More Apparent Illegalities Revealed at Catoosa Co Pound

When I initially looked over the kill logs from the Catoosa Co pound in GA, it appeared that GA law was being violated regarding the method of pet killing being performed there.  The reader who initially contacted me about the pound requested some additional records and those documents seem to reveal violations of county law regarding mandatory hold period for impounded animals.  Catoosa Co law states:

 An animal that does not have any identification shall be confined at the shelter for a period of at least five days from the date of impoundment.


Any animal impounded, in violation of this chapter, that is found to be injured or diseased beyond humane recovery, and does not have any identification may be euthanized to prevent further suffering on the animal’s part.



The animal control department may dispose of any animals not claimed or redeemed by the owner, as provided for in this section, on the first day after the required impoundment period.

[emphasis mine]

I interpret this to mean that any impounded stray pet in Catoosa Co must be held for at least 5 days unless he is determined (I assume by a veterinarian although that is not stated specifically) to be medically hopeless and suffering in which case he may be euthanized before the mandatory hold has expired.

In the case of cat #001976, he was impounded and killed on 12-1-11.  The surrendering party clearly indicated on the form that he was not the owner of this cat.  There are no notes to indicate that a vet – or anyone at all – examined this cat and found him to be medically hopeless and suffering.  If in fact he was someone’s terrified pet or part of a feral cat colony, the owner or caretaker would never have been able to redeem him because Catoosa Co killed him upon intake.  If he was unowned, it’s possible someone might have been interested in adopting him but Catoosa Co never offered him for adoption.  Catoosa Co gave this cat no chance to live.  Cat #002104 was impounded and killed under very similar circumstances – the surrendering party indicated he did not own the cat, there are no veterinary notes indicating any type of exam, and the cat was immediately killed.

Most of the other cats in this set of documents are listed as “feral” so presumably, although the surrendering parties failed to indicate ownership status, these cats were legally considered to be strays and should have been held for the mandatory 5 days under county law.  Every cat listed was killed immediately upon intake, using multiple injections of Fatal Plus.

The dog documents reveal at least 1 case where a pet appears to have been killed before the mandatory hold period expired.  Dog #002027 is marked as a stray with an impound date of 12-19-11 and a kill date of 12-21-11.  There are no notes of a veterinary exam of any kind.  Most of the dogs in this set of documents were killed with multiple injections of Fatal Plus.

As a follow-up to the previous post where it was noted that the kill logs appeared to indicate pets at Catoosa Co were not being killed humanely or in accordance with state law, I contacted Dr. Robin Downing, a CO veterinarian specializing in pain management, for her input on the issue of killing non-sedated pets with multiple injections of Fatal Plus administered IP, IV and/or IC.  She responded to my questions regarding this practice as follows:

Fatal Plus is VERY caustic (alkaline pH) and so injecting it into the abdomen of a cat or dog is inhumane.

If it is going to be given IV at all, the appropriate euthanasia dose should just be given at that time… It is an ANAESTHESIA agent (pentobarbital sodium), NOT a sedative, although as an anaesthetic agent it DOES cause unconsciousness…

But again, if you’re already in the vein, the fatal dose should simply be given.

It is ONLY appropriate to perform an intra-cardiac puncture after DEEP sedation which provides ANALGESIA also…

And specifically on the subject of euthanizing pets whose veins are inaccessible for whatever reasons, Dr. Downing says:

It can be a very peaceful experience for the pet involved, but ONLY if it is performed using APPROPRIATE drugs in an APPROPRIATE fashion…  And for us that means sedation using a medication called an “alpha-2 agonist” mixed with a narcotic…  Unsure how a shelter can do this without the support of a veterinarian.

I am grateful to Dr. Downing for sharing her views on this subject.  I know most of us are not vets and it is sometimes hard to make sense of practices which fall so far outside our experiences as pet owners.  I hope Dr. Downing’s comments shed a little light on the subject.

After the first post on Catoosa Co, some readers contacted the Georgia Attorney General and the Georgia Department of Agriculture and asked them to investigate.  At that time, the main concern was that pets were possibly being made to suffer while being needlessly killed.  Now there appears to be an additional concern that the mandatory hold period is not being observed at Catoosa Co.  I hope the authorities will investigate this as well.

