Memphis SNAFU

Golly this is a wacky coincidence but we got word from the city of Memphis a little while ago that the footage we requested has been taped over.  Oops.  See they thought it was there and they thought it only taped over every 30 days and they said they were taking steps to protect the requested footage from being taped over but nobody had actually ever checked and when they did, whaddaya know?  It’s gone.  We have once again revised our request for another date of security camera footage.  Will let you know if any more curious coincidences or odd oopses befall us.

12 thoughts on “Memphis SNAFU

  1. OMG! Welcome to my club of security footage excuses! I can’t wait to see what excuse they will have next for you…

    Memphis Shelter…These excuses have been all been tried before. You might as well stop now! You only continue to look like the pathetic excuse of a Shelter that you are.

    1. I wonder if reading your comment gave them the idea Vickie?! We will be pressing forward, obviously. I do find it noteworthy that we have it in writing that they were taking steps to protect the requested footage from being taped over and now they come back with this. Obviously whatever steps they were taking to protect the footage did not include actually checking to see if the footage existed.

      1. My bet is they checked and saw what was there and decided no way were they copying that to get out to the public. These are evil evil subhumans. They’ve shown over and over that they cannot be trusted and should not be involved in any way shape or form with animals.

  2. Um…yeah. That doesn’t look at all suspicious, does it, guys?

    But they can use the old fallback excuse – “it’s not malice, we’re just incompetent!” Seems to make the Mayor satisfied, anyway…

  3. These “mistakes” they make is typical of not only MAS, but most government entities in Memphis. I have stories to tell, first hand, of how typical government employees in Memphis just don’t care. It’s endemic across Memphis.

    I won’t go into all the problems I’ve dealt with, but all that was required was common sense & doing their job correctly, yet customers are left with mistakes handed to them & expected to deal with it. So I fully understand the frustration of dealing with Memphis.

  4. I would not bet that they can get through 12 hours without abusing an animal. Animal abuse seems to be an automatic response at MAS.

  5. I would believe that they don’t have the footage because the cameras weren’t operating. They could have just used that as an excuse. It would make just as much, if not more, sense. Fucking scumbags.

  6. The old system at the old MAS actually automatically erases after 7 days. Maybe they are using that same system.

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