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    This is a hyrax. I don’t know if I may be opening up a bit of hyrax controversy here (thing I’ve never said before) but the website where I got this photo labels this animal an Eastern Tree Hyrax.


    I see he’s on a rock and some of you said rock hyrax. I don’t know enough about the hyrax to comment but maybe you smartypants people can offer some insight as to whether this photo is mislabeled or this eastern tree hyrax came down from his tree for this shot.

    1. Apparently, they can be “difficult to distinguish in the field”. There are two types of rock hyrax and one type of tree hyrax. To confuse things further, one type of rock hyrax has a dark dorsal spot, one type has a light/yellowish and the tree hyrax also has a light/yellowish dorsal spot.

      In any case, they are a strange wee beastie.

  2. Hyrax. Their closest relative is the elephant. I lived in Serengeti for half a year and Hyrax would steal food from the bird feeder we had in front of the house. I would sit on the porch only a few feet away and they were very resistant to being shooed away from the feeder. Even if I poked one with a broom handle it would just turn and glare at me. Rather unsettling. Funny animals.

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