Lastly, if you are a GA resident, please take action to help get the Georgia Animal Rescue Act (GARA) passed in your state.  Remember that Catoosa Co initially surfaced on our radar because they killed a healthy puppy named Jackson whom a rescuer wanted to save.  GARA would give pets like Jackson a legal right to live.  The Catoosa Co pound must not only be held accountable for their past actions, they must reform their practices and be held to a higher standard such as would be provided under GARA.  Pets in GA need these legal protections.

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  1. I wonder what the shelter situation is in Chattanooga, TN? I ask this because Catoosa County, GA is really just suburban Chattanooga. (Less than five miles from the city center.) It is quite likely that at least some of the pets that arrive as “stray” at Catoosa County belong to citizens of Chattanooga . . .

    1. Larkin, HES actually has rescue friendly people who work there. This is not a concept Catoosa would recognize if it walked up and slapped them in the face. Too much work. Apparently, they used to go around shooting strays as animal control before this great shelter was brought into existence and according to my buddy J.J., some would be happy for it to go back to that way.

    2. Catoosa County is not a suburb of Chattanooga. As for pets belonging to people of Chattanooga arriving there, no, unless they surrendered them there. I do know some do that as they are lack in asking for id.

  2. GA does NOT have a statewide mandatory hold period, which is one reason why we need GARA. Hold periods are determined by the ordinances of the county in question, NOT by the state, and they vary. The code you referenced is the Catoosa County code, so they are violating the law, but not the state law.

  3. This is BS! Why do these people want to inhumanely kill these animals before they even get a chance at life! They need to be repromanded & strict laws laws need to be enforced. Also the people that “did the investigation” should get in trouble too because they suck to allowing this to happen and not caring or trying to stp it!

  4. Another thing to note is if they take animals and kill the same day and do not log them in, their kill rates aren’t truly reflected. They tried to say last summer their dog rate was 55% and cats 85%. Does it sound like that to you? I bet it is a lot higher than that. I wonder if that kind of (NON) record keeping should be investigated as well? Sounds like “take ’em in and kill ’em” procedure is done every day, especially if it’s a cat. Also, is the person who is killing these animals (sorry but the term “euthanizing” does NOT fit here), have the state certification/licensure through the Dept of Agriculture to do so? Who is the county vet and have they signed off on all of this as “ok”?? I think we need to find out who the “token” shelter vet is and ask them some questions too. Betcha they’re part of this wonderful system down here in Ringgold. I sure would like to know if there are have been similar complaints filed against this shelter in the past. Would the Dept. of Agriculture have that too? Maybe yall can post some contact numbers for us to be a callin’ down here :) THANKS!!!

    1. Emily, I wrote to Mike Helton Catoosa county manager. I got this reply from this assistant
      my name is Lisa, I am the assistant to County Manager, Mike Helton. I am responding to an email you sent to him regarding Jackson. I am just needing to get a contact number for you as we are planning a public meeting which you will be invited to attend regarding the issues in which you wrote to Mr. Helton. There is much information being passes around that needs to be clarified and addressed and a meeting with as many as possible at one time would be of most benefit.

      Her email:

      1. I really want to go but, i know if I go alone I will be overrun. That is how Georgia operates. I did give her my number so I can find out when this so called meeting is going to be. When I find out I will post it.

      2. Thank you, Michele. I will email her. The last contact I had from Mr. Helton said she’d be getting in touch with me but I never heard. I will email her. The thing is, any rescue people who go to the meeting will probably be forever harrassed after this by the ones we are complaining against. I mean, if they’ve gone to the lengths they’ve gone to in the past to keep things quiet and continue doing what they want, you know they are going to now. That’s the bad thing. I feel like we are just going to get excuses and no changes but one never knows. I think if their feet have been held to the fire in the past and they didn’t make any changes (obviously or this wouldn’t have happened), I don’t see them making changes now. It’s worth a try. Thanks,Michele

      3. You are right. is this a public meeting that needs to be advertised about? I would think so :)

      4. Yes I think the news channels should be advised of the meeting when we find out exactly when it should be.

      5. Have you read the article in the Catoosa County news? All they did was LIE and these people want US to come to ameeting? I haven’t heard a word from them and I’m up here. Strange thing. This shows how corrupt this county is, even with the media. Of course, most of the people could not get involved or had to speak off the record or they’d get a visit from the shelter, I’m sure.

