In Support of the Memphis ACO Who Took Action

I have received a few things to share regarding Carol Lynch, the Memphis ACO who is apparently the target of retaliatory charges by the city for her actions as a whistleblower.  First, a note received via e-mail from a Memphis resident:

Who is one animal control officer at Memphis Animal Services who we can count on to go on a call when an animal is suffering?
Carol Lynch.
Who goes to Judge Potter’s animal cruelty court to make sure the owners of dogs who are starved and abused are fined (or hopefully jailed)….
Carol Lynch.
There are not enough adjectives to describe the good that she does!  So Memphis Animal Services threatens her?  Where is the justice in this?  What message is Mayor Wharton sending to the real criminals who work at Memphis Animal Services?
– Jan Courtney

Second, a Facebook group in support of ACO Lynch.

And third, a petition telling Mayor Wharton not to punish Carol Lynch for acting to protect pets at MAS.



16 thoughts on “In Support of the Memphis ACO Who Took Action

  1. Mayor and Public Works Supervisor found guilty of second degree animal cruelty. They were well aware of neglect and abuse of the city’s animals and did nothing. Does it remind anyone of another animal “shelter?”

    No one is above the law and that includes AC Wharton and those appointed by him.

  2. Carol is doing her job as a compassionate officer. Why is she being punished for doing her job well, with integrity, compassion, and professionalism? Why not look to the people who do not do their jobs and are not protecting the animals?

  3. I’ve done the same. Please, everyone support Carol in this way. It’s important to let city hall know that there are many many people who are watching this as it unfolds.

    Secondly, Carol needs to know that we support her. She is not alone in this. We are standing beside her.

  4. Liked the FB page, signed and shared the petition and something I rarely do, sent the petition directly to many friends who are also signing. Thank you, Carol Lynch, for your strength and willingness to do the right thing. Those of you practicing abuse of power, you will be exposed. Those of you keeping silent are complicit. Jeanne Chancellor, we saw what you wrote, we know who you are and your behavior disgusts me.

  5. I support her. I have spoken up for her at the shelter to the new Interim Director. I may lose my volunteer gig. If so, it was totally worth it.

    1. If they retaliate against you for that, there are plenty of shelters and rescues in the area who would be happy to have your help – as you likely know. TY for speaking up.

    2. If you lose your gig as a volunteer at Memphis Animal Services, that should not stop you from going back, taking photos, becoming pro-active and continuing to do all you can to reform this facility. It does not stop you from losing your dignity as someone who spoke up for those who have no voice, the hurting animals at that hell hole. It does not stop you from cross-posting to your friends about the animals who are there. It does not stop you from volunteering at other shelters. It does not stop you from preaching the spay neuter message to all you meet. It does not stop you from going public and letting everyone, including the media, know about your personal experiences. It does not stop you from writing about your personal experiences. If everyone will do one thing to stop the needless abuse of animals at MAS, then we will win and those on the dark side will lose.

  6. These creeps who punish whistleblowers and animal lovers by publicly trying to shame them are the ones who should be publicly shamed and thrown in jail to remain there! I support Carol Lynch and will do what is mentioned above. People like Carol Lynch are the bright lights in a sea of dark, dank, foul sea of so-called humanity! All shelters must become No-Kill NOW!

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