City Leader in Memphis on Shelter Pitbulls: Kill ’em All

What do you do if your city shelter employees have been caught on video beating Pitbulls, you’ve got one ACO charged with cruelty in connection with “disappearing” a Pitbull and the local rotary club reports that your shelter staff has ties to Pitbull dogfighting rings and regularly sells Pitbulls out the back door?  If you are in a position of power in Memphis, you’d probably order your shelter staff to kill “every pit bull or dog that looks like a pit bull whose time is up”.

Check out this news report from ABC24 in Memphis last night in which an unidentified person was caught on tape at a shelter staff meeting dictating death for all Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes:

How much lower, Memphis? Actually – don’t answer that.

39 thoughts on “City Leader in Memphis on Shelter Pitbulls: Kill ’em All

    1. I haven’t been able to listen to the recording yet but I understand it’s a female voice. Logic dictates that only someone in a prominent position of authority is going to be able to issue a directive to wipe out an entire breed at MAS. There are no female supervisors who would have this authority who actually work at MAS to my knowledge but I’m sure someone will enlighten me if that’s wrong.

  1. omg! will the insanity EVER end with MAS?? *palm hitting forehead*
    on a good note, thank YOU for posting this information – we are the voices for those who cannot speak!

  2. Dr. Tower should be drummed out of the AVMA for his stance on killing dogs. He has tarnished the vow he took as a DOCTOR. Shame. And whoever said that on tape should be tarred, feathered and run out on the first rail. What a bunch of bullshit. AC doesn’t see a corrolation between this stance on breed and the past stance on black Americans, huh? Selective memory I guess.

    1. Couldnt agree more. Ive actually thought that a few times. This is just ridiculous and irritating. Yep, pitbulls are the problem. Then it will be dobermins. Then labs. Then pretty soon it will be the fluffy white maltese in the corner.

  3. A very familiar voice !!That voice sounds just like the person at the open MAS Advisory Board Meetings, representing the Division of Public Services – could it be?

  4. Well well well! I guess now we know why not so long ago they were closed on a Saturday so all employees could be trained in killing! Where are the rational minds? Where is the compassion? Where are the people who will prevail for goodness sake and forbid this atrocity?

    This makes my stomach lurch and churn. To think that all pit bulls and any dogs that even look like pit bulls are to be killed is just plain morally wrong. Presumably there are Christian people in Memphis…they hear the Word of God….they attend churches on Sundays; where are these people? For God’s sake people! Stand up for these poor dogs. Tell that Mayor and his cronies that you will not stand by and allow YOUR TAX DOLLARS to be used in this way. File a lawsuit, hound city hall.

    Tower should be ashamed to be on the committee overseeing the shelter. He deserves to be drummed out of the profession. Vets are suppose to save lives, mend animals. They do not purposefully kill them

      1. You are absolutely correct. However, I would expect especially Christian’s be be decent people. Whatever one’s belief’s, there is no one person, Christian or not, who is taught to abuse any creature. Especially those we have made our companion animals. Breed selection for killing is wrong and it won’t be long before it spreads to other breeds. What’s to stop that attitude from spreading to other races other than our own?

      2. Actually, Arlene, I’ve met a huge number of self-identified “Christians” who are the most self-centered, anti-animal people – because God (and Thomas Aquinas, and Descartes) said that animals are under human will, to do as they see fit, and that every human is more valuable than any animal. It’s the atheists and agnostics I’ve met who are sensible enough to say that’s not always right. I mean, really, if you knew a child molester and that child’s dog (cat, rabbit, snake, goldfish) were both in a burning house, would you try to save the four-legged (or no-legged) animal first? I would, and then I’d see if I could save the poor-excuse for an animal.

  5. I’ll bet they’re still going out the back door – easy enough to just list them as killed and slip them out the back to sell.

    MAS is such a clusterf**k at this point, I don’t know how it can sink any further.

    Weren’t we supposed to hear about the new director about now?

    1. With even ust the little glimpses that we get of what goes on behind closed doors at this place, can you imagine walking in there and trying to manage the place w/the existing policies and staff?

      1. No. Existing policies and staff MUST change. They’ve proven that – the new building did not (SURPRISE) magically fix things.

        I truly hope that the new director realizes this and acts on it. And that the Mayor has the balls to let him/her do it.

    1. I just listened to an interview with LaSonya Hall and the voices, accents don’t sound the same to me. Maybe her manner of speaking changes when she isn’t in front of the cameras?

  6. Memphis Citizens! You need to lock up all the politicians, Shelter Staff, Board Members, and et al! Then just throw away the key. They are all just plain nuts! You have that empty Shelter Building, right? Just haul them all in there and leave them in those empty kennel cages. Even then they would be getting more humane treatment then the Shelter animals in that fancy so called high tech Shelter.

    They just don’t care about the animals and they don’t care about you the citizens they represent!

  7. Most shelters misdiagnose pitbulls so many dogs will be killed that are not actually pitbulls. It sounds as if MAS employees are not the smartest anyway.

  8. There is another story coming out tonite on our ABC local channel about another investigation on MAS. I will be watching.

  9. Two things:

    1. The ABC24 piece is now up on their site. Show the reporter some love by clicking through (link now in post above) and leaving a comment if you are so inclined.

    2. If you are local, tune in to ABC24 again tonight at 10pm for another story involving MAS. I have no idea what it is but that’s the word.

    1. Well, it’s about starving the dogs! Just when you thought MAS was as low as they could be they manage to go down another ten levels

      I just have no words to describe what I’m feeling. I’m actually numb! God help those poor dogs.

    2. Do click on the link to abc24. And after watching the video, reading the article, and leaving a comment, please click on all the ads. Commercial sites like abc24 really notice which pages generate lots of click-thrus,

  10. My heart sank just listening to that. I weep for the 270 pit bulls that were murdered.

    For the person who asked if there was a bottom for Memphis to hit… the answer is NO. Every part of this city is disgusting & crooked. It’s a sad, vile, hate-filled, shit hole with no hope for repair. Ever.

  11. MAS needs to be taken over by a private agency!

    It sounds as if the City of Memphis could be sued by the people whose dogs are being held by MAS for court cases. Perhaps if it was sued, changes would take place.

  12. Anyone, especially a DVM, that agrees and/or supports this type of management, should not be a veterinarian OR on the board of any organization professing to be “for the animals.” This guy would be the last person I would choose to treat my rescues. Seriously Doc, practice as a respectable, ethical, and moral veterinarian…not some political puppet. If you can not do this, then get the hell out of the business.


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