      6. If you don’t attend the meeting, who will be there to tell the truth? Who will speak for the pets at the pound?

        Someone needs to file an official complaint regarding pets being killed before the legally required hold times.

      7. I did read the article, its full of BS. What I am wanting to know is why the state of Georgia only used a few weeks in December to come to their conclusions. Furthermore, I sent them my information and have heard nothing. I feel if they ever do have the meeting all we are going to get is more of the same crap that is in that article. I do plan to go if and when they ever contact me with a time and place.

  5. Violating the state mandated hold period was what opened up Spartanburg Humane to more scrutiny.If Ga allows each county to come up with their own hold period, it would seem that county leaders are the ones to be contacted.
    And we , in Spartanburg, were unable to obtain any “inside” documents to prove what goes on.
    If the drug logs are out of whack , that’s the DEA, or whoever licenses the shelter in order to purchase Fatal Plus- a controlled drug. That may be your key. Add the amounts of drug used, see how much is supposed to be left. Does it match up? Of course, the paper can be made to match up , with out a “physical inventory” no one knows if the drug logs match the drugs on hand.
    Who holds the drug license?

    1. Tami,
      I believe the DEA has been involved in the past due to past questions about the shelter’s use of drugs. And now I think they are even less accountable than they were in the past. The shelter has a vet but he is not the one doing the killing (sorry the definition of euthanasia doesn’t apply here) . I would love to know if the one who does (Barney Fife, I believe) has the required certification? Of course, if you ever read anything he (under his assumed identifies) posts, as well as his daughter’s, you may understand as they cannot even write like a third grader. I do think the DEA needs to be involved down here. As mentioned in the past, the Dept of Ag is the fox guarding the henhouse and they have already shown us lately, and in the past, that they are not going to do anything to make changes at any shelters in GA, especially Catoosa.

  6. Gordon County just down the road is often also guilty of not observing their own mandatory hold period .

    Bartow County, also just down the road, allows no public adoptions or animals to be viewed for adoptions inside the AC.

    I will bet my life, these “shelter” employees are not trained in veni~puncture to administer sedatives before heart sticks and are not paying for additional drugs to sedate even if they were trained.

    The Dept of AG is kinda like the fox watching the hen house.

  7. From sources, I don’t believe sedatives have ever been used at Catoosa to help with euthanasia. Hmmm, since these are kind of like controlled substances, shouldn’t the DEA be watching how they use it or don’t? Also, anyone with anything to say about Catoosa County Animal Shelter should call or write to the Catoosa County News, 706-935-2621, or local media such as Newschannel 9. CCAS Petfinder site was taken down today. Since no one at the shelter actually ran it or knew anything about the dogs posted on there, I’m not sure what good it actually did, but at least some of the helpless faces got out there and maybe a few were adopted. I hope that this is fixed asap and there is a TRUE effort to adopt animals by ALLOWING PICTURES of animals in the shelters to be posted and then NOT killing them before they are rescued. Is it really THAT hard?

  8. In response to Valerie’s question about double doses of fatal plus:
    “If the initial doses were lethal, why the repeated injections?”

    I bought the euthanasia log for all of 2011 under an FOIA request from local Animal Control here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was confused by many *double entries* where it seemed that they killed the same animal twice! I took the log to my vet and she was also confused, but her veterinary license helped her sleuth out the truth. Seems they were using expired Fatal Plus, and it wasn’t working like it should.

    Gads. It’s bad enough you have to die, but to have to do it over and over again?! Oh, and lets not forget to feel sorry for the poor people who had to kill twice too… (did they get paid overtime for that?)

  9. Here is the latest email from Catoosa County.

    It appears that organizing a meeting when each of you could attend would be very difficult. I welcome any that would like to individually arrange a meeting with Mike Helton to further discuss the issues and concerns that have been addressed regarding the Catoosa County Animal Control.
    You are welcome to schedule a meeting at your convenience by reaching me at 706-965-2500.

