!!! It would had to have sit for at least 7 days. If someone wanted the dog, they simply call and place a hold on the dog and they will get a call when time is up. This article is a bunch of lies.. they were recently audited by the dept of ag….including these logs. They recieved an A++. Don’t believe everything someone makes up. They hold dogs wayyyy past their times on many occassions.

  29. Tina, January 27 2012 is when Jackson was murdered, looks like you wrote this March 8 2013 after someone check into it. Fact is the shelter needs to stay open longer till 7 pm and on a weekends. Give the animals a chance to find a home maybe give then free to a good home.

  30. I am sick to my stomach about this! I told my son were going to adopt a dog from there and now im afraid this may happen to us and the dog we choose!

  31. Many years ago Catoosa County deputies got in trouble for using their revolvers to kill dogs and cats. That was their form of euthanization back in the mid-1990s I believe. And this was done all with the consent of the Personnel at Catoosa County Animal Shelter . One of the local channels did a special on it 3 9 or 12

  32. they also just was at a meeting a with in the past 2mth with others that where setting up a way to find them homes instead of killing any animals and the one over it walked out and said they where not interested in it and said it would not work even though it does. they are not about helping any of the animals at all the ones there are not about the pets or trying to save there lives they don’t care not one bit someone needs to take this place out of there hands and do some good with it so these animals have a chance at life.. oh and it was the director that walked out of the meeting before it was over not wanting to be bothered with it or even give it a chance…

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