    You are each also welcome at any time to attend the Board of Commissioners meetings which are scheduled the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00 am and the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Lisa Headrick
    Administrative Assistant
    Catoosa County Government

    1. Michele, I got the same reply (exactly) from Ms. Headrick!! Imagine that!! And just fyi, are you all aware that they are not allowing pictures to be taken of shelter pets or put them on petfinder? Why? Because no one (certainly not a shelter employee) can keep up with posting the pics and t hen taking them down with adoptions and kills. Since we know their kill rate is much higher than they claim, who could humanly keep up with that anyway? WHAT PART DO YOU NOT GET, CATOOSA????? YOU NEED TO STEP UP AND MAKE CHANGES!!!!! I urge everyone on here to start sharing these stories to national organizations that you are members of. If they didn’t like the local media, they’re REALLY not going to like NATIONAL :) And Yesbiscuit author, I would love to fill you in on some of the things I know about down here so please shoot me an email and we can talk ;) thanks!

      1. emily,why don’t you use your real name?and why is it so hard to go in or make an appearance since your already down there in the middle of everything,doesn’t make any since why some one with so much to say would want to take so little action?yesbiscuit why don’t you ask her/him/them the same question?why depend on someone else to do so much for you?sounds like you might be afraid of yourself,emily,stand up,and get right,if the truth is being told then it will stand alone,cause the truth will still be standing,long after the world as we know it is gone

      2. Yesbiscuit, have you noticed that J.J. and Gene and Heather all went to the same school? It’s the, “I can’t use capitalization and punctuation even like a second grader” school. I didn’t realize we had one of those in Ringgold, but apparently we do :) Please don’t think all of us are like that.. Some of us actually write a correct sentence.

      3. I would just like to add that Heather is the daughter of David Mahan, Catoosa County Animal Shelter employee, who put Jackson and the other puppies to death, repeatedly. Did you forget to mention that part, Heather? It is amazing how much you look like your mom and write like your dad ;)

  10. Um, Heather, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Sounds like you may be the one hiding behind an identity, such as shelter employee?? You have my name and the rest is none of your business. And I’m doing plenty, m’ dear :)

    1. news flash sweetie,my profile is real,and i’m not hiding my face like you,kitty cat hiding your face for a reason?and to find out who my dad is ,all you did is check my profile,my your such a detective Darla or is it Chastity today,and who cares if i have my spell check on or not?and i never said i wasn’t david Mahan’s daughter,nobody ever ask me who i was,But IT does seem to worry you?why?i don’t know?so sweetie why don’t you come out in the open?Little Kitty Can’t,can YOU?

  11. They have also adopted out dogs who had owners before the required hold period had expired. This happened to myself 6 months ago. They have a long reputation of doing this sort of stuff. Did they retrieve my dog from the rescue who refused to return him. No! Not even an apology! Going back and forth with the shelter and the rescue group and then finally Mr. Helton. All we were told was that only proper legal action could return the dog and a statement that changes had been made. Knew that was B.S. when I heard it.

  12. Something similar happened to my neighbor as well. You have to wonder how many people’s pets they kill before the hold time is up as well. For example, there is a boxer mix that is missing from its family right now.. Catoosa picked it up… They said it jumped their 8 foot fence.. yea right, I bet they killed this dog. They do not keep any type of bully breed for very long. Just as all the cats are “feral”, all the bully breeds are “aggressive”. Has there been in changes? No, they want it to die down and will not do anything. In fact, from what I’ve heard, the shelter people are being bigger jerks than ever. Nothing that has happened so far has made Helton or the shelter make ANY CHANGES. If anything they are WORSE. It is sickening.

    1. Very sickening and we as catoosa taxpayers are paying for these people to steal from us and break federal, state, and county laws. And what kind of rescue takes a persons dog from a shelter and won’t even talk about returning him to his original owner. That’s no rescue at all.

  13. news flash sweetie,my profile is real,and i’m not hiding my face like you,Kitty KAT hiding your face for a reason?And As For me being david Mahan’s daughter?i never said I wasn’t, NoBody ever ask me who i waS,and as for finding that out<ALL you did was look on my profile,YOUR such a detective Darla,or iiiiiiis it Chastity today or is it still EmILY?And who cares if my spell check is on or off?,oh i Guess you right sweetie?REALLY YESBISCUIT,YOU SHOULD GET MORE INVOLVED IN LOOKING AT THE PEOPLE FEEDING YOUR WORD PRESS,IF THERE SCARED TO SHOW THEMSELVES,AND DELETE POSITIVE COMMENTS FROM THERE PAGES ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THEY WANT YOU AND THERE FRIENDS TO SEE. YesBiscuit is that called fair?I got on here to see what kind of names my dad was being called,since he can't answer for himself,Now YesBiscuit Emily,or Darla or who eve she is?Now is attacking me.Why?Because I've shown people who i am?Or cause they don't have anything better to do?your turn YesBiscuit

    1. Why, Heather, why didn’t you tell us that your dad is the one who’s initials are all over the euth records that have been obtained since you’re so proud? Why, everyone, I think you guys should tell Heather exactly what you think of the excellent job her dad killing and re-killing animals. As far as the rock throwing incident, I don’t believe that, I think he think’s way more important than he really is. And if you think I’m Darla, you may want to go back and read her statements defending the f#%ked up job they do down here. I have lived down here 20 years and I have seen what they do to people who speak, especially in the last ten. So, since I have no desire to have my house burned and animals killed, you won’t see my face on here. My name is Emily :) But you can call me Kitty if you want :) Did I not tell you guys I kept my maiden when I got married? Golly bum, I bet he’s lost lots of hours trying to find out who I am and not knowing that!! Oh, your writing has improved so much, Heather. Why, so much so that I would bet your dad, aka Gene Catfish aka J.J. Broward, wrote that first one. My my, breaching shelter policy. I bet Helton would like to know about that. You might want to talk to him about hiding identities before talking to me.. I hope everyone reading this tells this brave little girl what they think of someone who thinks what they do down here is not only ok, but noble… DISGUSTING.

  14. Sad. But after reading so many of these types of stories from here, nothing surprises me anymore.

  15. YesBiscuit thanks for replying,it’s just that on that other site everything was just so one sided ,dad was in the yard the other evening, and somebody threw a large rock from the road at him and yelled killer 3 times then ran off down into a large subdivision nearby,that’s getting bad,when you have to be afraid to take a child out into the yard?And dad had to make a police report,But can not speak out about it,YesBisbuit that is bad

  16. No you didn’t tell you kept your maiden name<Your story changes as often as the weather in the south,and since i do not work for the county,i Don't have to follow any policy that my dad does,
    killing and re-killing?how does that work?really girl,i have struck a nerve,your grasping and hoping to find something to use as a personal attack,like somebody has harmed you!!!my dad does a job,nobody there likes to put down the animals,but sometimes they must,but you on the other hand have got something personal going on with the people working for catoosa county,oh( Catoosa county)pardon mygrammer,never new i was being tested on it<now anything else you want to tell a lie about?

    1. The only liars are the shelter employees who told potential rescuers a puppy was rescued when he had been dead for 3 days. Why lie about that? Because his hold time was up on Wednesday and they killed him Friday morning (breaking county policy). Also, Heather, I guess you haven’t read the Yesbiscuit reports about how they often have to use at least 2 different methods to kill the animals, none without humane sedation first (I am sorry if I am using too big of words for you). I actually think the employees, such as Sheree and Chrisann and even your dad are not bad people, just that there are things that shouldn’t be happening at the shelter. They need fixing and it is too bad that the county manager and others refuse to do it. As long as they don’t, more and more people will learn what they do~ Kitty, oops I mean Emily :)

  17. Oh let’s not forget the lie about the puppy being a pit. Have you seen this picture? He wasn’t even as much of a pit bull as you are. We know how they like to get rid of the easy ones there, the pits, and how all the cats they bring in are all “feral” (oops, big word for you), and how they lied about their euthanasia rates because they don’t intake animals before they take them straight back and kill them. Let’s not forget those lies. Do go back and read Yesbiscuit’s reports. I know it might be a little hard reading for your grade level but the truth speaks for itself. And that would be those records. ~ Emily, oops, I mean Kitty :)

  18. thankyou for the BArney,interp,and the dept. of ag. being a fox guarding the hens,and I/we(me,myself and i) don’t see you appearing on i’m Smarter than a 5th grader,Did notice though you’ve avoided the main issues in my previous post?and went back to the name calling,like i said,I struck a nerve,GOD HEALS ALL,and in 15 minutes when the main service starts,Emily,miss kitty,darla ,or who ever you are,i will pray a little extra for you,cause with the language you bleeped yourself through up there ,you need someone to pray for you,just as my dad and the people he works w/do,so that they may be able to focus on there jobs,THE RIGHT way and not the name calling and rock throwing,OH,YES,If you want i’ll get the report # from him so you can retrieve a copy of the police report for yourself,since you don’t/and are not a believer,,nice talking to you,Again,so what kinda grade will you give my
    Grammar this time?lol,

  19. p.s. Emily do you proof read before you click submit?cause you really sound vindictive about something?my dad told us when darla (Darla) left ,she had said she wanted mr.mike HELTON to find out what it was like to run the animal control dept,and it didn’t go as bad as she/you maybe,you thought?music is playing got go,i’ll pray for you and them like I always do

    1. First and foremost, I Darla Proctor, former Director of Catoosa County Animal Shelter, have never nor will ever hide behind someone else’s name or profile! I don’t know how or why you have chosen to drag me into this bullshit conversation. Just why in the hell would I even attempt to slander a shelter I spent 13 years at, in an attempt to make a difference in. The reason I left was it is a waste of time. You can never make a difference when your dealing with idiots. Now as far as the comment your “Dad” told you, yes, “everyone” should step up and spend 2 weeks inside, working at an Animal Shelter, then maybe people’s eye’s would open up to the challenges employees go though with the stray and unwanted animals taken into these facilities, and if your “Dad” took what I said in my comment to mean anything other than how I meant it, I put him in the category with the rest of the irresponsible pet owners he deals with daily, “Idiot”!
      Signed with pleasure! Darla Proctor

  20. For years CC has been know to kill all the animals on Friday regardless of when they came in. It is common knowledge in this area, if you want an animal put down take it to CC because they will do it fast.

    1. Thank you, Celeste. I didn’t realize their euth day was Friday. The week Jackson died, they had killed on Wednesday too, so you have to wonder how many days they do it. CCAS has never been known to be rescue friendly or even have a good reputation, rescue community or not. I feel sorry for the poor rescue people who try to rescue from there with the uphill battle it is.

      1. I do not know for sure they still practice that(kill on Friday) that was when they were located inside the county dump and used gas. Now they are located in a bigger building outside of the dump.

      2. No, I think you’re right, Jackson and some of the other puppies were killed on Friday but they had also killed on Wed too. Maybe due to space, I don’t know. Now they have an incinerator so it saves the tax payers all kinds of money since they can’t dump the countless animals in local dump anymore. Earlier in the fall, a girl called about a dog that been there awhile and his picture was posted (named Scooby, chow mix, other dog aggressive), and she was led to believe that they are basically a no kill shelter, and only euthanize on the “occasion” of not having enough space, so she was so happy to hear that dog was going to be safe til it was adopted. I am pretty sure he was put down. They are about as far from a no kill shelter as you can get. What bs people are being told. Just like Jamie was told that Jackson was sent to a rescue group. Why lie? Because they didn’t want to get caught doing what they’re doing.

  21. All this bantering is really taking away from the issues at hand. The records speak for themselves. Its sort of like it is or it isn’t. According to the records, it is. As far as to who and what, that also speaks for itself. The only one that should be publicly chastised is Mike Helton. As the county manager he knew of the law breaking practices that were going on and did nothing. At last I looked they wanted my phone number for a meeting. A meeting apparently that isn’t going to happen. So with that being said, Heather I applaud you for standing up for your father, but it really has no place in this forum. It only takes attention off the problem and puts it squarely on you.

    1. I apologize, Michele. You are right, the issues are that their euthanasia practices are beyond questionable, as well as their use of the drugs, their lack of sedation (never been practiced at Catoosa) , they do not follow mandated hold times (why don’t we watch our board meetings, I bet they change the time to their discretion), they do not intake animals before they take them straight back to get euthanized (so they lie about their euthanasia statistics), especially if those animals are cats. Most pits are “aggressive” so they can put them down as well. They also flat out lied to the Catoosa County news about Jackson and what happened. Yes, i think the blame is on Mr.Helton as well as the others in county government that are allowing these people get away with this as well as to continue with no consequences.

      1. That’s certainly something for sure,Coming from someone whom is self confessed to have never been in the building at Catoosa County Animal Control,and for someone whom has never been in there you know or seem to know more about what goes on inside the building than most of the people my dad has worked there with for the total of 4 and half years or so that he has been there,And I have been keeping a pretty close read on all the records that have been posted in this show,And Emily,,,unless you are actually a part of that record keeping?You could not possibly know what happens,when it happens,and how it happens?as much as you do,I’ve listened to some of the stories of court dates and cases he’s talked about,And how the lawyers twist and turn comments,bottom line,MS. Emily who ever you are,unless you are involved in the record keeping and you have proof positive of what you say,As being true,then it’s all here say,I say,something someone else said to you or you heard,and that my dearest is how rumors and falsehoods and other stuff that a second grader would not know about,lol,gets started,And now that all this( bantering) and vindictiveness is out of the way,And i have all the attention squarely on me,Nice to know you people have stopped calling my dad and his co-workers killers(By the way Emily that vindictive and vindictiveness )that’s 2 words that my 2nd grade writing skills aren’t supposed to know,Right?But anyway ,Since you’ve stopped calling my dad and his co-workers killers,Emily and maybe Michelle,you can look in the mirror and see the real ones,the hearts,And feelings and the character assassination (another word a 2nd grader does not know)that all this stuff has done,You really can get the police report on the rock somebody through that barely missed my dad and hit our home,It was about 4 inches long,we don’t know who threw it?but the deputy was familiar with all the internet stuff,and he told dad that’s most likely whats fueling it,thanks yall,And Celeste Sanders Holloway,my dad says you and he went to school together at lakeview and you and he may be friends on facebook,?he told me a little while ago to ask if you remembered Joe Coppit?

      2. wow, rage much? Heather I never accused you or your family of anything. I really think you need to take a step back. You are way off base at accusing anyone of anything. Emily maybe we need to talk about this off list. feel free to contact me.

    1. You’re right, Heather. You caught me. My name is Robin Cromwell Mahan. I am your mother. ;) It’s like Star Wars LOL

      1. Just because there is a police report doesn’t mean an incident really happened. Sounds like a frustrated little man who wants to find out who someone is so he fabricated it to try to get the police involved. I happen to have a very dear, old friend that works for the county :) . Also, I could care less where you or your family lives. I know from things you say that I am probably talking to Heather aka J.J. aka dear old dad. No where in this blog have I said I was never in the shelter, because that would not be true :) I can describe it in detail :) Meow

  22. Sorry, guys, I will quit responding to her.. It is just soooooo entertaining :) Let’s focus on the subject!!! Notify national organizations, legislators, county government, state departments, ask questions at the DEA!! Facebook page anyone? Petitions? :)

  23. Has anyone heard from Catoosa county officials or anyone else that they have written to? I am extremely angry that they think they are above having to answer to all this. I guess if they won’t answer to us, then we should give them someone else to answer to? Yesbiscuit, do you have any more contact information where we can voice our concerns? Such as the Dept. of Ag (and possibly a name or at least department), etc? Please share these two articles with any groups you know. It’s time they start hearing again. They think it is just going to go away. JACKSON AND THOSE OTHER PUPPIES DID NOT DIE IN VAIN!!!

  24. The reason you haven’t heard anything from the governering authoritizes is because the DOA did come into the shelter and examine the euthanisa records, and all other records and gave them a 100 rating in operations. Case closed.

    1. Um, No, it is not closed because as long as Catoosa continues to go on their lazy way of not doing the least amount of work possible to adopt out animals (now doing even less than before), labeling almost all cats feral that come in there so they can take them back and kill them (that helps the bs euth rate of 85% from last year doesn’t it?), not intaking animals before they’re killed, not doing outreach, having less than even “bankers’ hours”, don’t sedate animals before they are killed, have shelter employees that flat out LIE to cover their own butts, and don’t work with rescues, THIS CASE WILL NEVER BE CLOSED. WE PROMISE. It is time for change and those of us who live down and have put up with the sorry excuse for animal control (they really do need to get the name “shelter” out of there, that is the LAST thing it is ), have had ENOUGH.

  25. Thank you Stand UP!! I do believe I will stand up with you! How funny Mahan and his daughter thought I was Darla (yes he emailed me privately on Facebook as JJ Benson calling me Darla there too), their former director when she obviously supports what they do. Could be because it’s the same way it’s been done for years, when she was director there too. I think FOIA records should check on that too ;) As far as the Dept. of Ag. they are a joke. One of their main employees has family ties to a very shady puppy mill person in Summerville and they’ve never done anything to Catoosa even in years past when there were complaints. This has made Catoosa do an even crappier job than they were, so NO, the case won’t be closed for a long time. It is going national as I speak. Have fun :)

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